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Pescatarian- 7 months STRONG

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's amazing what benefits you can realize from changing what you PUT into your body. At the end of July I decided to majorly alter my eating habits. I had grown accustomed to eating what I "thought" was a fairly healthy diet. I had cut out red meat, replaced my white grains with whole wheat and was keeping my calories in check through eating frozen meals and soup for lunch every day!

I was a very big fan of Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat bread until I went to feed the ducks one day. Sadly- the bread had been sitting in my cupboard for *gasp* at least a month after it's expiration date...(I'm SO embarrassed!) but at the time I just kept forgetting to take it with me to go to the lake. So imagine my amazement and disgust when I opened the bag to feed the ducks- expecting to see mold spores of the grossest variety and instead am greeted by soft delicious looking bread? I pause here for a moment- as I did standing on the bridge at the lake and think....if MOLD won't grow on my bread...what AM I putting into my body???? I decided that day to do a bit of investigative work into just WHAT was I feeding myself. I pulled all my bread, cereals, frozen meals and supposed "healthy" foods from the pantry and freezer. As I looked closer at the labels I found words that were only recently added to the english language, THOUSANDS of milligrams of sodium and enough preservatives to make Cher look good.
I've since cut out processed food from my diet. If it doesn't come from the earth in it's natural state...it's not going in this body. This also lead to me cutting out all meat (one of the MOST injected foods ever!) I continue to eat fish- as long as it is not farm raised and seafood. I keep the levels of fish to a minimum to avoid an overdose of mercury poisoning and to not add to the over fishing of certain species (especially my favorite AHI tuna!).
There are so many benefits to staying away from meat and processed foods. I know that I have eliminated a large part of my carbon footprint, I feel more energetic. I wake up in the morning excited to start my day. Each meal I find exciting and new fresh ideas to cook up! There are so many more spices, grains and vegetables than I ever could have imagined out there!
In addition-I find it's easier to control my caloric and fat intake. It's also done wonders for my mood and my skin!
People often ask me if it is more expensive. Organic and natural foods are typically more expensive- but I waste much less food! I am more aware of what I purchase and why and how it's going to help FUEL my body. I find myself much more cognizant of everything that I put in my mouth and on my person. I'm not a "nut" about it...but I feel it's finally time to share just how much of a change this has made in my life.
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    It feels good to be back on SP. Amazingly I seem to always stop doing the things that work (tracking being the first to go!) but as soon as I start tracking again- I see the changes begin! Thanks for the positive reinforcement ladies!
    3762 days ago
    I recently had a conversation with my husband on a similar topic. He was grousing that the food that I pick up at the co-op does not last as long as the stuff we get from the big-box supermarket. My (glib) response was, "And that's a bad thing?"

    I don't know that we'll have a winner in that conversation, but I know what *I* prefer and what *I* want to eat!

    3765 days ago
    I am going on three years as a vegetarian. I recently went back to eating fish occasionally. I really crave tuna or salmon when I work out. We can only eat it about once a month. My son gets depressed when we do. Even though he loves salmon he says he feels too much guilt killing an animal to enjoy it.

    We went organic and natural a few years back. It actually saves you money in the long run. Your health is a huge expense. In the last 8 years my son has been to the doctors 3-4 times not counting physicals. When I compare that to his peers I may be very lucky or eating well actually works.

    PS. Sounds like your doing great and that is great to hear.

    3765 days ago

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