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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello there my friends!

I've been told I've been missed. Well I've missed you all too. :) But I've been having a hell of a time the last 4 months. :(

I'm trying to get back on the wagon. I haven't lost any more but luckily I haven't gained back a whole lot either. Only around 10 pounds. It's just getting back to it that's the hard part. Going back to recording everything you eat, going back to no more fast food... which is very hard for me right now being at school for 10 hours a day.

I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can get a new video blog up. I really do miss all of your comments and support and I probably needed it more than anything in the last few months but didn't realize it.

I've had some real low points in the last 4 months as well. Some binges, some sitting in the bathtub and crying... I'm sure some of you know those feelings. Lately I've felt like I will never reach my ultimate 150 pound goal... heck that's still 225 pounds away! I've felt as though even the 70 pounds I lost didn't make a difference. I know so much of that is ridiculous now, but it's so hard when you still can't buy pants at Lane Bryant and you're running out of acceptable clothes to wear.

We don't really have much food in the house right now, so at least we won't be needing to purge the house of any crap! But we can go grocery shopping on Thursday and I'm going to be getting back to it all.

I definitely need some support right now... more than ever. I should get back active in a few message boards but I've never really been known for staying active and on top of things in a community.

I miss you guys! I hope your weight loss journeys are going better than mine lately! emoticon
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  • HALEMA72
    you deserve to be happy. you are worth it. Don't feel guilty for putting yourself first and taking care of Rayani. I was in your shoes and I felt guilty for going to the gym everyday for one hour a day and leaving my family behind. Take time out for just you and focus on you and only you. Find a place that works for you and clear you mind so you can focus. I have been in that dark place and sometimes I get back in that dark place and binge. The key is not to beat yourself up. Rejoice in what you have accomplished and know that there is more to come. Keep your head held up high and enjoy your life. Enjoy how it feels to be healthy and leading an active lifestyle. I know you can do it. Now it is time for you to believe the same.
    3095 days ago
    Welcome back! One day, one meal, one choice at a time.
    3159 days ago
    It's glad to see you're back. I guess you weren't totally gone because you at least read our messages. I agree with KARIN small steps increases the momentum a lot easier that drastic changes all at once. I myself simply started by ditching the fries at fast foods, then ditching the soft drinks and so on. now i eat at home most nights. I read a blog today where the sparker was trying mini goals, one goal for the day.

    3162 days ago
  • ED10101
    Glad to see your back. Wished I could say I had lost the weight you have already but still trying. Everyone here has walked in your shoes and we know how hard it is to lose just one pound. Just keep trying its not a race but a lifestyle. Good Luck ED
    3162 days ago
    Losing weight is hard, especially when other things in life seem to be getting you down. Just remember 70lbs is a great accomplishment that YOU did. I'm glad to hear you'll be posting again soon & just remember, it's not a race, and you'll get to your goal with persistence and time. I have to tell myself this all the time.
    3162 days ago
  • KARIN1972
    You have already made the first step to getting back on board by posting this blog! I agree with Coach Nicole - start with small steps. For me it was not drinking my calories (pop, fruit juice, special coffee drinks, etc). Pretty soon I realized that I rarely drink that stuff anymore and I don't miss it. Also, remember a couple of things:

    1) Don't be so hard on yourself (two steps forward, one step back...you are still moving forward!).

    2) Carve out time for yourself (whether that is working out, shopping for healthy food, trying a healthy recipe, etc.). YOU ARE WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT!! emoticon
    3162 days ago
    You can do it! Remember, it's not about overhauling everything in your life at once. It's all small steps. Just start small with what you can do today and build from there. That'll increase your momentum and success and get you back on the right path.

    3162 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    Welcome back on the wagon, it is good to have you on board. keep in touch so that
    we can hear and respond to your cry for support.
    Good Luck.

    3162 days ago
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