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The Fun Entry (pics)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Friday night, I was so tired that I was waffling on whether or not I wanted to go to Zumba. I never even set an alarm. Still, though, I woke up at 7:45am and decided that I would go. Jeff has really been stressed and bummin' lately so I wanted him to come with because it's such a contagious/happy atmosphere. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go or if he wanted to study so I told him that he could do both. I have standing plans to go out for coffee at Caribou after Zumba on Saturdays and so hanging out at a coffee shop was already on the agenda. He brought his CCNA book and I brought the essay prompt for work.

Zumba was fun, but unfortunately, not as rhythmically challenging as last time. Jeff got to watch (which, of course, made me make some of the moves a bit less stilted and try harder) which he enjoyed. Afterwards, we were en route to Caribou to study when Jeff came up with the idea of teaching me to drive a standard. Cue me giggling like a tickle-me-elmo. We headed out to the parking lot at work. "First," he says, "you need to sit over here." When we got out of the car to switch seats, a black and white dog came bounding out of nowhere! He sniffed Jeff, jumped on me, spun in a circle, jumped on me again... Lol! He was wagging his tail and excited and I had caught a glimpse of his tags before he reached us so I wasn't scared. I should've been =P but I just asked him "Where's your owner, huh, Pup? Where's your human?" I pet him a little bit before his owner came over the snow bank and caught sight of us "Is there a dog down there?" And as the dog was still being rambunctious and jumping on Jeff now I said "Uh. YEAH!" LOL! She called the dog and he happily trotted away but it was kind of an odd experience lol.

So once I got into the driver's seat, Jeff taught me how to start the car and go from stopped to moving and how to shift into second. The lesson lasted less than a half hour but I managed to stall the car at least three times. Jeff is a great teacher, though! When I did something wrong, he'd tell me what I did and how to fix it and he'd give me tips on how to prevent it in the first place. I look forward to the next lesson

Afterwards, we were getting hungry so we detoured to Qdoba for lunch. Oh My Nom. If you have a Qdoba near you, you should try the Mexican Gumbo. It was pretty delish. Once our appetites were sated we walked next door to the Caribou Coffee store. We were able to study for about an hour before I got a text inviting us to do other things.

As it turns out, Gloria wanted to see the Basilica of St. Mary. They hadn't called her back from her inquiry last week and so we checked the schedule and decided to go between services. Walking into this church.. it seemed pretty normal. We made our way through some of the corridors without incident. Then, we were told by a friendly security guard that the church is open to the public and that we could go where we would like as long as it was not cordoned off. Having satisfied ourselves seeing conference rooms and the like, we finally made our way through the studded leather doors to the main chapel. I swear, it is the one and only time I've ever been awe-struck. It quite literally took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I didn't let them fall, but it was just an amazing feeling. I regained my composure fairly swiftly then spent a good amount of time exploring the church.

Pictures are here:


Gloria is on a photo-taking kick and so as we were leaving I asked if there was anything else that she wanted to take pictures of. Since we were in the neighborhood and had nothing else planned for the day, we hopped over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to browse the collections. We only had an hour so we spent the majority of it in Asia, but we'd like to go back again to further delve into the other displays. This time, unlike the last, I didn't feel rushed at all. I spent a lot of time lingering over the Chinese ink on silk compositions to see the techniques employed. I've used ink before and I'd consider getting back into it (especially since I now have colored inks to accent the paintings with.)

Photos from that may be seen here:


Afterwards, we were pretty hungry so we came up with a dinner plan I have been craving grilled cheese like nobody's business and so that's what we did for dinner last night. I picked up Italian bread and a couple different cheeses from the store, then headed home. Mike (Gloria's husband) grilled up some chicken breasts for us then I made grilled cheese for everyone. Jeff and Mike had pepperjack w/ chicken while Gloria and I had marble cheese with chicken. It was -so- tasty It really satisfied my craving lol.

During dinner, we watched The A-Team. I wasn't expecting much, but that movie was so good! It's action/comedy and well worth it

Now it's Sunday and I'm draggin' =P I think a nap might be in order at some point.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, sounds like an awesome day. hahah at first I thought you got Jeff to go to Zumba WITH you as well and was wondering how you managed it. I don't think I could ever get Mat into Zumba with me.... or into any of my classes for that matter. I was happy that week 2 of stride did include 2 guys this time. The first week, there were so many girls that one guy walked in, looked around and promptly walked out again 5 minutes later.

    And it's amazing how some of the old chapels can really take your breath away. When I studied abroad in Europe, I definitely had that experience a couple times. Very awe inspiring.

    Hope you have a great week girl!
    3844 days ago
    You mean you didn't make Jeff DANCE with you? Ohhhh the laughs I would have if I could ever convince Jess to attempt a Zumba class with me! BTW, I checked out your photos and then friend-requested you on FB!
    3844 days ago
    what a great day!
    3844 days ago
    sounds like a great day - I have always wanted to learn to drive a standard but the only person who ever tried to teach me, didn't have enough patience and now I don't have any reason to learn (ok, I know I could just because...) because no-one I know has a standard.

    I have heard pretty good reviews of the A-team movie - looking forward to seeing it with my kids as they have 2 days off this week.

    3844 days ago
    Beautiful! You certainly had a busy day!
    3844 days ago
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