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My adventures of quitting smoking

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I decided to quit smoking on Jan 11th at 11:30pm i already had the patch and some gum and such ready because my official quit date was going to be Sunday Jan 16th, but after discussing it with my b/f who is also quitting smoking with me; we decided to just not wait and do it now. I am going to update this blog as often as i can with my progress the good, the bad and the ugly lol

I have been a smoker for the last 13 years of my life and i have tried to quit many times, the longest i was smoke free for was 2 yrs. I am just tired of being unhealthy, spending so much on smokes, and being a bad influence to my children, how am i supposed to sit there and say " Don't smoke it is bad for you" while i do it everyday... It made no sense to me. I am ready to give this bad habit up and i know i can i just need support and encouragement from my friends, family and you!

Day 1 : emoticon

Today has been a very strange and off day for me ever since i woke up, i will catch myself reaching for a smoke where they normally would be, or going to grab one or even looking forward to one and then i remember i quit lol i'm not sure how to describe that feeling but it is strange. I have been chewing sugar free gum when i get a really bad craving and i always have ice water around to sip (which also helps my water consumption for my weight loss) and i will hold a pen between my fingers sometimes too.
I have just tried to change up my normal daily routine just because doing what i normally do makes me want to smoke even more. I have also found that working out is actually more enjoyable because it is a distraction for me and i can concentrate on that and my goal to lose weight.
All and all though it has been a pretty good day, and i look forward to another smoke free day tomorrow, oh and my kids are very proud of me so that is a huge plus and means allot to me :)

My daughter Melody at christmas age 5 (My monkey and inspiration)

My son Michael at christmas ( My baby boy and also my inspiration)

Day 2:

Well today was a lot harder than i expected it to be, my b/f had to work at night so he had to sleep most of the day and the kids were at school i was so bored.... Only thinking about smoking ugh i tried cleaning i did my work out, took the dog for a walk; i just couldn't get it out of my mind and it was driving me insane!
I finally cracked around 3pm and cried and cried lol my b/f was trying to make me feel better and i told him i couldn't do it i just can't quit it is too hard.

I did what i normally do when things get too hard in life and i just want to give up, i talked myself into believing that was the only way... I broke down and had a smoke :( I was so angry at myself for being such a failure and not sticking with it, and as i had the cigarette i was still trying to make excuses for why i should. After i was done i felt so sick, my head was spinning and it tasted horrible... So i waited about 30 mains and i put a new patch on and told myself to suck it up and that i am not going to give up no matter how hard or challenging it may get.

I got through the rest of the night no problem and today is a new day and day 3 :D I am so happy i didn't give up on myself and my children, and i am going to stick with it!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you all for your stories on success and support it means alot to me to see that there are people out there that have done it and know what i am going through even on my worst days. Thanks!!
    3362 days ago
    August 31st, 2009, I smoked for about 16 years, I also used the Patch, you can do it!

    Changing habits worked for me, I found the car sitting in traffic was the worst, so I bought some candies (Lifesaver's Sour to be exact) that stayed in the car, when the urge hit, I had a candy.

    Great job for taking the first step, it gets easier everyday, plus you have the support of you BF, (Mine was supposed to quit the same day I did, but never made an effort and still does)

    I wish you all the luck!
    3363 days ago
    Good for you!!! And before your planned date even...that's a wonderful start! It's great that your boyfriend is doing this with you so you can be each others support system. And you have motivators...yourself and your goals for a healthier lifestyle, and your kids. They're adorable, and just think of how proud they're going to be of you!!! You're setting an excellent example, not only in quitting smoking, but in all your life changes. Give yourself a pat on the back and take it all one day at a time!
    3363 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/13/2011 9:21:17 AM
    Thank you all for your growing support it means alot to me :) I know i can do it!
    3363 days ago
    9;14 December 14 2006 I quit after 45 years.Yes started young very young back then But I quit because I wanted to I took the patch and it help I did everything your doing reach looking for a smoke but after time it goes away and it start to feel good not depend on a cigarette You quit for two years so you been there before you can do it again one day at a time good luck emoticon
    3363 days ago
  • JAYJO64
    Hooray for you! If you haven't already done this, check out quitsmokingonline.com. It's a free online course that helps you stay positive and put cravings in perspective. And exercise is really helpful. I haven't skipped a day in quite some time, just because it helps so much with my moods now that I'm not relying on the poison sticks.

    3363 days ago
    Good for you!!!! I quit last year and I know the feeling of reaching for them right after quitting. I used the patch too and that helped tremendously. Best of luck!!!

    3363 days ago
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