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Day Eight: Daily Devotions

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hello again:

This morning in my devotions I read the verse, "Train a child in the way he should go." Proverbs 22:6

Then in my head I echoed, "and when he is grown he will not depart from it."

Then I went on to read the commentary part of the devotion book. It was a good commentary but it didn't particularly jump of the page at me. I was thinking / praying of God please speak to me this morning, after yesterday I really need to hear from you.

Then in my head I hear, "Wait, I'm not done yet."

Then, as I always do I picked up my Bible and continued with the next chapter. I have been reading through the Bible on my own. Sometimes I get carried away and read it like it is a book and just plow through chapters. Then I remember, although it is a book, it is meant to be eaten (the Bread of Life) it is to be drank down (Springs of Living Waters) it is to be savored not woofed down. So, awhile back I decided to slow my pace to One Chapter a day. This has been wonderful for me.

Before it was like trying to hear someone yelling in your ear at a race track. I was speeding along so fast that the noice of the engine drowned out the voice of God.

Now, I am watching a butterfly flitter in a gentle breeze in a meadow along a stream. I read slowly each verse and think about the chapter before this one and I think about this chapter and I stay in the time and context and I savor each and evey word.

So, toady after reading the verse in my devotional book, I picked up my Bible and read, I Samuel 19. Remember the other day I told you David had defeated Goliath and Saul (the King) was so pleased he called him to be near him. David also an accomplished musician used his God given talents to play music for Saul to help calm him in the midst of one of his Manic Depressive moments. Then Saul promoted him. After spending all this time in Saul's company he became friends with Saul's son Jonathan and Saul tried to give him his oldest daughter but David didn't think himself worthy to be "the king's son-in-law" and did not take the daughter. Later, he ended up married to Saul's other daughter Michal.

Here is where it all comes together because God is awesome and knew that today I would read that verse in the other book about raising our children and he lead me to this passage on this day about Saul's children and this young boy David, Jesse's son.

David has so much success that Saul become jealous and turns on David and wants him killed, but Jonathan hears of this and warns David then interceeds for him to Saul and Saul changes his mind. (But only for a time) Saul again decided to kill David and Michal learns of this and warns David and lowers him out a window in their home so he can get away.

At first I thought (what about children honor thy father and thy mother) but this is a perfect example of two of Saul's own children that were raised to put GOD FIRST in their lives and now that they are grown they are still focused on God (see the connection here...).

Saul was once focused on God to the point that God annointed him to be the first King of Israel, but Saul turned away from his Lord because of the sins of pride (I am King do as I say; rather than seeking God's will in his roll as King) and the sin and attempted murder he tried to pin David to the wall with his Spear and David lept out of the way several times at two different days of attempts by Saul.

Even though they had to disobey or defy thier own father the king they follow God's will to protect David from Saul.

God is so very wonderful...I needed this lesson today and I will certainly be mindful today that I am following God's will in my life so that God's hand will be on my life as it was on David's life.

He was protected by Saul's own children against Saul's own sin.

My children have taught me so very much. If you are a mom, try not to think in terms of you are here to teach your children at all times. Remember to look at them and open your heart to them and you may be surprised that they are teaching you far more than you ever could teach them...

God Bless you All,
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