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lost 3 kilos in 8 days:D

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am happy I can not believe I have lost 3 kilo's already, sorry not sure what that is in pounds... as ,us Australians use Kilo's. I weighed myself on the 21st and I was 70 and I am sure it would have gone up in the last few weeks as I had decided that at the end of December I was going to quit with junk food. I went a little bit nuts with the last week or so with eating whatever, so I am sure it went up after my visit to the hospital on the 21st of Dec 2010. I go around every 6 months for check ups on how VSD ( ventricular septal defect). I get weighed twice there, because I see two different doctors and the first doctor that weighed me said I was 60 and then when I got weighed again by another scales which where digital it said 70 kilo's. I went to a relatives house tonight and they had a pair of scales there so I weighed myself and it had said 67 kilo's. So I am assuming the second time I got weighed at the hospital was correct as my nan's scales where non digital ones as well. So it is a bit stange why the other reading I got was 60 I had weighed myself without shoes. I had to be honest with myself and tell myself that 70 is probably the correct one. I was not planning to weigh myself until at least 6 months or so or not even at all if I could help it as I rather just go by how my cloths fit me and what other friends/ family saw.
Anyway It seems that I got a proper reading and confirmation that it was 70 k at the Hospital and not 60 k. I am a bit shocked that I have lost 3 k in 8 days ,I thought it was that the the scales are wrong again
. I thought it is a mistake, it is too good to be true. I got to accept that I am going to lose weight. That I can and will succeed and can loose a few kilo's in a week. I got to accept good things can happen to me too. Do not think I am good at telling myself that. I will get better at it though. It is all about baby steps, one day at a time:) It won't happen over night but it will happen.
I am feeling so happy but then at he same time I don't want to get hopes up to high so don't want to be too over joyed. sometimes I do new things and do not stick to them.
It has motivated me to keep going, that I am doing something right by what plan I am on. It must be the right one for me. Today I was faced with temptation saying no to things like burger king/hungry jacks( what we call burger king in Australia). My relatives I saw today offered me stuff and I rejected their offer, I told them why I was saying No and they where really impressed and seemed proud of me for doing that. So I think I am also happy because I got support where as other times I would have just given into peer pressure and just been laughed at like oh yeah ok how long is this going to last and I'll believe it when I see it, type of reaction. I think I am going to get tested next week. For two nights I will be staying with Relatives, the house at the moment has 9 people in it, 5 of them from the house are relatives I have not seen for 4 years and are from interstate staying at nan's for a few weeks, They love their chocolate, so I guess I will probably start feeling the pressure in those two days. I was feeling it a bit today and told myself yeah I could just have a bite or a sip of soft drink/ soda but I thought of those 3 kilo's that I have lost, It is giving me strength when I get temped :) So I think in some ways when those two nights come, I should be alright. I have to thank God, I have been praying that he keeps me strong and helps me and I am sure he has been helping me too . Usually I feel my prayers are ignored , sort of seeing them being answered. I am finding some scriptures help me stay focused too and it has been a while since I looked the bible or turned to God for guidance
. All this week I have studied Phillippians 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength. When using scriptures like this in prayer I have said things like... Lord please provide me with strength to be able to walk 30 mins , With your help I can do it. I really don't feel like doing it today, I know I got to do it but I feel weak. I am lacking energy, I feel lazy but please give me strength. Thing is even after I have said this, I still have not felt like doing it that is when you have to force yourself to go , it has been a battle but In the end I did get up and go. I have a few more scriptures to add and how they have helped me this week but I have to stop writting it is 1:26am and I shall continue this soon. I am going to try and sleep. I am feeling good so that might help with sleeping.
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  • WILSLM70
    Your doing so well and staying strong. You should be very proud of your self.

    3848 days ago
    hi blessedmazars so true we use kilo's here so will have to learn how to use pounds never to late to start learning:D thanks bill60 for converting that to pounds. emoticon emoticon
    3857 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1638981
    That is fantastic emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3858 days ago
    Okay, I'm going to having a learning lesson here with the kilos versus pounds, but we're never to stop learning, right? :)

    Congrats! I am SO happy for you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3858 days ago
  • BILL60
    That's almost 7 pounds. Super. Congratulations!!
    3858 days ago
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