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Another year, another blog entry?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Well, it seems as though now that 2011 is here, tis the season to share goals for the new year. I see no problem with that, and think it is important. However, it's not exactly my style. I find it too easy to say things (like those well-meaning resolutions) and inevitably find them falling by the wayside after a couple of weeks. So, instead of the traditional approach, here is my list:

1) try to actually work out more. it'd be nice to get 3+ days of cardio in each week. that is the easy part, i think. it's the ST/weights that i suck at. i really am not a fan of the dvds/on demand workouts, and hate doing them on my own without a class/trainer. so maybe item number two should be:

2) somehow find more $$ so i can afford a trainer. realistic? probably not. but it'd sure be nice!

3) eat smart. try not to beat myself up too much for slip-ups, but also don't give into every craving, regardless of how frustrated/annoyed i am at not allowing myself to dive into whatever it is.

4) don't get annoyed with others who are trying to help by offering alternate suggestions when the aforementioned cravings occur. (oops)

5) hang out with my brother more (not diet related, but still kinda important). he's the only family i have left in the area now that our parents have moved south.

6) make an attempt to get finances in order. with medical bills starting to roll in, this one might be kinda key (and hey, could lead to accomplishing item 2!)

7) be accountable for what i do & put into my body.

Okay, that had ought do it for right now. Here's hoping for a big WIN at the end of the year!
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