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We Dun Need No Shtinkin' Antibiotics! ...Okay, Maybe We Do...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

So, yes, I left work early yesterday in order to rush to the doctor so they could tell me just what was going on with my ear.

* Pressure and pain in the ear
* Dizziness (LIKE CRAZY!)
* Constant Ringing
* Build of pressure, slight release, build of pressure again, over and over
* Lack of sleep and then inability to control when I'd fall asleep

I was all over the dang place! And I didn't like not having control of my body! Now before you get on me about not getting to the doctor sooner, I must tell you that, if I could have, I definitely would have! I experienced my first symptoms on NYE at about 10pm and they didn't let up all weekend. I tried every OTC I could think of, I tried washing my ear with warm water in the shower, I took pain meds and tried to sleep. Still - the ringing, the constant pain, etc. Monday was the soonest the doctor was in, and Monday I went.

Yep, you guessed it...monster, killer ear infection. I'm on antibiotics and numbing ear drops to help me sleep at night (instead of falling asleep in the middle of the day because I couldn't sleep the night before). I don't know that I've ever had an ear infection before, but I feel so bad for every person who ever has! It's torture! That ringing is killing me! I CANNOT WAIT until that stops! And the pain too! And the dizziness! UGH!

And what did I do after the doctor's office? I thought about laying down and resting. I seriously considered it. But I really wanted to get to the gym.

Now, before you jump on me about rushing things, let me explain my thinking.

1) I MUST swipe my card 2 times every week at the gym to remain a member of my insurance company's weight management program.
2) This is the FIRST month I'll be able to pay the discounted 14 bucks (instead of the 38 charged by the gym regularly, or the 45 I've been paying the past 3 months to start the program).
3) I have limited times available to swipe said card -- mainly, Monday and Wednesday are the only possible days for me. Tonight I have a test to take after work. Thursday I have my second job. And Friday morning I'm on my way to Vegas for a week.
4) If I rested, there was a distinct possibility that I would NOT be able to motivate myself to get back up later and go down to the gym. Time I had, energy was dwindling. I had to do it NOW, or not at all.
5) I only promised myself an hour at the gym, and it could be the slowest, most easy-going hour in the world if I wanted it to be.
6) Even if I didn't complete my 60 minutes, I still needed to swipe that card.

So, dizzy still, I went to the gym. I had noticed that when I was focused on something specific, my dizziness was manageable, even controllable to some extent. Long story short, I overcame the excuses, talked myself back into the gym, completed more than my 60 minute goal, and felt much happier afterward.

Remember yesterday I wanted to eat from the gym buffet? Well, I did!

emoticon I will not stop unless I feel the need to vomit.
No vomiting, I didn't feel sick to my stomach at all.

emoticon I will not stop unless I get feeling so faint that I fear I will actually pass out.
I did actually have to sit down twice and just stop and settle myself. Getting up from some floor work and bending back up from taking the ankle strap from the cable machine off both caused dizzy spells. I centered myself, took the time I needed, and then I moved on.

emoticon I will try to run, but will stop if my hip tells me it's too early to return.
My hip told me before I even got on a treadmill. The gym was crowded and I was going to have to wait for one anyhow, which probably saved me some further hurt. I could feel my hip sending me signals to give it a couple more days.

emoticon If the running isn't possible, I will walk as much as I can unless it hurts.
I did some walking around the gym as part of some circuit training mixed in with my ST routine upstairs. I felt good to move without causing any undue pressure on my joints.

emoticon If I feel the need to move faster, I will move my butt to the elliptical and "fake run" (that's what I call it) until my heart is content once again.
But walking wasn't going to do it for me. I wanted a little more of a challenge if I felt my body could take it. I hopped on the elliptical, kept my heart around 120-150 (avg 139) and just kept plugging away. Every minute or two I'd ask my body how it felt, and it felt just fine, good even! So I kept going. 30 minutes of cross training, with 2 speed intervals built in, and 5 minutes of cool down.

emoticon I will try at least one plank tonight.
I'm actually impressed that I haven't "lost" my ability to do this. I pulled out a 40 second plank, which is just 5 seconds under what I had worked my way up to. I probably could've done the other 5 seconds, but the longer I'm up, the more my body quakes, and the more I tense up trying to maintain my form, which causes funny things to happen in my head sometimes. I didn't want to push it with the dizziness issue, so I just slowly came down at 40 seconds (which is much different from the collapse I usually end with! *lol*).

emoticon I will try at least 10 REGULAR push-ups.
I honestly did NOT think I could complete this one, especially after the 40 second plank. But I told myself to just try. JUST TRY. And I tried. And they were very sorry pushups that didn't go down very far at all, but there were 10 of them, on toes, not knees. And, boy, was I proud!!

emoticon I will do the crunches that don't hurt my hip and see how many I can do without getting dizzy.
40. That's it. 40. Crunches are hard to do when you're feeling dizzy in the head. But I did what I could and then moved on, because I promised myself that's what I would do.

emoticon I will do the leg press machine because I love it with my whole heart (and all of my legs!).
I still love my new best friend. I always feel like some powerful body builder on that thing...hangin' with the big dudes, standing on my own and rocking it out. There's a power this machine gives me that goes beyond the sculpting of my calves it's been doing! (And that it has! This thing and the running thing are helping to give me the legs I have always wanted! I can see them start to come through and it makes me SO happy!)

emoticon I will do the back extension machine because it stretches the hip flexors.
Did it. Don't feel either way about it. About this time, though, I started to get bombarded by the influx of new gym members. Our gym is a small gym. Us regulars tend to have a flow down and rarely get in one another's way. But with all the new sign-ups this week, it's pure madness in there! I get off a machine to start to adjust the weight on it for another set and someone's already hopped on it behind me! EEK!

emoticon I will use the cable machine to work my hips and arm muscles.
I nearly forgot, and I had to work around a couple young teens who were trying to figure the thing out for the first time, but I'm SO glad I remembered! I love this little cable machine upstairs.

emoticon I will be sure to do my dumbbell lifts and feel that power in my arms again.
I almost forgot this as well, but, again, I'm glad I remembered! I felt so much better after! Stronger! More like myself again!

emoticon I will do both hip machines in the gym because my hips need the help.
Okay, well, kinda. I did one. Like I said, people kept jumping on machines right behind me like I was setting them up just for them. I got frustrated and left before I could do the other one...but the one I *did* do is the one I need the most, so there is that.

emoticon I will stay away from anything that might injure me or cause me to get dizzy or lose my balance.
I evaluated things in my head and tried to remember how it made me feel usually. I avoided Yoga because I knew that would cause severe dizziness. Usually it's perfect for injured players, but when the dizzy head thing is going on, it's totally wrong to hold your body in weird positions for too long. Hello, vertigo!

All in all, it was a pretty good night. I feel more like myself today. My appetite has returned, I guess, seeing as my stomach says I missed my 9:30am snack (which I have, but I have missed it for a week and just haven't been hungry for it)...no doubt due to burning a few more calories at the gym. (At least 500 burned last night.) And Mr. Scale is happy with me too. He gave me a 329.6 this morning, which I hope sticks around Thursday -- which will be my official weigh-in day before Vegas.

My one goal in Vegas now? Don't blow it! I fought hard to get in the 320s...I don't want to have to return to the 330s and fight again. After I get back, I'll focus on the 310s and fighting my way there!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Im-preeee-SIVE! All of this with a raging ear infection. Oh my, Esther. Rationalize your decision all you want, I just think it is impressive!

    And I love your peak at 329. Keeping my fingers crossed until I read Thursday's blog! LOL.
    3812 days ago
    "Sustainability, not perfection." EXACTLY!
    3818 days ago
    You are definitly a better woman than me.. ha!! I am trying to kick this thing, but it keeps getting me first. ugh!! Guess maybe a trip to the doc if not better by the weekend.
    We shall see.. I don't have the dizzy though, so I can wait. Glad you went to see doc and hope you are feeling better and better each day.
    3819 days ago
    Gym rat. *giggle*

    Glad you're medicated and hope yoiu're feeling better! Have fun this weekend!
    3819 days ago
    WOW!!! Kudos to you for going to the gym with an ear infection!!! I had one last summer, and I could barely function for a whole week!!!! It was possibly the worst pain I have ever had (and I have 2 kids!!!!)....
    I hope it clears up soon, I know for me, once the pain went away, I still had the ringing for awhile afterwards, so don't get discouraged!!!

    Take care!!
    3820 days ago
    I so know about ear infections-- I had tubes put in as an adult at 30~It made life so much bearable.. be careful.. finish your meds!!
    3820 days ago
    Glad you were able to get to the gym! Those ear infections can be painful. I particularly hate when I it causes me to be dizzy. Great work!
    3820 days ago
    I had tubes put in my ears as a kid due to constant double infections.. I am still prone to them and have to be careful when swimming, showering etc.. A few years back, I had swimmers ear in both my ears.. Before I knew it, the infections were so bad the perforated my eardrums.. and I had scabs in there from bleeding... Talk about PAIN... it is nearly intollerable. I wish you a speedy recovery and comfort from the pain.. Hang in there..
    3821 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    Well done - hope you have a speedy recovery
    I think ear-ache and tooth ache are a couple of the worst - make me feel evil when they hit

    Take care with the giddiness
    3821 days ago
    You know, I used to think bad things about "gym rats" and now I just smile when I hear it. Even my Hubs proclaims this of me to his friends and family. "This is my wife. She's a gym rat." Makes me giddy with glee and so proud!
    3821 days ago
  • MAIA2011
    You're such a gym rat!

    Have a great time in Vegas, Esther!

    3821 days ago
    Amazing that you're still standing let alone going to the gym!

    Just remember to clean your earbuds really well. All us runners and serial exercisers are prone to them because the bacteria builds up on them from continual use and sweat. Rubbing alcohol does the trick nicely - just use a cotton ball and clean away :)

    Hope the antibiotics take effect soon and that you're feeling better today!
    3821 days ago
    You're my hero! Ear infections suck and you still went to the gym!!!!

    Way to rock it girl - have a fab time in Vegas!!!!
    3821 days ago
    So glad you are feeling, ear infections can be very unbalancing to say the least ! But you are rocking this, way to go.
    3821 days ago
    Ok, so you have what? 70lbs on me? There's no way I could have put myself though the workout you did! You Rock! I'm so impressed with what you have been able to accomplish!
    3821 days ago
    Praying for you to have a quick recovering. I hate ear infections...they are killers as an adult.
    3821 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7466362
    I missed your "buffet" blog (how?). Love that you "love" your gym; Working it, earache and all. (I had the mother of all earaches last Jan and honey, I know your pain!).
    3821 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    Dude, you're awesome!
    3821 days ago
  • FREDDIE_13
    Woohoo!! Kicking booty Esther!!! emoticon
    3821 days ago
    So glad you are feeling better. And I just want to remind you that not so long ago you were fighting to get into the 350s....simply AMAZING! (yeah, you.)
    3821 days ago
    Dang, girl! You did more while dizzy than many people do when they are perfectly healthy!!! You are my hero!
    3821 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6372002
    Ummm, you sorta rock.

    3821 days ago
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