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End of the Year Pictures!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

OK, here are the end of the year pictures of my body...I just about cried when I looked at them. I am doing this because I am laying it all out for the public so that I will hide nothing. I am baring my soul to you all so that I canNOT fake myself out. This is the real me. I won't even let my husband see me without clothes on (don't worry! I have clothes on in the pictures). I realized the other day that we don't even do "it" any more. It is my fault because I am too tired and fat and ashamed of my body.

Well, anyway here I am in all my...me-ness, but the good part about these pictures is we are doing this because we are here to say good-bye to this person! Good - bye old me: Hello...
New ME!! Yippee....

I am amazed that more people don't ask me when I am due...
It may have something to do with the wrinkles and the grey hair...hehehe

These are a size 16 short jeans and you can tell that I had to suck it in to get them buttoned and that my gutt runneth over. I honestly probably wear a size 18. I hope that by Spring I will at least fit comfortably in these jeans and by fall I hope to be in a 12 and by this time next year I hope to be in a 10 or maybe even an 8.

OK, that's enough of that on to the fun pictures...

My kitty cats are so grateful for the food we give them every day that they desided to give back the only way they knew how...

This little gift was found in this bowl just like this. The kitty cats were all lined up on the step waiting for my husband this day as if to say, "Look, we brought you a gift."

OH but the dog has to get in on the act as well. One day a couple of weeks ago before we got our fuel oil...we didn't have heat until December 24th and we used a couple electric heaters and the animals were all trying to find a warm place to go from time to time, I couldn't find my Sadie baby. I hollered and hollered and checked the upstairs and asked Joe if he had put her out. I was worried that she may have gotten off her cable because she wasn't out there either. Well then he started to worry and we looked and looked then I went into the bedroom and low and behold to what should my little eyes see...

Then when I tried to get her off the bed she gave me this sad little look...but really she already has a permanent fixed place on the couch and on the loveseat...so I didn't feel too terrible making her get down...

here are some Christmas pictures that I never got around to posting. I guess with the rush to get fuel oil and trying to get my plan together I just forgot. I want you to look at the food on our plates. I want you to look at the size of my family. I love them all but I am concerned for them all. Look at the way we eat. I have got to do this right this year. I have got to set an example so that my grandbabies don't grow up to be large like we all are...(except my husband who never gains an ounce...ho hum...)

This is (on the right) my husband, (middle) Jackie she is 5'7" and about 220 lbs, left Joshua 6'2" and about 190 (he has actually joined a gym and is trying to lose weight to join the Marines.

This is Jackie's husband Trevor, I love him. He is a very kind, gentle spirit. He is also 5'8" and Jackie said he may have hit 300 lbs but he won't let her see the scale any more.

This is Jill, my daughter, and her husband, Scott. In high school Scott 6'1" was over 300 lbs when they found out that he has diabetes and is now insulin dependent. That summer he lost so much weight that when he returned to school the kids almost didn't recognize him. He is slowly putting it back on. He is near 250 lbs. Jillian is 5'2" and she is now about 180 lbs.

Now, just look at the precious future that is watching all of this bad eating. Just look at the babies that are learning from us...

Stewie and Brea at the kids table...

Stewie...He is Jill and Scott's oldest. He is 2 1/2.

Brea...She is Jackie and Trevor's only baby. She is 16 months and has the fattest little legs and ankles and feet...she is adorable...

This is sleeping beauty...This is Ama-Lee she is 14 months old and Jill & Scott's youngest. This little one will literally eat until her tummy gets hard and distended and she pukes. You literally have to limit her food.

This is Scott's second plate of food (I know we all had at least two trays "bigger than plates" and if you notice it is mostly Mashed potatoes and biscuits. These are pure starch and remember he is an insulin dependent diabetic. This is all going to turn to sugar in his system. It would in anyone's system but this is especially dangerous for Scott. Scott had a brother who died from diabetes complications after having a foot amputated.

This is NO JOKE! My family needs to start taking food seriously. I am the guilty one here! I cooked all this food and laid it out before them. The were like pigs being let to the slaughter or sheep if you prefer.

More Grandbabies:

Ama-Lee after she woke up!

Brea with Joshua in the background

Stewart spilled on himself and Jill was trying to get one of his new Christmas outfits ready to put on him and all he wanted was his elephant and his football...

Well, I hope you enjoyed my end of the year pictures I just have a couple more because Patches and Speedy wanted to come by and say hello, and Happy New Year to every one

Speedy also wants to know why the dog was in the bed...hehehe

Uh Oh...Patches fell asleep while waiting her turn to say hello...

I love my entire family and I am not trying to critize them or our family get together. I am however concerned that for generations our family has live for food and it shows. I love Scott as well. He is good to my daughter Jillian, but I am concerned that she could end up a widow raising their children alone if Scott does not soon start taking his disease seriously. I play a major roll in this family and I need to step up to the plate and set an example in the foods I eat and prepare for my family. They may be out of the house and making food on their own now but I pray that it is not too late to make an impact on their lives.

God Bless
Happy New Year

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  • no profile photo CD8301081
    Those grand babies are just TOO precious. emoticon
    3763 days ago
    Acknowledging that there is a problem is a good start. You realize what needs to be done, and are determined to do it. God bless your journey this coming year.
    3763 days ago
    Words of encouragement:

    You are one SMART LADY. You have an adorable previous family.
    YOU are THE ONE who can take the lead! You can save yourself and save your family. I mean literally!!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you KICK BUTT IN 2011 and leading your family by example. When they see how good you look (if they don't make the changes before), they will want to JOIN THE BAND WAGON!

    I just want to know...are you going to be one of those ladies that adorn the front page of Fitness or People (or whatever) touting the accolades of success??? Sure you are (and then I can say I knew her when...).

    (Believe it or not...I think I caught the "bug"...so I called off my plans for this evening). And because I don't feel well, I'm really CRAVING, CRAVING sweets...why is that?


    3763 days ago
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