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Can't believe I just did this!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I guess I must truly have been bitten by the running bug. DH and I have planned our summer vacation already- we usually have to nail down dates around this time for our jobs. We knew we were going to DC this summer (that's where all of his family lives) so what do I do??? I go looking for half marathons in the area over the summer and I pick our vacation dates around that. How crazy is that????

The one I found that appeals to me is through "Destination Races" through the wine country of northern Virginia. It is a race that sells out quickly as it only allows 2200 participants. It is supposed to be breathtaking scenery: "you'll love this amazing course that runs from winery to winery, passing rollling estates, historical towns and horse farms along the way." I just could not stop thinking about it! Today when I checked their website they were 75% full, so I went ahead and paid the $95 registration fee. This is crazy because our leave dates have not been approved by our jobs, we don't know the kids' summer schedules, there are still many different variables as to if those dates will even work for us, but I went ahead and did it anyways!!!! THIS is going to take priority this summer.... Praying hard that it will work out. Not because of the money, but I really want to experience it! There is going to be a wine and music festival afterwards.... DH is a huge wine lover (I am not) so this would be something cool for the both of us.

And this is crazy because I haven't even run my first half marathon yet! I am just forcing myself to be very confident, LOL! It gives me goals and something to work towards. Oh boy!!! Talk about setting lofty goals!
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