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The Long Journey

Monday, December 06, 2010

Well, I made it to DC, after a bit of drama. It seems no matter how many times I travel, I always fall victim to the issues that can arise when travel is involved. So here's what you've missed:


We headed to Charleston with about an hour to spare before my flight. I used to arrive the 2 hours suggested before take-off, but it's really unnecessary in an airport as tiny as Yeager. If you can't get through security and to your gate in 30 minutes you've got some major issues. I bought myself a biscuit at Tudor's after I realized I hadn't eaten at all yet. (And somehow made it through security with a plastic knife! *lol*) While I waited for our plane to arrive (which they said would be about 40 minutes late) I ate my biscuit and enjoyed every bite of it. With some wiggling around of the airlines, US Airways borrowed a flight from United and got us on the plane about 10 minutes after our original departure time.

The flight went well too. I felt reasonably more comfortable, and have about 4-5 inches left to get rid of before I can see the end of my seat belt extension use. I read Dracula and just tried to enjoy what I could of the downtime. We got in with only a little turbulence, and I was excited that I could see the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial from the plane before we landed. And that's where the easy-breezy trip ended.

I stood next to the baggage belt where our bags were to come in and watched everyone else get their bags before realizing mine was not there. The woman told me to wait and then told me about 15 minutes later that she had no clue where it was. I spent about an hour and a half crying on the phone to Hubs and getting pretty upset before checking the baggage claim one last time before heading to the hotel. Found it! (Dude said, "My bad, I left it on my cart." *smacks forehead*)

At the hotel I spent an hour and half arguing with the people at the front desk, trying to convince them that I just didn't have the $1200 they wanted me to pay personally for my hotel room. My WORK is supposed to pay for this, but for some reason they said they didn't have what they needed to charge them for it. *smacks forehead* I had to call my boss at home and she had to call my supervisor, who then had to go into work on a SUNDAY and fax a form to them 3 times before they cleared me for my room.

By the time I got to my room I was hungry and angry and TIRED! So what did I do? Went out to take a walk. I couldn't help it, I had bottled up tension and I just wanted to be free for a few seconds without a million worries in my head. I walked down to find where my training would be (I always try to do a test run) and then walked The Mall for a bit. It was WINDY...I mean like CRAZY WINDY! But it was pretty!

The Castle is my favorite!! SO pretty!

I got to my room about 45 minutes later SO HUNGRY and ordered some Chinese food. Yes, I over ordered, but I figured I could eat on it the rest of the week. After eating I realized just how tired I was, and I laid down to go to bed about 7:40pm. I figured I'd just sleep through and get up early to get my workout in before my training. Woke up at 10pm wide awake! *lol* No worries, went to bed just a couple hours later and slept HARD!

I got up at 5am. I don't know why, the hotel gym doesn't open until 6am (stupid rule, if you ask me!). I thought about running outside at The Mall, but then I went outside in my gear and totally chickened out. It was SO cold, and the WIND was brutal! (This is a recurring theme. *lol*) I went back inside and waited impatiently for 6am. I was in the gym by 6:05am. *lol*

I got my run in. C25k Week 3, Day 1. I was SO nervous. I set my 3 minute runs to 4.2, just to be sure I'd make it through, but started to think it might have been unnecessary. It went well, and I was super proud of myself! Just me and the tiny thing next to me...I think I ran more than she did. :) I'm hoping for an outside run either Wednesday or Friday, but it all depends on the weather.

I ate some scrambled eggs with a little cheese, a piece of sausage, and some whole wheat toast with butter and grape jelly before grabbing coffee and a banana and heading off to training. All went well, and I was super happy when he announced we'd be getting an extra long lunch. An hour and 45 minutes! Plenty of time to get a walk in!

I wanted to go to the Smithsonian, but I had my bag and a protein bar, and they don't allow food, so I moved on to my second goal - The Washington Monument. I didn't make it the night before. I gave up because I was SO cold. The wind was still brutal, and it was the longest and most difficult mile I've ever walked! OW!! Of course, on the way back I felt like I was getting pushed from behind!

When I came here in 8th grade, this is one thing we didn't get to do because the line was long and it was pouring, so we stayed on the bus and went somewhere else instead. I just wanted to see it again, up close. I don't think I got the full experience, because I didn't know how long the walk back would take me and I wanted to hurry...and before I leave I want to walk from the Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.

See! WINDY!!

I kept laughing. It felt like it was trying to keep me from the monument. I feel like I've been fighting things beyond my control for the past 2 days! Driving me crazy, but shows myself my persistence!

The Castle, again.

I just like this picture. I look proud, and I was. I did what I wanted and it felt really good! My legs are sore, but they better get used to it! I'm loving the exploring, and I fully plan on hitting up the Air & Space Museum tomorrow!

As for tonight...there's a possibility of dinner tonight with a friend. Other than that? Nothing. Blissful nothing! Workout - done! Exploration - done! Food in the fridge, if needed. I don't want for a thing! (And if dinner falls through for any reason, they've got food downstairs tonight through Wednesday..)

Love you all! Hope you're making yourself proud and fighting against all that tries to stand in your way!!
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