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My First-Ever Blog!! 5 Things to Stay Motivated

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Being part of the Kiwi Team for the Biggest Loser Winter Meltdown Challenge, part 1 of this challenge is to list 5 things that I will do to motivate myself throughout the upcoming weeks. So here goes!!

1. Binge-eating has been a huge problem with me. I notice that this happens when I'm visiting my family on the weekends. I end up sitting in front of the TV and reaching out for a bag of chips. Before I know it, I just ate the entire bag of Doritos! I'm going to avoid the TV watching and stick with reading, working out, going on SP, even taking a nap. :)

2. Exercising 6x a week - Throughout these upcoming weeks, I'd like to mix in strength training along with cardio for maximum fat burn. I don't ever want to fall off the wagon, and in order to prevent that from happening, I'm aiming to keep a consistent workout regime of 6 days a week.

3. Drinking my water - I tend to have a hard time with this, because a) I don't always feel that thirsty and b) for fear that I end up wanting to go to the restroom more often. And let's just say that it's hard to find a facility when you're out and about in NYC. But I'm going to try and keep a bottle on-hand everywhere I go and drink as much of it as I can throughout the day.

4. Logging onto SP and communicating with my SP buddies every day - This site really does help me keep myself accountable. I love the support, motivation I get from team members and the inspiration that I had given to others.

5. Tracking my calorie intake and calorie burn - I have been pretty diligent with this but am definitely going to keep at it for the upcoming weeks. When coming down to the wire with only 10-15 lbs to lose, every calorie for me is going to count. So I'm going to try and keep an even closer eye on my diet, my calorie intake and calorie burn to lose my last pounds of flab!

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