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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sugar and spice, and everything nice....that's what little girls are made of.

So after a frantic phone call from my PT last night, in which she scolded me like a child for not coming to the gym last night (I did! She had already left!), she told me that the other person working would weigh me in. (For my insurance program, I have to meet with her once a month and get weighed in so they make sure I'm still losing weight.)

I got to the gym at my regular time, about a quarter to 7pm. (Which I've told the PT a dozen or so times...) I figured I'd change first, so I could workout right after my weigh-in...and that's when the trouble started. *lol* I realized in the locker room that I had forgotten my sports bras. I had 2 choices: 1) go home and give up on finishing C25k W2D2, or 2) do the darn thing in my regular bra and hope for the best. I picked 2. I was not giving up my running night! NO way! NO how! I put my bra on and said a little prayer, and apologized to my body for what I was about to do to it...and out I went.

Nobody helped weigh me in. The girl at the desk said the PT told her she couldn't let anyone else use it but the people on our insurance program and had refused to show her how to use it at all. That meant I had to figure it out all on my lonesome. For this machine, you have to input:

Male or Female (Female, of course! Thank goodness for an easy one! *lol*)
Normal or Athletic build (I chose normal, which may have been a mistake. *shrug*)
Height (5'8)
Age (29)
And then target Body Fat %...this one I forgot. I typed in 23 first, because it just sounded good. Then I tried 25 when I realized it wasn't giving me the same target weight as last time. Still no dice. I checked my notes (on my phone) from last time, and there it was -- she set my goal for 30% body fat. I entered it and stepped on.

Let me just say, I hated that scale for a moment last night. I knew it was going to be high. I was super bloated yesterday, have been for several days (TOM symptoms?) and it was almost bedtime, when I generally weigh the most! But there it went, up to 339.8...and I was good with that, until it decided to round up. Stupid effing machine! 340.0. LIAR! (I hate that effing number! *pouts*)

So, now for the results...

Last time's results, as read off to me by the PT:
Weight - 346 (I think)
Body Fat % - 53.3%
Pounds of Fat - 184.6
Pounds of Muscle - 161.6
Target Weight: 230
Pounds of Fat to Lose: 115

And then last night's results, as read from the print-out:
Weight - 340.0 (LIAR!)
BMI - 51.7 (Can't wait to be under 50!)
Body Fat % - 49.9% (YAY!)
Fat Mass (or, as she said, pounds of fat): 169.6
FFM (Fat-Free Mass): 170.4
TBW (The water in my body): 124.8
Target Weight: 243.4
Predicted Fat Mass at Target: 73 pounds
Fat to Lose: 96.6

Okay, so the target weight was a little higher this time. Not sure what that means...but let's focus on the important parts.

I went from a body fat percentage of 53.3% to 49.9%!
That means my body is less than half from fat! It's been a good thing to keep saying to myself over and over. This is a difference from October 23rd to now, so that's some good work there!

I went from having 184.6 pounds of fat on me, to having 169.6.
That means I lost 15 pounds of FAT in a little over a month! DANG! I love that number!

I increased my muscle mass too. Now she called it "pounds of muscle," but there wasn't anything on that sheet that said that. The only thing close was the FFM, or fat free mass. According to online research, this accounts not only for muscle, but any other composition of your body that is not fat - that includes your bones, muscles, connective tissue, even water. So what she called "pounds of muscle, really isn't at all"....I feel that's a little misleading. Still, it's fat free mass, and I like that! Mine went from 161.6 to 170.4, and since I'm hoping my bones aren't getting bigger, and my TBW (my water weight) actually showed me as being dehydrated for the day, I'm counting that as a gain of 8.8 pounds of muscle.

This is especially wonderful considering she said I was likely to lose muscle at first. Of course, my at first wasn't really my "at first," if you know what I mean. I just started the program in October, but I've been running this program of mine since April, and I've been ST along the way...so it makes sense that my body is getting used to building muscle and eating fat. Take that PT! *lol*

emoticon emoticon

So, what am I made of? Well, mostly muscle and other fat-free mass (like bones and stuff!). I know it may sound strange to say, but knowing that I'm more healthy than fat is a HUGE deal. For years I've been carrying around more than double myself on my back and all over my body. My healthy part has been lugging around more than an entire duplicate of itself in just fat! Can you imagine making a double of yourself in fat and then carrying it around on your back all day? I feel the need to apologize to my body, or at least I did...until I realized that the only apology and amends it needs is what I'm doing right now, freeing my healthy body from the encumbrance of having another half of itself to lug around. I spent the last month dropping 15 pounds off that load, and giving it another 8.8 pounds to devote to carrying around the rest...so that load should be feeling a whole lot lighter right about now! No wonder this month I've felt so much lighter on my feet!

Another thing I learned from having to decode the riddle of the printout all by myself is TBW - or Total Body Water. From reading a decoder (*lol* reminds me of those ring decoders for mood rings) online, "It is important to ensure your body is not dehydrated, especially when exercising or dieting." (Source: www.doctorsweightsoluctions.co
m - Body Composition Analyzer)

So they give you a little equation to do. Take your TBW, divide it by your weight, times that by 100, and that = your Estimated Hydration Level %. For women, it should be around 50-60% hydration. Taking my results from last night though, mine was 36.7%! EEP!! Now I didn't drink quite as much yesterday as I have been the past couple days, and I'm a little suspicious that the coffee midday may have drained some of that out of me. (I believe I've read that caffeine can dehydrate you, right?) Still, it reminds me that I MUST be more diligent about drinking my water consumption throughout the day. I've already had 1 glass so far today, and I don't usually start drinking water until about 11am or so, so I'm trying to correct that for next time.

And for all of you wondering how my night went after that, as far as my workout is concerned...

Well, I finished W2D2 of C25k. It was the hardest one yet. I kept thinking, "My heart isn't in it..." With the issues with my bra (OW! That hurt!! I now truly cherish the importance of my sports bras!!) and the issues with the PT and the scale, I was distracted. About halfway through I tried to get myself to focus, but my body was just sore (and, maybe part of it was the dehydration as well??...hrm...something to consider!). I did, however, finish. I did walking segments of 3.0 most times (though I did have to drop to 2.8 or so near the end because I needed the recovery so badly!) and ran at 4.5 speed during the running segments. I also loved the guy who hopped on the treadmill next to me and started doing intervals too. I may or may not have had the thought that he was only doing it because I was and he wasn't about to be shown up by the fat chick! *lol* He didn't start interval running until after I was in my first one, and he seemed to pull one out after almost every single one of mine. I felt like I was being chased!! Of course, his running and walking segments were both faster than mine, but he was pretty well built...I'll get there eventually.

After my run, I couldn't stomach the ST. (Oh, did I mention I spent much of the afternoon and all of the drive to the gym with severe stomach pain? I ate something that did NOT agree with me and I was feeling SO sick!) My chest felt raw where my bra had rubbed some. All the way home I thought about how I should have just done it anyways. I gave myself crap for about 10 minutes, I even used the F-word (no, not THAT one...Failure!). I said to myself, "I can't believe you couldn't even make it through a ONE DAY CHALLENGE in the Suck It! Challenge! You suck!" And then I remembered that in the same challenge, I also vowed not to beat myself up for whatever I considered my faults. I was NOT a failure. I ran sick and upset and pushed through the worst run yet, and I finished it (and actually did an extra 6 minutes of warm-up and cool down because my phone was giving me trouble and my stupid C25k program wasn't running right, so I had to reset it to fix it, and I walked the whole time I was getting it set...). So I reminded myself that I had NOTHING to guilt myself over. I could either chose to make up the ST later, or I could simply forgive myself and move on from there. My results from the scale show that I've been doing just fine, and I wasn't PERFECT on getting all my ST sessions (or even all of my cardio sessions) in last month. So, I forgave myself, and went home and took a long shower as a reward, and then ate dinner with my boys while watching The Santa Clause.

I'm putting this in the books as a good night. And reminding myself that more than half of me is made up of good, naturally healthy, wonderful things!
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