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Thursday, November 18, 2010

my fave question people ask me on here and elsewhere is what do u do when u need 2 kick it up a notch when your in a slump or when ur in a slow part of your weigh loss.

i was reading this article on this to do when ur needing motivation and things to do for motivation... it reminded me of what i do when i am in a slump because i am not in them alot but i was trying to figure out if i was in one. people ask me what do i do to bounce back from a slump of a slow period or a plateau. i dont always am in them but i am always told to just start over. start over like your brand new. Refresh u i would say and by paying more attention to serving sizes. sometimes i get used to it and the portion grows gradually. portion distortion for sure. Sometimes it is excerciseing i do alot of it at times and then sometimes i am so not in the mood to do what or how much for the week before. i am not always consistent with the number but i am with what it is. i am starting to love to walk but it is getting colder now. Defiantly not fall anymore.
i usually look back at everything i wanted, eat and what i did that week that i had a slump or disappointment because i always look back at woulda coulda shoulda things. i write everything down constantly that's why i am off and on here. it helps me to be organized and keep a memory of everything just in case i am in a slump. it keeps me focused and on track. i also like to read articles just to keep me refreshed of what i did in the beginning if i am in a plateau. when i am in a slump also i try to think if its because i am trying to hard or not hard enough. starting over helps. some weeks i go gung hoe and when i do that i have a slump or disappointment that week its usually the next week it appears to be a good result.

my best advice for anyone would not to give up. never give up through all tough times and never take your good weeks for granted. u will get through all of the rough times w/ supportive like people on spark and other support systems. if ur board to death in whatcha doing and eating change it up. try spices. i noticed when i was starting to lose more weight i was more in tuned into eating. maybe spark sparked it but i am proud to have more sense of awareness to everything. paying more attention to when i am really hungry and just if i am bored trying to find something to make my time go by.. i have lost almost 40 lbs since i have been here. no i am not a resident expert but i feel i have alot of it down pat. there are days that i mess up but dont we all. i thought it was time to tell people more about what i do and so u can get to know me.

i am such a hard worker here and in my own life. i do have a life not just on here but i do love coming here everyday. i love being a sparked i do love being a \role model here for the new sparklers and others. all my friends here are great. my lemons are hard workers to and have taught me lots about me... when i am having a not so great day there here on my page cheering me up. when the going gets tough i know who has got my back. i think that's important to have people around u to support u when u are having a slump... someone to help u when u need it the most. we can do this no matter how astronomical it is yes we can. take it bit by bit little by little and u will get there. i didnt lose these lbs overnight. u didnt gain all of it overnight so why do some people think it will just go away quicker then it was put on.
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