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Do you ever feel like quiting?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am having a really bad day! I have been crying since last night. I just am so tired of trying and then screwing it up. It is so not as easy as it was in the begining! It just takes one thing and bam I am knocked off my rocker. I hear these comments all the time about how well I have done and how great I look. All I see is this skin everywhere and I can't have it fixed because I need to lose more and I am having an awful time losing more. I should be at 200 by now and here I am still fighting to lose and going what feels like NO WHERE. I know there are people who are going to say "but look at where you've come from" and "you look great" but honestly I am still overweight, I still buy plus size clothes I am still obese. So I should still be able to lose and right now am just wanting to drown in my sorrows.

Do you ever feel this way????
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    It seems like I'm losing the same 10 lbs. and gain them back over and over. I did really well and lost 25 lbs. Got off track and have been stuck ever since. I know this is about making healthy life style changes. Right now it seems like an up hill battle. I won't give up.
    3376 days ago
    If you need a visual reminder of how far you've come, find a pair of the biggest pants you ever wore (hopefully you kept one pair) and put them on. Trust me, your mouth will hit the floor. I discovered this for myself a few weeks ago, and gosh did it help my mental attitude.

    You are doing totally great! You're going to have down days, and there's going to be skin, and that's the way it is. Same for me. Look at the things you can do now that you couldn't do before. I'll bet you've had to replace your entire wardrobe already, right? That's something! Sure, we're still "fat" and we're still working toward our goals. Don't focus on a timeline. Focus on the lifestyle changes. The weight loss will happen if you keep doing the right things and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Your body will do what it needs to do over time. Focus on developing good habits and the rest will happen.

    You're almost there -- over three quarters of the way! Keep up the great work!!!!

    3377 days ago
    I am in the same place! I have been on the verge of tears for two days - don' t know why (maybe TOM?) I was so close to chucking it all in today - I've been losing and gaining the same 3-4lbs for 3 months! We've got to stay strong - I know where you are and how stressed it can feel - we're in this together!!
    3377 days ago
    Thank you everyone! I have been reading all your comments throughout the day. I now feel better. I think I needed the crying but what was the ultimate fix? I took It out on the treadmill. Ran 4 miles and I haven't done that in a long time. Then went to aerobics class. I am feeling better. Tomorrow will be a better day!!
    3377 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    I wrote a blog a while back titled can crying make you dehydrated? So make sure you're drinking lots of water while you cry. I've heard toxins are released in tears, hope that's true. I'm wondering how much the extra skin weighs, probably a reasonable amount, so you could consider in that fact. I know at some point it has to not be about what the scales say. Will you be able to have the skin removed when you have lost however much you need to? It makes no sense to me that insurance doesn't pay for it. Somebody needs to write to Bill Gates and other billionaires to set up a fund to take care of that surgery. Don't burn victims need it? I wonder if anybody has talked to Oprah about it? I think that would be a great show and she could probably find a solution. Maybe if you found a cause to get behind it would help you with your motivation. Write to Oprah. Send pictures.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Phyllis
    3377 days ago
    Possibly two of the most boring, least sexy things help us win this race - consistency and patience. I think it's very valid to feel the way you are. I know I stress out sometimes now about the hanging skin I know I'll have (have started a savings account to have excess skin removed in a couple of yrs) - the thought depresses me. But then I think - "well, first of all, you need to lose the weight to have the skin sag". I guess it's all part of the journey and we can't get from one point to another without passing through some valley's of self doubt.

    Go ahead and feel your feelings and acknowledge them - then rely on your old friends - consistency and patience - to help you down the path again as always.

    emoticon emoticon
    3377 days ago
    I'm sorry, it has never happened to me. I have lots and lots of skin hanging around. (Note to self ask Dr if anything can be done with the extra skin hanging around me yet?)
    You gave some wonderful advice to Marty. Do you think you can woman up and follow your own advice? Marty is looking up to you babe! As are lots of other sparkers. How you handle yourself now is paramount to your success. With that said....Put blinders on and just follow your program. You might need to make some changes but maybe you need to get some advice from one of the resident experts here on Spark. Good luck with your healthy lifestyle changes! We really are here to cheer you on! We like seeing you as the successful person you are. emoticon
    3377 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7403040
    The others have posted some great words of advice. Take things one day at a time. emoticon
    3377 days ago
  • 4-ME-TO-BE_____
    Yes and it did nothing but lead me to regaining almost 40lbs. I know how it feels I lost 100lbs and all I could see was that I was still fat. But now that I've gained some weight I really can see how much better I was at 100lbs instead of 60lbs lost. Keep your head up you can do it.
    3377 days ago
  • MARTY728
    When I was depressed over my emotional overeating (bingeing) a month ago, you were the first person on SparkPeople to reach out to me when I asked for guidance. I have been following your guidance and it has worked for me.

    It is a good thing that the extra skin is there. Remember what it used to be filled with.

    I will paraphrase back to you what you told me. The key is to take it one day at a time. If you fall off the wagon today, get up, dust yourself off and get back on. All any of us can do is take it one day at a time. The past is yesterday and cannot be changed. The future is tomorrow and can only be affected by what is done today.

    Sometimes we all have to reset the counter to Day 1. The key is to reset the counter. Over time you will have to reset the counter less and less. Before you know it you will have achieved a lifestyle change.

    The reason I know you can do it is that I am doing it. My kids say, "If Dad can do it, anybody can".

    You also told me to examine the feelings and emotions that were causing me to binge. I did and I did not like what I found. So I decided that I do not want to do that anymore. So my only recourse was to stop that behavior and if I messed up, reset the counter to Day 1. You must remember that males are simple creatures. I know that females are smarter than males and will blog on that topic some day.

    Keep on running! Remember the winner of the race was the tortoise and not the hare. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Your battling through what we all go through will continue to inspire us.


    3377 days ago
    I feel your pain. I know exactly what you are talking about. I got to my goal weight and I've already put 5 of it back on. I worked so hard to get it off and it came back so easy. It's just as hard to maintain as it is to lose. Just last night I ate 500 calories worth of cookies and drank a couple hundred worth of milk. I don't know why. I wasn't hungry. Today I'm depressed about it. All I can do is move on and try to work it off today.

    DON'T GIVE UP! YOU ARE WORTH IT! It's gonna be hard but everything worth having is worth working hard to get. I hope you can get rid of your sorrows and keep going!

    3377 days ago
  • SASSY7007
    I totally understand. I have fallen off the wagon myself. It was so easy for the first few weeks but then the stress of my job, being unhappy with my body and of not losing one single pound in 2 1/2 weeks got to me and here I am back to eating what I want. I will say I still watch what I eat and do still pay attention, but I am struggling to get back on my horse.

    I won't bore you with the same story of how far you've come. You already know that and no one need remind you. Only you can continue what you've started and you just need to keep your goal in mind and put your focus back in place, Get out a good cry (I just bawled my eyes out a few days ago) release all emotions and get back on track. It's easier for me to say this than to do it by the way ;)

    Have faith, hope and confidence! You can do it!

    3377 days ago
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