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Atlantic City 10k Race Report

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Over the summer, hubby and I began building up our mileage on our long runs to prepare for a 10k we were considering doing in November. In August, while talking with some of my hubby’s family members who live in Brigantine, NJ, we learned of the Atlantic City Marathon being held in October. As a part of the marathon events, they were holding a half-marathon, 10k, 5k, 2-mile walk, and a kids’ run. Even though it would move up our training schedule a month, we thought it might be a good practice 10k since we expected the course to be considerably flat.

On September 13th, a week after my 40th birthday, my husband had surgery for hernia repair in his abdomen. We ended up taking almost two weeks off from training, but were optimistic that we’d make up for it before the big day. The night before, we stayed with my mother-in-law in NJ so we would only have a 1 hour 45 minute drive to Atlantic City for the race. The kids were really good about waking up at O-dark-thirty in the morning. We left the house around 6:00 am and stopped for breakfast on the way. We got to Atlantic City and found the registration table with time to spare. The line for the bathrooms was long, as expected, but moved quickly. Hubby and I made our way to the start area for the marathon, half, and 10k, and our kids went over to wait with the spectators until it was time for the 2-mile walk & 5k.

Our daughter was originally signed-up for the 2-mile walk, but her other cousins her age weren’t able to make it. Our son was signed-up for the 5k, so we moved him to the 2-mile walk with his sister. As it turns out, there weren’t any other 2-mile walkers and the kids couldn’t find a turn-around marker, so they stayed with the pack of people walking the 5k. Of course, hubby and I didn’t find out about this until we ran into the kids as we were finishing our event. I felt badly for them because, since they were going to do the 2-mile walk, they weren’t required to wear the chip-timed bibs. This resulted in their 5k finish time going unrecorded. They did, however, get medals when they finished which they cared about more.

emoticon As for hubby and I, we heard the start siren and shuffled our way toward and through the gate. The weather was a little chilly & breezy, but it was easy to forget that once you soaked in the view. I tried not to get so absorbed by the run that I forgot to appreciate the sights & sounds of the boardwalk, the beach, and the ocean. If I had thought about it enough in advance, I probably should have brought my phone with me to take pictures along the way. My hubby and I ran the race together, and I was surprised to find out that our 5k split time was just over 31 minutes. We took our first shot block and a swig of water as we watched the half-marathon/marathoners peel off the route to our right. While on our way back, the wind started to pick up and we tried to run a bit more conservatively so as to not tire ourselves out. At 6.5k, we took our second shot blok and then our third at about 8k. Near the 5-mile point, photographers were stationed to take pictures of participants as they came by. They took this shot of me (with hubby's elbow visible):

We had to run past the finish line to a second turn-around point and then come back to officially cross through the chute. Shortly after the second turn-around is where we ran into our kids finishing up and found out they were doing the 5k instead of the 2-mile walk. We passed the kids and attempted to sprint in with everything we had left in us. Once through the chute, volunteers handed us water bottles and our medals. Then we waited and watched as the kids finished their event.

emoticon emoticon emoticon There was a reception area set-up off to the side of the boardwalk. Several cool vendors were giving away free samples, such as fondue from The Melting Pot, water ice, juices & sports drinks, hot dog vendor (though I didn’t have any), pretzels, bananas, water, oranges, etc. After indulging ourselves and meeting up with some of hubby’s cousins who ran the half-marathon, the four of us took a walk on the boardwalk and then down on to the beach sand for our daughter to do a little digging. Since we had some time before needing to head back to my mother-in-law’s, we stopped by to visit the family over in Brigantine.

emoticon Times:
Gun- 1:13:32
Chip- 1:10:39
Avg- 11:23/mile

1k- 6:15
2k- 6:44
3k- 5:25
4k- 6:21
5k- 7:09
6k- 6:50
7k- 6:20
8k- 7:10
9k- 6:51
10k- 7:13
End- 6:49

Hubby’s GPS tracked this run as a 10.64k, which, I think makes our finish time even better for our first race.

emoticon My Race Results:
Bib #1868
306 out of participants
175 out of 221 Females
47 out of 58 Females 40-49 y.o.

emoticon Hubby’s Race Results:
Bib #1869
305 out of participants
129 out of 148 Males
33 out of 38 Males 30-39 y.o.

emoticon Overall, we were thrilled with our first official 10k experience and continued to increase our mileage in preparation for the Schuylkill River Loop Run 8.48 mile event on 11/13/10.

Next race report: Hatboro YMCA Skeleton Skurry 5k.
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