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My weight affecting my son.......

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My 2nd grade son has been having trouble with some boys in his class picking on him for not wearing the "cool kid" clothes. Which apparently in this particular group of boys means that he was getting picked on for wearing his overalls, and shirts such as his Buzz Lightyear. We have been working with is teacher, and reassuring Ben that his clothes are perfectly fine, and that not everyone has to like them.

Then yesterday he came home crying from the bus saying that the same boy with another one, was picking on him on the bus. This time they told him that his mom was so fat that she couldn't even fit on the school bus. Ben is very tender hearted, and yelled at the boys to not talk about his parents. I tried my best to comfort him, and then made a call to the principal who took matters in hand immediately.

While talking to him this evening, he said that the boys weren't allowed to sit near him on the bus today. He was still acting a little strange though, so I asked him why he was so upset still. His reply....." Because Mommy, I don't want everyone calling you fat all of the time like they did on my old bus in Kindergarten."

Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened. Children on the bus have been talking about his "fat" mom for three years now, and he is just now admitting it. As you can imagine, I'm devastated! I knew that my weight could affect my health, I knew that it was affected my capabilities of doing some things, but I never imagined that my son was having to hear others make fun of me on a regular basis!

I'm hurt of course, and for his sake wish that I could just make it all go away....but I can't. This has gave me more motivation than ever to get my life back in control. MY CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF MY MISTAKES AND BAD CHOICES!!
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  • JIBBIE49
    1281 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8471181
    I just now found your page. I am so sorry for those mean kids hurting your baby. Girl you just stay motivated. God will help you get healthy and you will teach your kids how they can stay healthy. I want so bad to give you and your little boy a hug right now. emoticon
    3721 days ago
  • 40_4ME4FAMILY
    Oh, I'm just now reading this. I am so very sorry. I hope things have improved for your son as the year has progressed. I now know that my weight has affected my teenage sister quite a lot. She is worried about getting fat, and it breaks my heart. She has lost weight recently and has the doctor, nutritionist, and many others worried sick about it. I have a heavy heart and mill-stone around my neck knowing I have contributed to this train of thought. I was very skinny growing up and as a young adult before I lost control. I know she doesn't want to be like me in this regard. I am working hard to change my life. I want her to be proud of me, but more I want to show her what healthy looks like...and it is about FAR more than numbers on a scale. You are far more than that. Here is to making the changes we need in our lives, and to providing the right outlook for the little ones in our lives! We WILL do this!
    3834 days ago
    What a sad story. My heart breaks for your son. Children should never be made to feel ashamed by other kids. What really gets me is that kids are not judgemental by nature. They most likely learned it by overhearing their parents (or other children who learned it from their parents) talk about someone like that. It makes me angry. It's the parents of the mean children that should be ashamed!!

    3921 days ago
    That terrible when kids have to be soo mean!!! I too remember boys at school picking on me and making fun of me but it was because I was chunky and for whatever other reasons they felt the need I guess!! I don't remember alot of it now but I did stand up for myself eventually especially in middle school and I always took care of my 2 younger brothers you don't mess with my family or you have to deal with me!!! I hope things will get better for YOU and your SON I know there will always be mean people and there is nothing you can do about it but be strong and don't let those stupid people get the best of you!
    I feel the same about being the FAT mom I don't have a high selfesteem especially when around a lot of women I don't know I don't just run up and talk to people especially if they are twigs I just don't its hard for me and so I hope I am changing my life to make it better along with my childrens!!!

    Don't get down on yourself just fight back and do your best you are a wonderful person!!!! Stay strong for you and your kids! emoticon emoticon
    3922 days ago
    I'm so sorry that you have to feel this guilt over you, I'm not a Mom but I can only imagine how hard you are being on yourself. WE are here for you in support as always! emoticon
    3923 days ago
    That just breaks my heart, the things kids hold in, and the things children say. I have a son in the 2nd grade as well, I worry all the time, not that he will do well in his grades, but that he is not a bully, and that he is polite and a good friend and doesn't join in in cruel behaviour.

    Good for you for using this as a stepping stone to a healthy life with your son!!!
    3923 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2613890
    Oh my Goodness.....I"m so sorry to hear that. Please keep your head up and know that you are on the right track because you are motivated to get yourself healthy. I wish I had some kind of advice to give you but I don't so instead I'll give you emoticon
    3923 days ago
    People can be so mean!! Good for you for being motivated by this.
    3923 days ago
    Good for you!! It is sad that kids are so cruel. I guess some things never change, because it was like that when i was a child too. You can do it! emoticon
    3923 days ago
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