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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sorry I'm usually looking downwards. The camera is perched quite high up. I should probably smile more but I haven't been feeling too good lately. Thanks for watching, I appreciate your support guys. I hope I can get the energy to change things before it all gets worse. In the summer I was losing weight. Now it's coming back, and then some. I'm glad I'm doing this though—the decision to return here. You're all an inspiration.
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    Im in the exact same position as you...ive started uni in london...and it is so difficult juggling weightloss and uni!...im so behind in work, and i get extrememly tired...but its going better for me now...and you can do it..just manage your time right, and try and spend time with family and friends too so that they can keep you spirits up! it may look impossible to do all these things..but its not, once you start. keep going :) emoticon
    3766 days ago
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll admit that there's a second reason I have the cam high up. It's more flattering that way. I do have a lot of chin fat which is quite well hidden in this. I wish I wasn't so insecure but sometimes I try to hide it on autopilot. I'm probably nearly at 230lb again, but I'll find out when I get a chance to weigh myself. I'm not exactly the heaviest person on SparkPeople but I sure as hell don't feel good about myself. Yeah, I should probably look up more, I know, lol. Thanks HARPER369, I'll do everything I can to persist! Natural supplements might be a good idea too.

    REELCHANGE, looking at your profile, you've made some amazing progress. Definitely a big inspiration! Yeah, I agree with what you're saying. I usually try to be more positive although honestly, I'm not very positive person lately. To most people though, I do try to put on a smile and say everything's okay. I posted this video on a particularly bad day, so I'm sure the next one will be a little more positive! Diet-wise I've had a great day and hope to continue this. My biggest setback with regard to diet is affordability. Fresh meat is so expensive, yet I'm making my diet rather protein-based. It's very healthy but I should watch what I spend. Thanks again.

    ORDINARYNME, yeah, I know what you're saying there. It's a downward spiral. One bad thing can lead to a chain reaction unless you're willing to put up a pretty strong fight. Thanks for the nice words. I agree, from past (fairly limited though) experience using SparkPeople it was a huge help. I'm also reading The Spark again--a book I had previously procrastinated on! Thanks for the compliment too. I'll make an assumption (I could be wrong!) that you're American? (Can't seem to find the location of most SparkPeople members.) A lot of Americans seem to like my accent but I don't know why. Haha. emoticon
    3783 days ago
    Hey you!! I'm digging the accent ;)
    Don't fret - We can all understand what you are feeling, and what you are going through! This whole thing is a daily battle.. and sometimes one bad choice leads to another. Before you know it, ya feel like crap, and you think, whats the point? BUT... I guess you decided to come back here and give it another go. Sparkpeople really works... it's made the difference in my life, and it continues to do so. Don't give up on yourself, and don't get down on yourself. You are one step away from making it a better day than yesterday... so stand up, brush yourself off and do this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    3784 days ago
    I've been where you are. Be proud you're addressing things because when I was in school, i didnt even try to improve myself and I paid for it. It's really tough to be healthy with all that work. A major challenge. The first thing I would say is work on your mental health. You look exhausted and you sound like you're expecting to fail. I only say that because I used to sound the same way. Try to be upbeat, positive and confident in your goals even if it feels like you're faking. I promise you it will help. Second I would forget all but the most leisurely "for pleasure" exercise (taking a walk or a bike ride). Forget the gym and work on your nutrition. If you get rid of all that dining hall food, cut down on processed carbs and get more lean proteins, veggies and healthy fats in you, you'll have more energy, you'll be happier, you'll be able to regulate your sleep and you'll get better marks in class. 100% Guaranteed. Eventually you can start adding in some fitness when your feeling better and your schedule feels stable. I wish you luck and remember: everything follows food.
    3784 days ago
    it was great to see you, next time look up, you have nice eyes, they go well with your face, lol ok watching too much comedy, have a great one!
    3785 days ago
    you do not appear as if you need to lose, lol, is it all in your legs, lol. get that application filled out! you will not believe how much energy working out gives you , getting in your cardio to start, than working muscles is the best way to up your metabolism and gives you so much energy, I use to be a couch potato, in bed early sleeping late, never went out because I was just so tired, NOW!! I have to take a natural supplement (melatonin) to help me sleep because i have too much energy, lol, you may not have the energy o go but remember going will give you the energy you need, if you keep at it it will foster into every element of your life. you can do it!!!!!
    3785 days ago
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