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Walking your pets is well worth the cost of a leash

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three years ago I started walking my dogs and in the evening just about dust my cat likes to go walking too. The first time I realized that she was walking with us she got really tired about half way back home and since she is a black cat it's hard to see her. I stopped and started looking for her, I could hear her but I didn't find her and she found her way home a couple of hours later and now she is in better shape and she still walks with us but only at night.

Several times through the years I have taken up walking but do to family needs I found less and less time to walk. About six years ago I was diagnose with P.A.D. after complaining of the growing pain in my legs. I read up on it and what scared me most was that sometimes the pain gets so great that some people end up having their leg or legs amputated. Although my health isn't what it should be I hated the thought of losing the use of my legs. I also hated to get out and walk because I was ashamed of my being so large. Then I was blessed to two little Chihuahuas both males from the same litter. On our walks I kept seeing this little female Chihuahuas and she was so cute and without a tail and so very friendly. She wondered all over town and then I found out that someone had dumped her a few months earlier and the lady that took her in wanted to find a home for her. At that time I didn't think I could handle three Chihuahuas, but winter came and on the coldest day she was out and freezing. I knocked on the ladies door and told her if she would catch her I would take her home. There is not a day goes by that I was sorry for taking her in. The boys have their little shirts and she has her little dress.

I started out walking my little dogs 1 block and back home and I was nearly out of breath. I kept this up until I was able to walk two blocks and back home. At this time they were still puppies and two blocks seems like a long way for them and for me it was like a mile but I loved being out getting fresh air and it didn't seem to matter how much pain I was in. Then one day after I was walking much farther and was hoping that I was walking a mile and said as much to a friend and she laughed and said that I probably wasn't even walking half a mile. That hurt. I got in my car and drove the whole route that I was walking and to my surprise I was walking 3 miles and I was doing this 3 times a day.

I was hoping that someday I would be able to jog this distance and enter a 5k walk/run. As it looks now I know that I will never reach that goal due to the pain that I suffer but I can still walk, not as far but I can still walk even if I'm walking slower than I was before and with each step pain shoots through me. My little dogs keep me going and helps me forget the pain.

On many of my walks I see dogs penned up or chained up and their owners never take them for walks because it is too much trouble or they don't want to be bothered with them. I read somewhere that if your pet is over weight than you are not getting enough exercise. Take your pets for that well needed walk even if it slows you down a little bit and you will find that it is well worth it and before you know it they will be waking faster and farther than you.

Now what has this to do with weight loss? With SparkPeople help I've learned to track my meals and track my steps and add strength training and many other things, but it all started with house training my dogs by taking them for walks. As it turned out my pets trained meand will not take no for an answer, also to date I have lost 60 lbs.
Be Blessed
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