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I am a dog walker.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have three Chihuahuas and for the last three years I have been walking my little babies. They love walking and I love getting out of the house and enjoy walking as well. Each morning little Benjamin wakes me to go for our walk. I get up and get dressed and head for the door and pick up their leashes and all three come running. Michael pushes Benjamin out the of the to be first and Benjamin cuts around Michael to be first and little Bessie just wants to go. After I attach the leashes to their collars they get even more excited. I grab my key and then my cane and open the door. They run out the door and off the porch and go for the tree. Then we turn to the road, and little Benjamin will walk on his hind legs till we get to the road and off we go. They leave their sent on every sign post, tree, or blade of grass that is close to the road, but never had I allowed them into anyone yard or on their plants. We walk on the city property at all times.
By the way I live in a small town in Southern Oklahoma, population about 800 so there are no law about picking up your dogs poop and discarding it, but we do have a leash law. So if your dog runs free you get a fine, and if enough complains come in then the dogs will be picked up and you have to pay a fine plus the boarding of your dog.
You are probably wondering why I am telling you all this. Well a couple of months ago I got bit by our mayor’s dog, but when I called the dogcatcher my calls were never returned. Why you ask. Well no one wants to pick up the mayor’s dog for fear of losing his or her job. The other night while I was walking the mayor’s dog came charging at me so I used my cane to stop the dog (you don’t have to hit the dog to ward him off) but the mayor saw me fighting off her dog and came screaming out to me using the most foul language I have ever heard coming from a woman. She would put a sailor to shame. She grabbed my arm and I thought she was going to hit me so I raised my cane to block any blows from her. I tried several times to walk away and she used her dog to keep me from going on my way. Finally she turned and went back to her house, the moment she turned around her dog snapped at me, and this is the first time that I ever had to hit a dog and I blame the owner of the dog. Our mayor then went to the police and filed charges on me. Our police chief suggested that I put my dogs into my car and go to a track at the school to walk my dogs. Talk about inconvenient on my part and the waste of gas to do what I have been doing for the past three years just because our Mayor does not obey the law and lets her dogs run where they may. Should a Mayor of any town or city be above the law and should they get away with treating innocent people this way, not to mention filing a false report? I have not been out walking since this all happened.
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    I'm back. Hopefully to stay. On November 3, 1913, I had my first heart attack, was taken to Baylor Hospital, was diagnosed with having cancer. They did brain surgery and released after three weeks. The struggled had just begun, out of breath most of the time. I became weaker, had already lost nearly 80 pounds and was feeling much better, my goal was to lose 100 pounds. My health wasn't getting better. Went into a state of depression, gained back 50 pounds. Started taking swim classes, my condition got worse. So on November 3, 1814, I had my second heart attack, which at point I learned I had had one the year before. I had heart surgery, releasted and then had my third attack, at this point was told it was too late to do anything. I'm angry and hurt that the medical staff could do this to me. Finally I found a doctor in Oklahoma City that helped me, after my fourth attack. So on December 5, 1916 was in surgery four and a half hours. I feel grand. Now to lose the weight I gained and reach my goal. For the past three years I have felt hopeless. I have lost the love of my life, during these past three years, but I'm not giving up.
    1578 days ago
    Thank you for your prayers. I am having difficulty in getting out and walking again. The last couple of days I have attempted to walk my dogs but I start shaking really bad and I can't breath and I end up back in my house, but I'm going to get back and I'm going to fight this if the Lord is willing I will continue walking my dogs.
    3859 days ago

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    What a horrid experience for you! I feel for you as I live in a small town, and it does matter "who you are" and "Who you know"...I was attacked by 2 small Boston Terriers in June and have not walked since, I was with my grandson and was fearful they would get him, too. They came out of their yard onto the road and latched onto my pant leg. I thank God that they did not get my skin...I finally shook them loose and we ran home! This really upset me, so I can imagine your fears and all.
    My only advice is to continue to file reports, maybe take pictures? and Pray! I have prayed for your safety and for guidance concerning your dilemma as I wrote this.
    Take Care and God is with you always,
    3859 days ago
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