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Separating, (but no Divorce...) from sodas...

Monday, October 04, 2010

At the time of this script, I have been voluntarily without a soda for 43 days, which surpasses my previous record of 40 days. This has been the longest I've ever gone without a soda since I was a child. Proudly, I announce that I am still counting the days, and there is not a major craving for the carbonated stuff. Don't misunderstand me...i could suck down a liter of cream soda, or a pineapple soda in about the time it would take you to read this! (smile) But I choose not to do so.

We are the sum of our choices. I haven't chosen to give up sodas. I am not banning sodas from my kids, or even badmouthing the soft drinks. All I'm doing is choosing to not drink any soda TODAY. And I've been doing it every day since August 22, 2010. Now to keep control of my blood sugar level, weight loss, general health status, and Spark participation.....(smile) Stay tuned....and keep charging, dear friends.
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