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My Plan for October

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Okay, so September went horribly. After having a great month in October and losing 8.2 pounds, I totally slacked off in September and gained back 3 pounds. It could have been worse, I suppose, but I just completely quit exercising and started eating all sorts of junk. I'm really not sure what what happened - it started when I had to work a couple of double shifts and was too tired and short on time to plan my meals or workout. Then it was just downhill from there.

I have been trying for more than 5 years to get below 191 and just cannot seem to get there. Right now I have just 5 pounds to lose to get to 189.8 - so my goal for October is to lose 6 pounds, which would take me to 188.8. How do I plan to do this? I'll follow my August plan, which worked really well, namely:

(1) Drink at least 80 ounces of water every day.
(2) Exercise 4 to 5 days a week and burn 500 calories per workout.
(3) Eat a minimum of 2 fruits and vegetables a day (although I get at least 5 most days).
(4) Eliminate junk food 6 out of 7 days each week.
(5) I had one "cheat day" a week where I didn't track my food - this meant sticking to my plan, but allowing one "cheat item" like dessert or a waffle for breakfast or something like that.

I am not part of any other challenges, because I tend to find that it makes me feel pressured to "perform" and then I feel rebellious and do exactly the opposite of what is expected of me. This is often my downfall - when I feel pushed too hard by other people then I do the opposite extreme of what I think people want me to do. This only hurts me, so I need to figure out how to get over this. (In fact, I think part of the reason I gained weight in the first place is because my mom kept repeatedly saying "maybe you could lose 10 or 15 pounds", so instead of watching I ate, I did the exact opposite and ate whatever I wanted.)

- What your start and Goal weight are?
SW: 194.8 pounds; GW: 188.8 pounds

- How you plan on getting there?
See above

- Are you part of any weight loss challenges?
Only the Lose 8 pounds in October team.

- Fitness Goals? Overall and for the Month
Exercise 4-5 days a week, burning 500 calories minimum per workout.

- Are you rewarding yourself?
I don't have any planned rewards. We are going to California at the end of the month to visit family, so if I meet my goal I may buy something for myself when I get there. I'm really hoping by the end of the month to be comfortably wearing some pants that are a little uncomfortable right now - that would make me enjoy the trip so much more and would be a reward in itself!!

- If you fall off, how are you going to get back on track?
I have no idea what I would do if this happened, and this is where I really need some help! As I mentioned above, I got off track in September and never regained my footing. I've got alot to think about regarding this and will have to read other members' blogs for some ideas!
One thing that helped me get started in August was making sure I visited SparkPeople alot and reading articles and blogs as much as possible. This would probably be my first thing to do if I'm having trouble.
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  • SINGER73
    If you fall off track in September, just get right back on plan at the very next meal. That is the only way to do it. There is no trick. You have to come up with a plan while you are on track so that IF you get off track you already know what to do it get back on track. If you think that you will have to work more double shifts, then already have quick meals that you can eat that are healthy or healthy snacks that you can reach for so you don't have to visit the vending machine.

    Plan, Plan, Plan. I'm telling you it works. Yes we all fall off track but we have to have a plan to get back on the wagon.

    emoticon and I'm here to help you.
    3567 days ago
    Great plan! Getting back on track is something I struggle with, as well. SP has some good resources on the subject...I'm going to try to read some of their articles this weekend while I have some time off. :)

    3568 days ago
  • KEAMOM1510
    It sounds like you have a good plan together for a successful month!! Spark is a great tool for keeping you on track. Everyone here is so encouraging.
    Good luck. I can't wait to see your progress by the end of the month.
    3568 days ago
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