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fall 5% challenge! go starfish! goals for the next 8 weeks!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i am so excited and SO READY to get my choices back on track and i am doing so with the help of the 5% community challenge. i am again a sensational starfish and i couldn't be more happy to be back to this exceptional team!


1. when i added up my 5%, i have approximately 11 pounds to lose this challenge; however, my goal has been for awhile to fall out of the obese category. i would be delighted if at the end of this challenge i am in the 'overweight' range.

2. also, i am looking to get back into my working out routine. my goal is to workout at least three times a week, half an hour each workout. i also want to strength train at least two times each week and to do a pilates or abs workout at least once a week.

3. before the end of the challenge, i want to have also read two additional books. i lost my paper that says how many books i've read since last year, but my goal was to read 25 books before my birthday. i remember writing down at least 21 books and had read at least two that i didn't write down, so if i read two more books before november 5th i will meet my reading goal for the year.

4. during the challenge i will continue to work on my budgeting. with moving and traveling, my little "safety net" is at zero. i hope to have saved $400 by the end of the challenge. that means saving $50 each week for the eight weeks.

5. i am not a very religious person, but the death of my mother-in-law combined with a few other factors has made me want to at least explore my options. i have told my husband we should go to a mass (he is catholic) and i told my stepfather i would go to church with him (he is baptist). in this eight weeks, i hope to attend those two services. if any of you have any suggestions for books, websites, etc. that aren't overly religious and might be a good resource for someone questioning religion, i would welcome the information!

6. i need to re-vamp my five year plan. way back when, i created a two year plan and actually completed quite a bit of those objectives in this first year. i want to look at where i want my life to be in five years and figure out which steps i need to take to get there.

let the challenge begin!
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  • no profile photo CD6978802
    That's exactly my problem. I seem to ruin everything for myself over the weekend. And as in your case, I too gain about 1.5-2lbs over the weekend. That demotivates me on Monday mornings :(

    The plan for next 2 weeks is to try and work out - any kind for at least 30 minutes each day on weekends and plan everything according to my calorie range.

    I need to control this if I want to ever learn to lose weight and maintain!! emoticon
    3746 days ago
    Glad to see you back with us Starfish. Wtg getting all that written down. It is good that you have a clear direction.

    I am also looking for a 'church' but currently I go to Fellowship of the Woodlands online and really enjoy their services. You can find them at http://live.woodlands.tv/
    3761 days ago
    Great plans. Step by step you can get there.
    3762 days ago
    emoticon hopefully your determination will rub off on me!!
    3762 days ago
    Great plan Ashley! I think it's wise just to visit different churches...like you said you were going to do. You can even google search the differences between what different churches believe. I am methodist, for instance and my aunt and uncle presbyterian...I searched to find out what those differences were...and there is quite a bit of info online.
    Good luck to you on the Fall challenge!! I am hoping to lose 8 lbs. over the eight weeks...I CAN DO THAT!! You can lose 11, I'm sure of it!! emoticon
    3762 days ago
  • no profile photo FINEFETTLE
    My father is catholic and my mother was raised church of christ...two VERY different perspectives in religion. I am not a religious person, but because I like to drink I'd have to lean toward the catholic side. lol!

    I would recommend the philosopher and theologian, Soren Kierkegaard, especially his book "Fear and Trembling". You should be able to find it at any Barnes and Noble type store, and it isn't very long. For Kierkegaard, Christian faith is not a matter of regurgitating church dogma. It is a matter of individual subjective passion.

    Good luck with your challenge and goals. It sounds like you are on the right track!

    3762 days ago
  • MINDY517
    That is impressive. You are doing a great job!!
    3762 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6360418
    Sounds like you have a good plan! Good luck to you! :D
    3762 days ago
  • NEWME0519
    Great job!
    3762 days ago
  • BILLB000
    I like the writer ...Anne Lamott. The book I read was 'Grace Eventually'. She has written others. She writes about her journey from being a non believer back to Christianity. She is funny, irreverent at times, sarcastic but sincere all the way through. She had a rugged life for many years but found a church home.

    I loved your blog by the way.
    3762 days ago
    Good luck in the Fall Challenge! Seems you should have no problem with such great goals! emoticon
    3763 days ago
    Wow! I don't even know what I'm having for dinner tonight!! Good for you, I should write some goals down too. I have my bucketlist does that count. ? You are so motivated , you are fun to read...it doesn't matter what church you go to, as long as you believe, god loves you no matter where you pray' my grandpa told me that' have a. wonderful day...
    3763 days ago
    3763 days ago
    Great goals. quite inspiring. Well rounded.

    emoticon emoticon
    3763 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6978802
    Wow!! This is a well thought out plan I must say!! All the best.
    I like how you have incorporated not just weight loss goals but also goals/plans from all other areas of life in your list!!

    Way to go! emoticon
    3763 days ago
  • KATHYZ10
    Wow! Once again you have inspired me! Setting goals is taking action and I applaud you for each of these. Good Luck with your goals and thank you for
    your spark that shines for the rest of us!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3763 days ago
    Wow - what a well designed plan - best of luck from a lady bug!
    3763 days ago
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