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I'm Curious and Taking a Poll

Monday, September 27, 2010

So I went grocery shopping yesterday. I went to grab some light beef hot dogs. Long ago my husband and I ate the fat-free hot dogs, but one day realized we really didn't like them. We switched to the light as a happy medium. So I'm about to grab the Oscar Mayer light beef franks, and I see the Nature's Place all natural franks, no added nitrites or nitrates. And I have a dilemma. I want the lower fat, lower calorie product, but I also want the hot dogs without the additives. What did I do? I bought a package of each.

I'm truly trying to make healthier choices, but was really stumped on which one was "healthier." Now we don't eat hot dogs all the time, but they are a great, fast, easy, meat to make up a dinner with when there's little time, little energy, or nothing else in the house. Anyway, my plan is to try to eat the natural ones and see if I even like them. If I do, maybe I'll switch and try to accommodate the added calories. If not, I'll keep eating the chemicals.

So my poll question is, which do you choose? (It doesn't have to be about hot dogs, but in general: calories/fat vs. more natural products.)

*Funny thing, once I wrote that last line, I knew which I wanted. I want the more natural product. I do not use artificial sweeteners. I measure my sugar. I do sometimes use spray butter, but I also use real butter. I prefer real food to chemically engineered food. So assuming those hot dogs actually taste good, they will probably be what I buy from now on...Unless my husband revolts for some reason.
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    first of all, thanks for commenting on my blog. i'm having little revelations -- this will definitely be a long journey and i'm still at the bottom taking baby steps to the top. As for your poll, i wondered about the same thing at the store tonight, but i was trying to decide between something fat-free and something sugar-free... i guess the right answer is to go with the taste you prefer and then adjust your calories accordingly or in your case, go with what you believe in most --that being to eat natural foods vs. foods containing chemicals.
    3956 days ago
    I think I would go with the natural, and make whatever else you have to go with the meal low fat and low calorie. I think it's ok to treat yourself to something like that if you adjust your eating for the rest of the day to allow the extra fat and calories. And the natural ones are probably lower in sodium too; I think most of the time too much sodium can be worse than eating too many calories.
    3956 days ago
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    Unfortunately I usually have to go by price but if not I would probably choose the less chemicals. My body just does not like chemicals and I try to listen to it.
    3957 days ago
    Since I have started losing weight and reading labels, I find myself leaning heavily to the organic and natural. I think it is a natural response to understanding that you are using the food to fuel your body, not just fill it. You want it to have the best possible fuel.

    So, while I strive to fuel my body and my family with healthy foods, I will not consider sacrificing my hot dogs to the cause. We rarely have them, maybe once a month, and when we do, we have the real deal, red hot dogs with the snappy skin. There is just nothing like them!

    Have a great day Heather!! You are doing a great job!!

    3957 days ago
    In this kind of situation, I try to go with the more natural option. I don't know about the hot dogs, but in the things I eat there's usually not a huge difference in calories. In those cases, it's not too hard to make room for a few extra calories and the payoff is the food tends to taste better and I know what I'm eating.
    3957 days ago
    i have the same dilemma with eggs. the free-range ones are packaged in styrofoam, but the non-free-ranges ones aren't. am i supposed to choose animal quality of life over the environment, or vice-versa?
    3957 days ago
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