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Weightloss slowed the but inches still falling off;see pics, also food, puppy and baby pics!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Friday (24th) I lost 1 lb (well day before it was down the lb and day after on the 25th it was too... just some funny reason it was just a 1/2 lb down on the actual weigh in day... LOL

Anyways 1 lb down last weigh in and the week before 1 lb then too.

I am at 23 in 2 mos. I am very pleased with that.
I feel so good and I am THRILLED by that! Eating healthy sure makes a difference!

I was at 21.25 inches lost on 9-9.
I measured again on 9-26 and I have lost 3.25 more.

1/4 inch lost off hips
1/2 inch lost of baby belly
1/2 inch off each thigh
1/4 inch off area above each knee
1/2 inch lost off each arm

So I am shrinking still! YAY! I have gone from 14 to 12 the last 2 weeks and from a Lg to a M size shirt.

I started out last Dec 09 at 20 W pants and XXL shirt
Today I have dropped down 4 sizes in pants and and 3 sizes in shirts.

I have gone from 221 down to 176 so far since I started.

I have gone from 199 to 176 since I cut out sugar and white flour 2 mos. ago.

Here are a few pics of some of my meals:
This was my chicken breast, salad, sweet potato, and fruit.

This is similiar to above but it is Tilapia broiled.

This is a breakfast I have:

This is my sister, Glenda (2 yrs older than me) and her first grandbaby..... how did that get in this blog ?? LOL Ingrid Cate Henderson is 2 mos. old here and my sister takes off work every Friday now to keep her! I am a proud Great Aunt,,, Can you tell? (smilin' big)

AND LAST GUESS WHAT I blogged recently about my goal jeans. Well I wore them to our district fair this past Saturday night and they were not tight at all!

Sorry the picture is blurry somewhat... maybe you can still see it!

Here is one taken in the mirror:

And this picture was taken today and I did pull my shirt tighter by grabbing it in the back so that you could see my lovehandles are smaller than they were!

Here is a comparison picture from 2 weeks before.. maybe you can't see the difference but the one on the left I am wearing a size 14 capris and on the right they are a 12.
The shirt is the same but I did pull the extra fabric snug so you could see the fat is disappearing.

Hope I am not wearing you guys out with progress blogs or pictures!

I am here for you guys!

Love you!

OHHHH oh I forgot my puppy picture. She is an English Bulldog and as many of you know I have raised them for years. 13 years actually!
This one is named Dolly by her new owner and she bought her at 2 wks of age. She will be going to New Jersey on 9-30 to live with her new mom, Barbara! I have sent pics of here everyday since she was 2 wks of age so Barb could see her grow up! Dolly and I played dress up one day with another English puppy of mine. NO I don't have time on my hands but I wanted to send Barb something special this day! LOL

Here is one of them together:
Yes I know they are Christmas outfits but they are still cute as can be!

Ok now I feel better sharing my puppy pics with you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I never tire of seeing such inspirational photos! You're doing so great and I can tell it's natural and fun for you, which means you've made the permanent change necessary for lifelong good health.

    I LOVE the puppy pics too! So adorable!!!
    3318 days ago
    Congrats, Sherlyn -- you're doing wonderfully! Those meals look just delicious! We've had a much better week and hope to have a good loss again. Definitely feeling better for being "back on the plan". :) You look GREAT!
    3333 days ago
    wow! 23 lbs in 2 months. that is AWESOME! its taken me like 8 months to lose 23 lbs. im so excited to start this new eating plan.

    omg. those puppies are the cutest pups ive EVER seen! lol

    :) you are lookin great!yay! emoticon
    3334 days ago
    You look absolutely great. Cute pups!
    3336 days ago
    You're really looking fantastic! I love to read about your journey and see the pictures you post so please keep posting! emoticon
    3336 days ago
    You look great!!!!! Your food looks great!!!! Way to go!!! You are so encouraging and I am so happy for you!!! Love your blogs!
    3336 days ago
    Great blog and great pics! You must be feeling wonderful with the progress, and it shows!! And I agree with the others - don't stop blogging!! Now zI want to go try on my skinny jeans!
    3337 days ago
    Wow, goal jeans, you go girl!!!! You look absolutely fabulous. To lose 23 pounds in only two months just blows me away. It's obvious that you changed your eating plan to exactly what your body needed, and wow, are you getting the body you want. And I know you spoke about love handles, but I really had to squint and put on my other pair of glasses to see what you were talking about, lol. Keep up the good work, Sherlyn. Namaste,
    Mary Ann
    3337 days ago
    I love your blogs so keep on taking photos, the red and white strip shirt is my style. Love baby and puppy photos too. Sandy
    3337 days ago
    Loved your blog, loved your pics and Im amazed at your progress!
    3337 days ago
    You look fantastic! I personally enjoy your progress blogs.
    3337 days ago
    You look GREAT!! Thanks for encouraging us all!! And you would NEVER bore me?!?! I look forward to your blogs and I'm always hoping for some more progress pic!! Beautiful niece and ADORABLE puppies!!
    3337 days ago
    What a wonderful blog full of news and updates. GIRL... YOU ARE ROCKING THIS WEIGHT THING... big time!!!!!! Every time I see your photo, I think of classic women from the 20's and 30's... such a beautiful face.

    And the foods are looking yummy. I need to look at these when I am closer to feeding time!

    And the additional baby and doggie photos... perfect!
    3337 days ago
    Lovin' watching you get slimmer. Great Job! emoticon emoticon
    3337 days ago
    Keep it up and there will be nothing left of you by Christmas! emoticon Just Kidding! You look fabulous and I'm so happy for you. You are definitely inspiring me to make better food choices. emoticon
    3337 days ago
    love the blog, LOVE the pics! You look great - ain't "shrinking" grand??!!!! Keep at it, and those inches will keep falling off! Your puppies are so adorable too! Have a sparkling day!
    3337 days ago
    Way to go! So exciting to know inches can be lost even if weight isn't it? Keep up the great work! You look fantastic!
    3337 days ago
    Ha! I love the puppies! Thanks for telling me about them! They're adorable! emoticon
    3337 days ago
    emoticon emoticon for including the pics. What an inspiring blog!!!
    3337 days ago
    I don't know how you could possibly be wearing anyone out with PROGRESS!! It's sooo motivating to know that even two weeks makes that kind of a difference. You look absolutely fabulous!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!! emoticon
    3337 days ago
    Good for you. I will be very happy with inches falling off and not the pounds. I can hardly wait until measure time.
    3337 days ago
    Keep blogging.
    3337 days ago
    3337 days ago
    LOVE your blogs-thank you. I am struggling myself with trying to cut out flour and sugar- you are an inspiration.
    3337 days ago
    Great job
    3337 days ago
    This is SUPER! You look emoticon ! No WAY! You keep on posting those photos! They are so ENCOURAGING! Makes me remember that I can do it, too! emoticon
    3337 days ago
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