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(the green girl bought a $298 olive green purse for herself...)

Monday, September 27, 2010

(the green girl took a big step this weekend.

it all started with a green pleather bag i bought at sears. it was a splurge because it was over my usual $20 limit. but i fell in love with it. unfortunately, after a few weeks, the straps started ripping from the bag and i was devastated. i returned it and was refunded my money.

my family and friends all told me i needed to spend a little more and buy a real leather purse otherwise i was going to run into this issue again.

i searched and searched for a reasonably priced green leather hobo to no avail.

the least expensive was a nordstrom's brand bag for $128.00. i couldn't begin to imagine paying that much money for a purse but after awhile, i realized all things considered, it actually was the most reasonably priced green leather bag. i took the plunge and made the purchase.

my sisters were shocked that i actually went for it. it's not a big deal for me to purchase expensive designer things for my sisters but it was the first time i did it for myself. i don't think my sisters even own a purse that cheap.

my $128 bag served me well for a few months and then the seam along the leather strap started cracking. heartbroken, i returned it to nordstroms.

i was starting to feel like i wasn't meant to have something nice afterall. i mean i'd never had these issues with my sub-$20 bags. but then my family and friends all reminded me that i needed to spend a little more for a quality item.

this weekend, i went to nordstroms and fell in love with this olive green oryany hobo. it was the most beautiful shade of green - exactly how i'd envisioned my dream bag - and the shoulder strap had a piece of leather wrapped around it so i wouldn't end up with cracked edges again. i caressed the soft leather and admired how good it looked on my shoulder. and then i looked at the price tag. $298.

and guess what, my sparkfriends? i bought it. i hesitated for about ten minutes and then i went for it. i quickly told the salesperson yes before i could change my mind.

my family was shocked and at first my boyfriend thought my sisters had put me up to it - until he saw the bag. the instant i pulled it out of the silver nordstroms shopping bad, he understood why i bought this bag.

for once in the green girl's life, she bought something really nice for herself. not for her sisters. and i didn't put it away for safekeeping, i transferred all my stuff to the bag last night and proudly brought it to work today.)
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