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Prudish people

Monday, September 27, 2010

Saw an article on www.aolnews.com today about how pole dancing has become the new fad in exercise. Not a huge surprise, honestly. I've been watching the trend for a couple years myself, because it looks like fun. I don't see anything wrong with this. I don't think it's skanky, slutty or anything dirty. From what I can tell, it's a hell of a workout. You've got to have upper body strength to do the 'flying' moves, leg strength to do the inverted moves, and have the stamina to dance!

Now, when I read an article, I usually look at the comments on it. It can provide some interesting new ways to look at the subject at hand. But, there are also more than a few morons in the comment sections, too. There's always your fair share of Obama blamers (they can find a way to blame the President for EVERYTHING, whether by name or not). You have your prudes "Shows the low morals of this society" is a direct quote from one comment on the pole dancing article, another is "Its just another sign we have dumbed down our society. Our glorification of Bad behavior, the giving fame and wealth to bad behavior and "slutty" (For lack of a better word) acts." You have your supporters "This kind of workout WILL get you in shape and it doesn't matter if you are overweight or not, as long as you have the strength in your arms and legs you can do it!!!" Then you have your people who are clueless and make you wonder if they read the article, or are just posting a comment for the attention, "I'm gonna go home and screw the dog and kick the wife". There are more than a few comments on this article talking about the low morals of society today, and that things like this are why sti's are on the rise (according to the CDC they're not), teen pregnancy is booming (it went up for the first time in over a decade in '05-'06, and hasn't risen since, it's actually DOWN from a peak in the late '80's-early '90's), and how we're all over sexualized freaks.
I am one that feels that adults should not be judged for what they do in the privacy of their own home, so long as it's legal and all involved are consenting. I'm guessing that I'm alone in this, but that's how I feel. If I feel like walking around my house buck naked when my children are home, does this mean that people who don't agree with it have the right to call CPS on me? If I choose to follow a religious path that is NOT the mainstream, does that mean people who DO follow the mainstream have the right to tell my children that their parents are going to hell, and that they're bad people? Because my hair isn't a 'natural' shade, and have tattoos all over, does that mean my intelligence and ability to be a productive member of society is compromised? These are all things that I have seen and/or heard both in real life and online from people. I know this is popular topic on the 'net, the fact that people will hide behind screen names and the anonymity of the internet to say things that they might not (or would they?) say in real life.
I'm just so frustrated by the idiocy of people. Saying that people are effectively morally bankrupt simply because they use something that was once relegated to, as the article so eloquently states it, "bachelor parties and 'gentlemen's clubs'" as their preferred exercise is ridiculous. These women are no better than prostitutes in the minds of these prudes. I don’t understand it. Just because THEY are prudes, who are terrified of their child seeing a woman wearing more clothes than their child sees at the BEACH on Sesame Street, or, Creator forbid!, women actually taking PLEASURE in their bodies, they want to push their morals and ethics on the rest of us. I don't shove mine down your throat. Please don't force yours down mine.
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    "I know there are people out there who do not love their fellow human beings, and I hate people like that!" - Tom Leher

    Every time I start wondering what the world is coming to, I remember that Socrates complained about many of the same things. At least it's no longer socially acceptable to burn people at the stake. Progress has been made.
    3361 days ago

    These are the Puritanical prudes who founded this country! The Scarlet letter! These are the same people who think that the bikini is a sin, that sex is a word that you should always spell and never do, and that if you think impure thoughts that you should go to hell!

    Gosh forbid (Can't use God's name when talking about the SEHKS) that a woman enjoy the way her body looks. It would be a sin if she were to feel good about herself. And heaven help us that the whole world would END of a woman were to be empowered by her one sexuality.

    I mean...if a woman....were to take pleasure, power and self worth from sex....i mean....that would threaten the power base! It would topple society. I mean....it would throw off the yoke of....I don't know....the older....white.....males! Think of the last 1000 years of government on this planet. Who has been in power? Who has been finding THEIR enjoyment/fullfillment/prowess through sex? If women were able to be actual PEOPLE in the bedroom? It might shift the entire dynamic of power on the planet. Can't have that.

    There is a significant movement to keep women down. Especially in the bedroom. But what chaps MY ass is that for all this "That's slutty" and "Women shouldn't BEHAVE that way..." There SURE ARE A LOT OF ED commercials out there!!!!!! Funny how I can't watch a football game without 150 commercials for Viagra or cialis, or every other male enhancement drug out there.

    If it's so "slutty" why the worry about needing to get it up? Or is it only wrong for WOMEN. Us men have a pill just in case!

    Double standards. I am still waiting for the women in this country to rise up and revolt.

    The revolution in the bedroom will not be televised!!!!
    3361 days ago
    I would love to learn to pole dance. I bet my boyfriend would love it too! I think that people on both sides take things to far. Really and truely, people need to just stop judging. Be Blessed, Dawn
    3361 days ago
    You are FAR from alone there, but the mainstream media would rather not talk about those of us who actually BELIEVE in things like freedom and individual rights. *headdesk* Drives me crazy too.
    3362 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    emoticon emoticon
    3362 days ago
    pole dancing go for it every little bit helps don't talk about it.... do it.. emoticon
    3362 days ago
    Well said! :-)
    3362 days ago
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