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Scale crossed back over 200 lbs today!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It said 204lbs!!...but don't worry, it wasn't just me! I was holding my hybrid bike so I could see how much it weighs. :D
Had you going there a minute, now didn't I! Turns out that sweet puppy of mine weighs almost 40lbs!

So why exactly was I weighing my bike you ask? Well you see, today as I was riding back from class I was forced to hop a curb when a truck got a bit too close and in doing so I popped my front tire. A bit annoying but I'm rather used to it, it's part of the cycling commuter's life. The lucky part? It happened right in front of my favorite coffee shop. So in I go to get a cup of Joe and charge me up to change a tire and when I went back out, the rear tire had gone flat, too! :0 Now I was in a bind since my little bike emergency bag only holds one spare tube...and I was miles and miles from home.

The next fortunate thing to happen came in the form of a city bus which, it turns out, went very close to my bike shop, Full Moon Vista on St. Paul Street. How fortuitous! But it dropped me off with well over 6 city blocks to go to reach the shop. I was worried rolling it might damage the frames so even though I had a backpack loaded with music books and supplies, without thinking I lifted it up and began to carry my bike.

Now I've done this up and down my stairs and at various times, but today I could feel it's weight, I know it's not a light bike. Yet I didn't have a second thought as to whether or not I could do it. I knew I could. It wasn't something I'd go out of my way for, but it also wasn't any real hassle. And it just seemed like common sense, wouldn't anybody carry their bike in this situation? So here I am, taking for granted something which I wouldn't be able to do a few years ago, and which I often forget is actually pretty darn remarkable. You see, I still have these moments of marvel, these times when I find myself doing something, taking some action to which I've hardly even give a second thought, until something or someone makes me realize that what I am doing almost effortlessly, and without thought, is not only something a lot of people couldn't do, it's something I couldn't do just a very short time ago.

Here I was, with a full backpack of 20+ pounds strapped on my shoulders, and with one arm, ONE ARM, holding my bike just below it's seat and striding along the city streets faster than most unencumbered pedestrians. I was actually feeling a bit annoyed having to wait for the sluggish people to get out of my way! Silly me. :) And none of this phased me-- even though today I was exhausted, my body was aching and I was having my period. Bascically feeling like something the cat dragged in, striding down city sidewalks and it turns out I was hauling somewhere between 50-60lbs. Down 6 city blocks. Me, the lady who 3 years ago had to hide how much it hurt to carry something up 1 flight of stairs or haul my groceries across half a small parking lot!

So all this hit me when I hear some smart-aleck guy behind me, sounding slightly tipsy for 3pm in the afternoon, thank you very much, yodel out, "Hey baby, hahaa, whatcha doin' CARRYING that thing? Doncha KNow u Supp'sd to RIDE it! haahaa."
So I turned to look at him full on (in all my yellow and blue riding gear glory, might I add, which even I think makes me look like some brighly clad superhero:) and after he brushed the gravel off his lower jaw and chin, he blushed a little, cleared his throat and stammered an apology. To which I smiled and replied, "I got two flats jumping a curb to avoid being hit by a truck, so I've got to go fix it."
To emphasize this, with my one arm, I lifted the whole bike high enough so the wheels were at shoulder level and nodded toward the flats. As I lowered it back nearer my waist, I made sure to do so at an angle where he'd get just a glimpse of my cleavage in the zip-down shirt -- cause I'm evil and it was fun-- and after his eyes went back in his skull and he again retrieved his chin from the pavement, he said in a voice full of admiration and respect, "Well ma'am, you're certainly in the shape to do it!"

And did I mention today was not one of my good days? I was feeling pretty weak and frazzled, and yet on my BAD days, I can do stuff like this. WOW! Actions I take for granted now, on my low energy days are things I'd have had to all out kill myself for to even attempt, and probably not succeed, at only a couple years ago. What a different 150lbs and a healthy body makes! Oh, and loving myself and taking care of myself, meaning resting when I should. Like now. Cause I'm still really under the weather. So I"m gonna go be a good little girl and put myself to bed early, so I can keep this body going strong! And I hope you do, too! You are worth it and you will get there. Just don't ever give up! :)

As always, thanks for reading me. You help keep me strong cause I know I'm not alone. And I'd love to hear your stories of things you now take for granted (or want to and will soon) and things you enjoy now because you loved yourself enough to make your life healthy. :) Put 'em in those comments and we'll revel in them together!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just cleaned out the back yard from the 'not quite moved out' housemate- got about 14 cubic feet of crap hauled out to the curb. About 1000 pounds of trash out- and lots more just moved around to clean.
    Sweaty, and happy.
    Not sore.
    For the lady who couldn't walk 1 block with out crying myself to sleep 3 years ago.
    Yum. 140 pounds off and a new hip in. Hooray!
    Great blog!
    3885 days ago
    You got me with the title! I said Oh No! But didn't I just see her???

    Great story. Wish I could have seen the jaw drop!
    3886 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8005065
    I loved this blog. It made me laugh and at 5 am that is not an easy thing to do. emoticon
    3886 days ago
  • BLUESKY104
    Great blog Cassandra -- how emoticon how far you have come -- and yes you did get me with the title emoticon

    3887 days ago
    There are an awful lot of casual lifts in every day life that I often don't even think about now, whether it's a heavy bag of produce, luggage, a mattress, or going upstairs with the vacuum cleaner.

    As for the future, I still have to think, and work, to do a pull-up motion. That's on my list of things to make almost effortless. Sooner or later I'll get there!

    Thanks for the reminder, since I'm biking more now I really should be a seat bag, extra tube, CO2 inflator, and tire wrenches. I bunny hop my bike and such all the time and am probably just lucky that I haven't had any flats yet.

    3887 days ago
    Great story!

    Hey, I'm FINALLY learning to deal with flats! Had a crash course from another member of our bike club.

    Looking forward to tackling my first century this Saturday and another 75 miles Sunday...MS fund-raiser in NJ...crossing my fingers I'm up for the challenge!

    3887 days ago
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