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Something I've Learned

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Over the past 5 years I have managed to put on about 45 pounds. I have no other reason other than I stopped exercising and eating right. Every night I came home from work and instead of working out I had an excuse not to such as, there's not enough time, I'm too busy, I've made other plans. An excuse is exactly what it was, it takes nothing to take 10 or 20 minutes out of your day to add some exercise.

I can't believe how lazy I allowed myself to become, especially since my husband is probably the most active man I know. I have learned just in these last few weeks that it feels good to take time in the day to work on me I can't begin to explain how good I feel once I am done with my workout. I will be the first to admit that working out when I get home from work is not the first thing on my list of things I want to do but I am certainly not making ANY excuses for myself anymore and it feels great! emoticon
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