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Run at Work 5k Race

Friday, September 17, 2010

I finished another 5k race today! It was the Run at Work race at the capitol in St. Paul.

What a great course..... although I had to say, "C'mon" because they started us out on a hill. The race course was hilly but also had a lot of flat areas too. It was a good mix!

I signed up for this race with my running group. We had 10 women signed up (the men in our running group were too chicken.....LOL). I stayed with my friend the whole time because she had her watch to track our time. At mile 1 we were at 9:15 and then at mile 2 we were at 18 minutes. Not sure what mile 3 was because I stopped asking. I felt pretty good and didn't even have any troubles on the hills. The only thing that caused me a little trouble was my wheezing from this cold I have. UGH.... I hate colds!

But I finished the race with a 1/3 mile sprint and came in strong! I had a personal record breaking time of 29:31! I shaved 1:08 minutes off my time from my last 5k!!!!

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I feel awesome and very proud of myself.... and have this great runner's high going on right now! My running group ranged in times from 24:50 to 32:00. We had 2 ladies where it was their first race. All in all everyone did awesome!!! And now we get to prepare for our next race........

Have a great Friday everyone!!!
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