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Pics of me in my old "FAT" clothes and a progress blog too

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I got this idea from our wonderful "TEENYBIKINI" here on spark! I just love her! WHO doesn't? LOL

She had pics of herself in her biggest clothes... and I was blown away... my pics are not quite as dramatic as hers... but show the some weightloss nonetheless!

Sorry the last one was a little blurry.

I tried on some goal jeans. They are some Levis I bought back a couple of years ago... just dreamin' I guess! I had lost from 213 back then down to 195 and owned a pair of these in a bigger size so I thought buying a smaller pairwould help me stay motivated to get in them....
WELL I never got in them even remotely.... instead I went back up to 213 and on to 221.

( I had lost the weight back then using a diet pill under a dr's care). He had me eating 2 meals a day only. I lost allot of muscle tone and walked around with my heart racing all the time. OHHH THE THINGS WE DO TO BE SKINNY! CRAZY!

These jeans are too snug to wear just yet.... Size 14 L but my other 14's in other brands are all big on me.. so... fit more like a 12 .....
Here I am in them today.

They give me a muffin top somewhat and make a few more rolls show up in my shirt... but that is fat I still need to lose .....

I definitely have some work to do on those arms! I will do whatever it takes.
NATKITA had a great blog about lifting weights and why we should do that.
Go check it out:

and last here are 20's underneath these goal jeans that are 14's

My measurements:

8/29 9/9
Hips 44 43.5 (-.50)
Waist 33 32.75 (-.25)
Belly Button 38.5 37.5 (-1)
Bra band 34 33.25 (-.75)
L. Th 25 24.75 (-.25)
R Th 25 24.75 (-.25)
L. Arm 12.75 12.75 --
R. Arm 12.75 12.75 --
Neck 14.25 13.75 (-.50)
Above L knee 18.5 17.75 (-.75)
Above R. knee 18.75 18.25 (-.50)

________________ Total is minus 4.75 inches in 11 days

TOTAL inches lost since I gave up sugar/processed junk and white flour on 7-24-10 so 5 wks ago as of 8-29 is: -21.25 inches.

TOTAL lbs lost since I gave up sugar/processed foods and white flour is: -21


Since December 09 when I first took measurements
I have lost the following:

Total of –34.75 inches
MY BMI was 34.7 at 221 lbs
NOW it is 27.9 at 178

Total loss of lbs is -43 since Christmas 09. I weigh in this Friday so will see what happens then!



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