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I'm losing it !!!!!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

This could go so many different directions! Not sure which path to choose today. I could say I feel like I'm losing my mind. But today, that seems pretty well intact. I could say I'm losing my confidence in myself. That seems to be OK too. I could say I'm losing my singing voice, but I never had that to begin with. I could say I'm losing my best friend, but I know she's there (I had to say that cause she's probably reading this LOL). No really, I'm losing my, you know, my.......well I'll just say it my butt! Not sure where I put it, but I never intend to go looking either. It just started slowly disappearing. It took me by surprise. Crept upon me sometime during the night. I woke up one morning and realized I had misplaced it. All joking aside, this is a journey I'm not finished with yet. Its a day by day process. I still have a way to go, but I will do this. By the way, my husband was looking for my butt too. But I think he is content with the new one!
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