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Loving the Progress, but What Now? - Week 21

Monday, September 06, 2010

First of all, here's my weigh-in update from yesterday. (The 10k blog was too important! *lol*)
Weigh-in Day (Yesterday)

Starting Weight: 466.6
SP SW: 416.2
Last Week: 358.4
This Week: 356.2
Loss/Gain: -2.2
SP Total Loss: 60 pounds!
Total Loss: 110.4

Quote of the Day:
“Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”

All yesterday, I kept thinking one thing... "Okay...now what?"

When I started SP on April 18, 2010 I:
* could hardly walk a mile.
* took 45 minutes or so to walk 1 mile around the track.
* used my inStride cycle for 10 minutes when I got home from work a few times a week.
* worked out just 3 days a week, from 15-30 minutes.
* just measured and counted food we were eating regularly.
* switched from white bread to wheat bread.
* used my lunch breaks to walk around the ball park.
* started drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Since then I have progressed to:
* using whole wheat, whole grain bread.
* started cooking fresh meals at home on the weekends for the week.
* discovered at least a dozen new healthy recipes my family enjoys.
* started branching out to cooking without a recipe.
* learned to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables more.
* cut my fat intake to more reasonable levels.
* joined the gym.
* working out 5 days a week.
* using my rest days as active rest days, doing some small exercise.
* started Zumba classes.
* found out I can ride a bike again and gave up the inStride cycle.
* went hiking and loved and hated it, loved more than hated.
* walking 2-3 miles on my slow days, and 5-6 on LWD (long walk days).
* walking a comfortable 20 minute mile.
* walked a 5k race at a little over an 18 minute/mile pace.
* walked a 10k race with my son.
* conquered rock walls and huge hills.
* went from not able to finish 2000m on the rowing machine to finishing in 12.20.
* boxing regularly and now can work the speed bag.
* strength training 3 times a week.
* completing 100 crunches in a session.
* working out for 45-120 minutes in a session.
* completed a 30 second plank (couldn't do a plank at all before).

So, what now? What's next for my big life makeover? I do have plenty of options of things I can try, things I've been interested in...I just have to figure out what I want to tackle next. From the traditional to the strange forms of exercise I can use and challenge myself for the next few weeks. If you have other ideas, lay them on me! I need something to work toward for improvement! These exercise-related NSV keep me going and keep me from focusing on the numbers on the scale! They also keep me from getting bored.

* half-marathon walk training.
* 30-Day Shred.
* try Couch 2 5k again. (Need $$ to buy running shoes.)
* challenge speed on the speed bag.
* improve my boxing techniques and really use boxing as training.
* really tackle the rowing machine and tackle more programs on the machine.
* tackle the elliptical training programs on the machine.
* work toward a comfortable 15 minute/mile pace walking.
* work on the house - super-clean, super-organized, fixed and mended everything.
* take up racquetball.
* train on the free weights for more diverse strength training.
* Yoga! More moves, super flexibility.
* Pilates. I've never done anything like this...*shrug*
* start biking outside. (Need $$ to buy a bike first, though.)

Yesterday I tried C25k again. It went well for the first 10 minutes, my knee felt pretty good the whole time and I didn't die during the first 2 running segments. And then the 3rd running segment came and I pulled something in my left hip (I think it was my hip flexor muscle...I've pulled it before). I did a lot of stretching last night and felt much better this morning. I'm not sure if it's the way I run (my stance) or if I'm just still too big to do this. I might try again next week. Even if I just take it one day a week and keep working W1D1 until I can make it through it fully. I don't care if I have to take it slow as long as I'm seeing progress.

* AB: TIKI challenge has ended (have to post my endplate today and some pics), but we have the WTF (What the Fall?) challenge coming up in a couple weeks.
* Team 300 lbs. Plus: I'm still co-captaining the Biggest Loser End of Summer Challenge. This challenge ends September 14th.
* Self challenge: I'm still working on Battle 2, to get to 355. I'm SO close, and then the final push of Battle 3 will begin, to get under 350.

I'm frustrated and lost right now. *lol* That sounds completely absurd, but it's completely honest. If anyone has suggestions or input, let me know! Until I figure it out, I'm just going to spend the day trying to figure out my next move.

I know I still have some races coming up:
* October 2nd - Barkcamp 5-mile trail challenge. No planned goal for this one and not sure I'll do it. I'm not really all that scared of 5 miles anymore, but I think the trail part could be interesting.
* October 10th - Dayton 5k. This is all about family time. I'll be walking with my mom, step-brother, son, and sister.
* October 16th - Auggies 5k. My challenge to myself is to either run part of this one or improve my race walking pace. I'd like to do it under 50 minutes.

Okay...that's it for today. Just trying to plan my next move. Does anyone else freak out like this after completing something you trained for weeks for? Please tell me I'm not alone in this!! *lol*
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    On the topic of buying a bike, you should look to see if there's a bicycle recycling co-op in your city. I'm told that many cities have them.

    The way the one in my city works, basically, they have a location where they take in donations of bikes and parts and they also keep a large number of tools (including very specialized bike tools) available. They offer classes to teach people how to repair and maintain bikes, which you can pay for either by paying cash or putting in volunteer time. There's also a program through which you pick out one of the donated bikes that's available, repair it into good working order, do some volunteer time to cover the cost (or optionally pay cash), and then it's yours to keep.

    They also (as time permits) have some of their volunteers do things like fix up bikes to either be donated to community organizations (mainly children's bikes) or made available for sale to the public.

    By volunteering, I've taken an entire 6 class series on basic bicycle maintenance skills without having to pay any cash for it at all.

    Another short term option would be to look into what bike rental opportunities are available in your area. There's a place not too far from me, for example, where I've rented a bike a few times for about $5 an hour. That's obviously not a very economical option if you're going to be riding a lot, but it can be a very good way to get outside occasionally for a change of pace or just get a taste of whether you like riding outside enough for it to be worth pursuing owning a bike yourself.
    3894 days ago
    Wow, you can do a plank for 30 seconds? I can't do it at all any more! When I lost 60 lbs in 2006 (from 300 to 240), I managed to get to it around 260 lbs, but I can't do it any more. I stopped exercising and lost all my arm strength and my hips are just so big.. So anyhow.. impressed by that!

    I would suggest Yoga for better flexibility and stretching after intense walking/jogging and better core strength and then adding some other core muscle exercises such as Pilates, but Pilates is really tricky.. and there are other core exercises that are not as difficult. And keep up regular walking short and long walks. OMG you walk 5-6 miles some days? 2-3 miles is a SHORT walk? You blow my mind!

    3897 days ago
    You sound like me, I want to try everything! In the last year I took up pilates, 30 Day Shred, yoga, and biking. Love them all. Pilates is great for flexibility and core strength. Biking is so much fun. Great to connect with the community and feel FREE! Just like being a kid again!
    3897 days ago
    Yes. I freak out. Usually it's after any obstacle I have overcome (like making it through the wedding weekend without a major binge or freakout...) that I feel lost and unmotivated. My advice is to seek out something new to focus on while also looking at what is it within you that gives you this sense of being lost or dissatisfied. For me, I think it's that I put so much energy and thought into whatever it is I'm gearing up for, that once it's over I feel the let-down. Then I also fear that without that thing, I'll be totally off track and go back to where I was before. Keep thinking and talking...it's the best thing you can do for you!
    3897 days ago
    Look at all those wonderful changes...
    It's great that you are able to look past the scale to all the other awesome things that you have gained from your journey...how fabulous!
    3898 days ago
    oh my goodness! I LOVE this blog... I love that you have listed all sorts of amazing changes. I totally relate to feeling bored or uninspired, even after achieving success. What about some outdoorsy challenges like a longer hike or something? I dunno. Maybe it`s `cause I really like wilderness, but I find a different sort of satisfaction if I train for a hike or go out biking in the country or something. Maybe that`s something to work towards? BUT... you are doing fantastically!
    3898 days ago
    "As you set out for Ithaka
    hope the voyage is a long one,
    full of adventure, full of discovery."
    C.P. Cavafy

    We were taught this poem in high school. The whole poem is about how the journey is much more important than the destination. What we learn along the way, about ourselves and about life is what matters most. It's only natural that you're feeling lost and frustrated. We all get that "now what?" feeling from time to time. Give yourself some time to think about what you would like and enjoy doing next.

    I am hoping to start the c25k next week, too. If I see that I can't complete the first day I'll keep doing it until I see that I can.

    You should be so proud of all the progress you have made so far. You are a true inspiration and a real motivator for the rest of us.

    Thank you xxx
    3898 days ago
    Hey Esther! Amazing job - look how far you've come. I'd say focus on the C25K since you just really want to run so much - BUT, tone it down from jogging during the intervals to speed walking at a 15min/mile pace and work yourself up to that. You can stick with the shoes that you have for walking (as long as they're not worn out). I'm running the C25K program right now and even with running and walking intervals combined I'm only doing 15min/mile, so if you can walk that that's impressive!

    Otherwise - I I know you probably don't want to hear this - I would just set it as your goal to just "exist" for a while at your new weight - see how it feels, do what you FEEL like doing for exercise, and something with come to you. I'm not saying to stop losing weight - you won't anyway, but just relax a bit on the challenges. Goals and challenges and teams are wonderful (and necessary for sure sometimes), but ultimately, being able to just live without having to be striving towards anything in particular is also a big goal of this program (for me anyway). Take it or leave it - but it might be an option for you to just ENJOY fall and see what comes up. I'm sure you will amaze yourself - you amaze me :)
    3898 days ago
  • JKJEE10
    Congrats on your loss so far!! amazing!! I did want to say about the 30 day shred...I actually started it a couple of weeks ago with the goal of making it all 30 days... I got to day 15 and I decided to stop..not because it was hard...although it was lol...But I stopped because one of my goals at this moment is to lose the weight and then focus on building muscle. When I looked the Shred up I noticed that alot of people only lost about 5 lbs during the month. I didn't want to do all of that work to lose only 5 lbs...now I did notice some differences after the 15 days... I lost 2 in around my waist and a few others in other places...and my bulge went down...BUT... I was teetering around the same number for a few weeks and the scale would just not move. It was not motivating at all because I knew I was working hard but the scale was not moving. And I know there are other ways of changing...but for me I wanted to get rid of some more weight before anything else. So for now I am continuing to exercise...trying to every day but I will restart the shred once I hit onderland. I hope you find something that you love!! I just wanted to give you my input on the Shred!! GL!
    3898 days ago
    you are sooo not alone!!! as crazy as it seems as soon as I've finished conquering one goal....it seems I have a new one planned instantaneously.....always keeps me moving forward with a challange for sure....You have some amazing options!!! and wow what energy!!!! I am jogging...or wogging my first 5k next weekend...and then what? i am not sure yet...but I am sure I will have it planned by Sunday! LOL....have a great week!! and what great accomplishements you've had thus far! keep up the great work!!

    3898 days ago
    Congratulations on your 100+ pounds weight loss. That is an incredible achievement. You really impress me with the variety of physical activities that you are involved in. I've shied away from classes, because I'm embarrassed about my size. But now that I've lost a few pounds and am feeling a bit more confident, I will look into some of these classes. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the good work, you are doing amazing.

    3898 days ago
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