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My 1st Tattoo!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Today I got my 1st tattoo....my friends brother does them so I got a really good deal. I didnt think I was gonna go through with it but I did! Im pretty impressed with myself. For those that dont know me...I HATE NEEDLES! LOL I would rather push out a baby than to get an IV put in :) This kinda made me think (during the 2 hours of pure torture) if I can do this I can do anything! I kept thinking positive thoughts...and trying to use my mind to tune out the pain. If I can tune out that pain I can surely push myself to work out and get my body to transform into what I know it can. Maybe not tomorrow but maybe by tuesday or thursday I will be feeling better (im kinda stiff from the tattoo starting to heal) and Im gonna do this. Im going to log into spark everyday and actually use it the way it was intended. I miss you spark friends! Besides I have to get into shape so I dont feel uncomfortable showing off my tattoo next summer in my tanks! lol Im gonna start back with baby steps...Jillian here I come!

I got McKenna and Madisons actual footprints the day they were born and Colins hand print from today (he will be 4 months tomorrow). The colors represent their birthstones :)

...Its still kinda bloody but Ill post again once its healed :)
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