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Progress blog, pics new hair do, BD's, food,& sunsets! OH! & puppies!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Here is my new hair do.. I got yesterday... I had her do some blond with some light browns to have some contrast... AND COVER the GRAY! LOL

I like it but husband says it looks like a skunk LOL he always says something off the wall when I get my hair color changed... I just ignore him... and laugh it off! After all it is MY HAIR~!

OK PROGRESS BLOG for 9 days (normally I wouldn't do one so soon but I am pretty happy with 9 day progress!)
from 8-20 to 8-29
Here are inches lost:
My measurements:

8/20 8/29
Hips 45 44 (-1)
Waist 35 33 (-2)
Belly Button 39 38.5 (-.50)
Bra band 35 34 (-1)
L. Th 25.5 25 (-.50)
R Th 25.5 25 (-.50)
L. Arm 13.25 12.75 (-.50)
R. Arm 13 12.75 (-.25)
Neck 14.75 14.25 (-.50)
Above L knee 19 18.5 (-.50)
Above R. knee 19 18.75 (-.25)

________________ Total is minus 7.5 inches in 9 days

TOTAL inches lost since I gave up sugar/processed junk and white flour on 7-24-10 so 5 wks ago as of 8-29 is: -16.5 inches.

I also dropped 5 more lbs so:

TOTAL lbs lost since I gave up sugar/processed foods and white flour is: -19 lbs


Since December 09 when I first took measurements
I have lost the following:

Total of -35 inches

Total loss of lbs is -41.

MY GRANDDAUGHTER turned the BIG 2 in August..
Here are a few of her...

She is so into lip gloss right now... first she started liking it and would kiss you to get some on her lips... then she got her first little pack for kiddies from her momma:

I gave her some sunkist lip balm in this picture and she is very happy!

She did a little 'jig' coz she was happy:

Here she is with her baby stroller and her 'baby" check out those yellow flip flops!

She got some new little bracelets for kids but this is where she wants to wear them! LOL

Then she got a 'lesson' from my 9 yr old Lane for the guitar:

Here is one of my meals I eat:
Chicken on my little grill I blogged about, salad, potato, and cantalope, YUMMY!

Last here is a sunset taken recently... I love sunsets!

OH OH I almost forgot PUPPIES.... can everybody say awwwwww!

This one is 3 wks old. She is an English Bulldog and her new family has named her Dolly.. (I had nicknamed her Tara)

and last I have never shared one of my French Bulldog puppies with you:

Love you guys, I am here for you!

PS soon I will be posting a blog about my eating plan since I have people asking me....
I will try to do that tomorrow!
THANK u for reading my blogs! (wink)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love the new do!
    3351 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    You have truly inspired me!
    3353 days ago
    OMG I LOVE LANDON! LOL He is adorable :) And I love your hair!!!! Men really dont know what they are talking about. Way to go on your progress!!!
    3357 days ago
  • DEE797
    Love your hair. You have made some amazing progress. Can't wait to hear how you did it. Love your pics.
    3357 days ago
    Food looks great makin me hungry.

    3357 days ago
    LOVE your hair, so pretty. Your granddaughter is adorable and such a girly girl, love that. My goddaughter has said she was a boy since she could talk, and she acts just like a boy, dresses in boys clothes, etc. Those puppies are adorable, oh how I love puppies!!

    Would love to know more about your eating plan, you have had great success, please share when you have the time.

    3358 days ago
    Love the hair cut and color! Your before and after pictures are amazing! I have done the same loose / gain cycle you have, so I really appreciate reading your story. Looking forward to seeing you around Spark!

    - Summer
    3358 days ago
    WOW- What INSPIRING stats you've posted!! CONGRATS on all the amazing progress-- you are doing AWESOME!! Hair cut/color is adorable (no "skunk" look at all!!), and you have a beautiful granddaughter and cute puppies! It seems like life is TERRIFIC!! Keep it up-- you've got it GOING ON!! LOL!! :) emoticon emoticon
    3358 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    You are beautiful lady! Keep up the good work! It is making a huge difference! You are reversing the clock and taking years off of your appearance! I'm sure you feel a lot more feisty as well.
    3359 days ago
    You look absolutly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, I am so impressed. Now I am not gonna follow your meal plan, but I am gonna take some of your enthusiasm and run with it.
    Seriously, I cannot wait to post pictures of me, when I have reached the half way mark.
    You are doing amazing!!

    3359 days ago
    The little bulldogs are beautiful. Animal lover here!! Would love to have one of them. So cute. Your granddaughter is also adorable.
    3359 days ago
  • KARENE10
    Your hair really likes nice! That's a lot of progress in a few short days! And your granddaughter is precious. As for those puppies--I want one!!! Seriously,I do want one emoticon
    3359 days ago
    Love the hair, and the grandkids, and the sunset, and the pups!
    3359 days ago
    It is really cute!
    3359 days ago
    Wow. You are new haircut looks great and you sure do take a glamorous picture, hot stuff.

    Your granddaughter is simply adorable.


    And congrats on your stunning progress.
    3359 days ago
    Love your hair that way. I am so jealous of the grand baby I don't get to see mine she is seven now. The puppies are adorable and yummy dinner. Doing good on everything, just awesome progress, keep up the great work. Sandy
    3359 days ago
    I agree! You look fantastic and the hair is great too. Skunk? Funny guy, eh? :)

    Dinner looks great. Giving up processed foods & sugar seems to be key for so many people. I'm glad to see it is working so well for you! Just resubscribed to your blog, since my inactivity, I lost all my blog notices...

    Looking forward to the continued success stories!
    3360 days ago
    You look fantastic! I like the hair (and even the skunk-like color! LOL!!) but the real difference is in your skin-you look healthy and vibrant. emoticon
    I was amazed by your inches lost-it took me 4 weeks to lose 7 inches! emoticon
    You're really doing a terrific job and I'm so glad that you're finding the way to a healthier you! emoticon
    3360 days ago
    A skunk??? Really? You have great looking skunks then where you live.. and great sunsets :) You look stunning!
    3361 days ago
    You look fabulous and I love your hair to! DH is always a bit shocked at first too, but he warms up to it after a while. Keep doing what feels right for YOU!
    3361 days ago
  • _SASX_
    You look so fabulously gorgeous!! And look at your numbers in 9 days!!! You have been working so hard, and its paying off!

    Love the pic of Tara, we are still wishing for a british or vict. bulldog as our next family member.

    Your GD is just too cute for words. Really, she is adorable!!
    3361 days ago
    My husband makes off the wall comments when I get my hair colored too. I have a precious grandaughter too. She is almost 6 months old. You are truly blessed!
    Good job on dropping those pounds and inches too.
    3361 days ago
    You look radiant!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3362 days ago
    I love the hair, I love the pics of the granddaughter with the boogie woogie bracelets on her ankle, the lunch, the sunset, and the sweet little pups. Aw!
    So cute.
    3362 days ago
    Sherlyn.....your hair looks lovely! A new do and color is uplifting and fun! I enjoyed you little GD very much....adorable. The pups too.

    You success is awesome. I too am interested to learn more about what you are doing. Looking forward to it.

    Have a great weekend!


    3362 days ago
    I love the hair! My husband tells me the same thing, but whatever makes us feel good is what we should do. What do men know about hair?
    3362 days ago
    You look gorgeous! Skunk?!?! NEVER! Your hair looks great and you do too!! You've done such a wonderful job! You should be so proud of yourself. p.s. Your granddaughter is a doll! Keep up the great work!
    3362 days ago
  • SALINA78
    I am SO SO proud of you! Look at that fabulous progress!
    I'm sure your family is SO proud of you as well...even when your hubby says stinkin' off the wall things about your hair. LOL!
    It looks BEAUTIFUL!

    Your granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! She reminds me of my daughter when she was that age. :(

    And those puppies...WOW!!!
    I want one!!!!

    TOO many beautiful things to look at in this blog. Hee hee!
    3362 days ago
    Great blog! You look fabulous and I love your hairdo! Beautiful! I love the highlights and lowlights. The kids and the puppies are so cute too! You are amazing! emoticon
    3362 days ago
    I love your hair! Not to mention that you look radiant in your photos! AWwwww at both your granddaughter and your puppies. So cute!

    You must be so proud of that progress that's incredible!
    3362 days ago
  • no profile photo CONICONSTANCE
    First love your hair, yes don't listen to DH. And thank you for sharing all the pics BUT I just got to say, I love your frenchie! I've always wanted one, is this your first? I have a Boston Terrie.. luv him so.. but think one day, Frenchie will be the next family member to arrive.
    3362 days ago
    Great Progress and adorable grand daughter (and puppies) emoticon
    3362 days ago
    I love the new hair style, my niece just got that done to hers, I've not had a hair cut or style in two years or longer emoticon guess that's on my to do list, was hoping to lose a little more before but....

    Your granddaughter is a doll, loved where she placed the bracelets, little kids are so cute and funny sometimes. Your French Bulldog was adorable, how many do you have and are they all tiny like that?

    I also want to comment on the success of not eating the sugars or processed foods and or white flour products. I know it's hard but it sure helps with the weight loss [doesn't it]? Once I stopped eating the flour products I dropped five lbs over night ..though sadly it can come right back the minute I put it back on the diet menu. emoticon

    3362 days ago
  • JGMK55
    I love your hair! The color and style are perfect. Thanks for sharing the photos. The puppy is adorable. Finally, congratulations on the good work you are doing. Your stats are amazing!
    3362 days ago
    Great work. I find that tracking inches lost really helps to motivate me. The numbers are right there, to prove that you are getting smaller.

    Adorable pictures of granddaughter and pups!
    3362 days ago
  • no profile photo MALLEUSMIKE
    Wow, you've made a lot of progress! Doesn't it feel good to have tangible results? I like your hair. What really matters, though, is that you like it. Your granddaughter is a real girlie-girl; she's cute. She reminds me of my goddaughter at that age. Keep moving forward, you're doing very well for yourself.
    3362 days ago
    wow...my mouth is open...if u know what i mean.. emoticon
    that is super cool progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your hair looks awesome!!!i love it!!!i wonder why husbands never say nice things when u get your hair done...the next time i will remember u and smile :) ..i wont let it bother me.
    your grand daughter and your pup....equally adorable emoticon
    3362 days ago
    Your progress is awesome!!! :) Way to go! :) You're doing SUCH a great job, and look at that new 'do! You look beautiful!
    3362 days ago
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