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Evil Ellipticals, the End of Excuses, and Eligibility

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Last night I found myself in a rather tough position. If you'll all remember, in this blog:

I told you about a woman and the PT at my gym walking around (and the compliments I got from the PT). Last night, I spied the same woman watching me from a stationary bike while I was in the Zumba "room." (Or room isn't really a room. It's an open area, a raised wood floor with mirrors across the front, just big enough for exercise classes. Everyone upstairs in the gym can watch everyone in the class, so if you're worried about feeling insecure, get the frigg over it now!)

Now, sometimes I can be completely shy. I don't want people harping on me most days at the gym. I don't want to hear about their grandkids or how they blew their knee out 50 years ago in a high school tennis match. But last night was not one of THOSE nights. Last night it wasn't just ME time. I didn't feel like I had to hide in the world, I felt a PART of the world. I made some sort of connection with everyone in the gym through my mind. "Great work!" I'd think to a girl across the class - and then smile at her, hoping she'd get the message. It was just a different kind of day. (For those of you that have these me days vs. we days, the best way to have a we day is easy -- do not take a book or your mp3 player. Be totally open and free to talk. Make eye contact and smile at other people. Let them know that you're open for conversation. And when you CAN have these days -- HAVE THEM! A workout goes SUPER FAST when you have someone to talk to! Even if all you're talking about is how much the workout sucks! *lol*)

So after Zumba ends, I head right over to the rowing machine. I had missed my session on it Monday so I wanted to make it up if I could. I got everything set and started stretching a bit first (OMG - stretch out your hips, dude! You use them SO much in rowing!) and over walks that girl. (Man, I didn't catch her name! I hate it when I do that...for some reason I think "What's your name?" is too personal a question! *lmao*) She steps on an elliptical machine a few away from me and I try to smile at her, but she either doesn't catch it or ignores it. (Sometimes when you're open - other's aren't! Don't push them!) I think I tossed her a generic comment like, "So you made it back!" and that's where the conversation started.

I'm not going to go through it all, but three things I remember more than anything:
1) She hates the elliptical. (WHAT?! I *love* that thing!)
2) She works for the State, like me, and is signed up with their Weight Management program.
3) She was "inspired by your endurance!"

Yes, she actually said that last one. I gulped and probably blushed. I told her that I couldn't even walk a mile when I started, and that it took me like 40 minutes just to walk 1 mile. I told her that everyone has to start small and work their way up. And I told her that the elliptical burns mondo calories and is a killer workout for the body, and that she should just try to go for 10 minutes, even if it was REALLY slow! And then I worked with her a bit explaining the machine (she had the crossramp on the initial 10 setting and I suggested lowering it to 1 to start out). It took me a minute to realize that she didn't understand that SHE sets the pace on the thing. She was pacing over 100 strides per hour...when I started I think I was around 60...my only goal was getting through. "Oh!" she said. "So I'M controlling the workout, not the machine?" Yep. And I told her it was like that with every machine. I told her not to push herself too hard at first. And then I told her that she'll be surprised how fast her endurance will pick up if she just keeps at it.

She handed me a million excuses and I batted down every one. I'd heard them all before anyhow. The best one is that she has a lot going on this month and was hoping it wouldn't start until October. (The program requires you to log 2 days at the gym a week, minimum.) I just kept building her up, telling her it was worth it and that it works. After a while even SHE was working around her excuses. "You know, maybe I'll come in the morning so I can have it done with before I start my day." "Great!" I told her. (I so totally wish I could do that but I have to leave for work a mere 30 minutes after the gym opens so there'd be no time to deposit my stuff, workout, and shower and change before getting to work on time. *sigh*) I hope I get to see her again! (Especially because she left the ellitpical right before I realized I never mentioned SP to her! ERRR!)

As far as the weight management program, I may have mentioned that I attempted to sign up for this in June. No word back on my eligibility, so I gave up and joined the gym on my own. Whatever. Finally last week, I decided that the money I could be saving on the membership was worth me taking the time to check into where I was in the process. I called them again and they apologized for the delay, told me I WAS eligible and emailed me my consent forms immediately. Once their in, I'll be off.

What I know about the program:
I get a dietician, an exercise physiologist (I don't know what that really means), and a session with the personal trainer at the gym. My membership is included with my fees - which for the first month will actually be 7 bucks MORE than my membership costs me (the cost is 45 bucks for the first three months), but if I continue for the next nine months, the cost goes down to 14 bucks! I'm pretty sure they do this to weed out the non-dedicated among the group...we all know what a time and energy committment this is! Overall, the savings for the first year would be $202! Totally worth it! The second year, if I continue (*lol* IF! That's funny!) they pay half of my membership and I pay the other half - saving me $228 the second year. PLUS the added benefits of regular dietician consults, physiologist consults, and the intial PT session.

That first PT session is going to be SOOO different for this PT at my gym! *lol* First of all, I hope she remembers me from the other week! Secondly, I'm not a n00b! I have specific questions for her. I want her to tell me what to do to work around my knee. I want her to give me great strengthening exercises that I don't know about. I want her to tell me what the weight limit is on the stability balls! *lol* (It kills me that I don't know!!) I want her to show me the cable machine, and the MACHO side of the gym (where all the weight lifters go, so I can really utilize everything there. I might even ask her about the racquetball court. I'm putting her through her paces and challenging her to challenge me ...and I only have one session with her to do that!

The only part I'm afraid of?? The dreaded body fat scale! I just know she's going to put me on that thing! *pouts* I know it's best to know, but it's scary, dude! I don't want to be told that more than half of me is excess fat! I'm so afraid the number will be like 95%! On the other hand, maybe this thing will help me figure out what a good final goal weight should be, other than BMI charts, which we all know give a huge range and don't do much to help narrow things down for you.

Guys, quick! Give me more things to ask the PT! *lol* I need the down and dirty stuff...not the "stand on the treadmill and try to walk for 10 minutes working your way up in time before you start your ST routine." Let's play - Stump the Personal Trainer! I'll print out the questions to take with me when I go, too! *LMAO*
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm not sure if this will make you happy or sad, but body fat scales typically stop at 50%. It's something about the type of technology used that keeps it from being able to measure very well above that level.

    Maybe something worth considering would be to put aside the money that you're saving from the weight management program (once you start actually saving money on it). You could use that money to occasionally buy a session with the PT if you feel like you want some help updating your program as you become more fit. That way you won't be under so much pressure to figure out everything at once.

    An exercise physiologist is someone who specializes in how the body responds to exercise, and helps people to build exercise programs and such, so it may be that it will turn out that a lot of what you'll be wanting from the PT will be things your exercise physiologist will be able to provide. If you can see that person first (since you'll have coverage to see him/her repeatedly), it might be good so that you can focus your PT session on whatever the EP doesn't cover.
    3897 days ago
  • _DASH_
    i love you! way to go helping that person at the gym! the energy is contagious :D

    ask the PT if she ever gets unmotivated and what does she do to change that?

    heh heh.

    3898 days ago
    OMG, I want your program. What a stellar deal. You are going to kill this Esther! Seriously, I'm super excited for you!

    As far as the PT goes, the most important thing is that you click. Click click clickity click!
    3898 days ago
    I'm so excited for you! The program sounds AWESOME!!!

    Good for you for reaching out to other people in the gym. I've always worried so much about what other people might think of me that I now realize I haven't left myself open to others. Oops!

    That PT is going to love you!

    3898 days ago
    I think for me, personally, I would be most interested in feedback on my "form" and how I can improve it to prevent injury, since I know nothing about that or weight machines. As well as ST for wanna-be runners, I need to work on my legs so I can run, someday!
    3898 days ago
  • KMCK117
    CALLIKIAS question to PT: "How do you become a PT? Because I will be taking your job soon..YO!"
    3899 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Sounds to me like you might be finding yourself a new/second career! Way to go helping her out! That is fantastic!
    3899 days ago
    How amazing. I'm so glad you are there to encourage the other woman. So many times we need others and we resist it so much.
    3899 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    Congrats on eligibility, and WTG on helping that girl out!
    3899 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7133412
    What a fun blog! I totally know what you mean with the me vs we days. Unfortunately I'm a pretty big grump at times and can be pretty antisocial. I might take your advise some day soon and try it without headphones. It's actually kind of a scary proposition, but I need to challenge myself.

    Sounds like you're ready to go with the PT questions. What you've come up with so far is great!

    A positive side of the body fat scale? You'll have that number to compare to down the road!
    3899 days ago
    So true to be open and approachable at the gym!! Look,you did it and you got a rather NICE compliment that boosts your confidence even more! I'm pretty shy at the gym and would rather not draw attention to myself but as I have been on this journey for almost 1 year (tomorrow will be my 1 year!) I like the attention, it is cool to be the fat girl doing stuff that skinny people wouldn't think I could do...hehe

    Nice about the program, saving some $$ and getting some perks too!! Not sure what else you should ask the PT, but I love the ones you have already - get HER! make her work for that free session!! LOL

    3899 days ago
    How about "Are there any sliding scales or coupons for personal training sessions or packages?"
    3899 days ago
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