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Stupid Cryptic Expiration Labels!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yesterday was battle day 2 of Battle 2. I had my head on straight. I wasn't totally "feeling it" but I was faking it like it was my job! Everyone here at work would've thought I was having a lovely day and I think I deserve an Oscar for the acting I did! By lunch I had faked it so much I even started to feel it...and then it hit.

Around 2:30pm the tiny tummy ache that had been growing (and I thought was just TOM pains) grew to a full-on stomach issue. I tried ignoring it. I tried (TMI) using the bathroom. I thought it was gas for the longest time, but I could NOT get it to go away! (Can you say frustrated?)

Anyhow, by 5:30pm I was wondering if I should still go to the gym even though all I wanted to do was crawl in bed...but I made myself put on my gym clothes anyways. I laced up my tennis and, for a moment, felt much better. I was going to do it! All the way home I bargained with myself. I considered ditching the gym and just heading over to the park, that way I could back out if I needed to without feeling like a total douche. Also I knew that if I had to yack, I could do it at the park without as much embarassment as if I was in the gym and yacked on all the equipment. About 25 minutes from home this idea (the park, not the yacking) was sounding better and better. Getting out, enjoying the sunshine, walking with my boys. It all sounded great! And I could do my 2 miles there, and it would be much better training to do it outside on the pavement then inside on the treadmill. I made up my mind, the park it was, and I diverted to home base.

And on the last hill home my stomach turned again and all I could think was -- NO! Seriously, there was no way I was doing anything exercise related when I wanted to curl into a tiny little ball (errr...huge ball) and die (or yack). So I went home disappointed (disappointment faded soon when the pain increased). I went home, I stumbled in taking only my purse (left all my other bags in the car...thankfully my wonderful boys went out and got them all for me!) and crashed on the couch. I was in SO MUCH pain! But I knew I still had things to do...

I got up and finished the Beef & Root Vegetables meal and put it in the crockpot to cook for 12 hours. Then I started water for some pasta for the chicken parm. (Thank the LORD I had dinner almost completely made!!) I heated up the chicken parm, put it with the pasta and some sauce, sprinkled it with grated parm, stuck some breadsticks in the broiler and served everyone dinner. I decided to try to eat, and that didn't seem to be too much of an issue until I was done eating. SO MUCH PAIN! I just laid on the couch until Hubs pulled me up around 9:30pm for bed.

It was NOT a good night. Took me forever to fall asleep. And the one thought plaguing me (okay, a few):

Please do not let this be a hernia!

I've had one other occasion where my stomach started hurting and wouldn't stop...and I nearly died from obstructed bowels from a massive hernia. BAD week! BAD, BAD week! When I spoke those words aloud, even my husband got scared.

I also went to:

"Why am I being punished? I've been SO GOOD lately!"

I always do the "why is me" routine when I'm in pain. *shrug* I turn into an 8 year old or something.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning a little better, but still feeling a bit of pain/pressure. It wasn't until this morning that my photographic memory flashed me a picture of the top of the strawberry preserves I used in my yogurt yesterday and I realized the date said "best used by" February 2009! Are you friggin' kidding me? (BTW - I hate these best by dates because they have a tendancy to be a little cryptic. I obviously looked at the top and thought wrong or didn't care or wasn't really paying attention or something...) So I think (I'm HOPING) that it's only food poisoning. Thankfully I only ate a small bit of it, so I think that's why it isn't that bad. (I've had food poisoning before that made that girl from the Exorcist look like a friggin' sissy!)

My stomach is SLOWLY settling down...and if it continues I'll feel much better about the whole situation. Last thing I want is to end up in the hospital the week of my 10k, or worse, to have to miss the 10k completely! (This is one of the most expensive races, G-D-IT!)

Plan for the day is simple. Eat only what my stomach can handle. Drink lots of water. Use the bathroom regularly. And try not to stress over something it might be but probably isn't. (Have I told you guys that I used to have severe hypochondria? I could make myself sick if I thought about this too long. Seriously, I can manifest actual physical abnormalities if I mentally will it to be so, or at least the pain of such. -- This is one reason I know how powerful the mind is!)

The scale this morning said 359, but I'm sure that's just because I'm bloated from this...issue. I ate pretty well all day, even if I didn't get in an actual workout. I'm not even counting today's weigh-in for our challenge and using the 358.4 from yesterday (and the day before) ....to me that is in no way cheating, because I know that I'm sick and my body can't be counted on to weigh normally.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope you feel better girl - take it easy, you'll make it up!! I hate best by dates too, WTH? I hope it's just that too so it can pass soon. emoticon
    3901 days ago
    emoticon Hope you get to feeling all the way better. Sick tummies are HORRIBLE!! To me, that's one of the WORST feelings in the world!
    3901 days ago
    Hope you continue to feel better!
    3901 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    Hugs, honey! Hope you feel better soon!
    3901 days ago
    AWwWw.... emoticon Get it all out girl and feel better!
    3901 days ago
    I let some things go past the expiration date, except for meat and dairy (unless I freeze them). I'm crossing my fingers that it's slight food poisoning and nothing worse (although I feel bad hoping it's anything).

    Rest today, eat your bland foods and you'll be back in the swing of it in no time!
    3901 days ago
    I have to say I agree with NJorchids. I throw it out as soon as the date is up! I too have had food poisoning and DO NOT want to get it again! Gosh, I hope that that is all that is was and nothing serious. And I'm glad your feeling better!
    3901 days ago
  • no profile photo NEWYORKORCHIDS
    I'm a nut about throwing things out after their expiration date. My MIL, when she moved in with us, brought stuff from her house that had expired a year ago...and fought with me over how it was still good (xxx never goes bad!).

    Bull sh!t.

    If it's past the expiration date, I'm pitching it, no matter if I only opened it last week.
    3901 days ago
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