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Battle 2 - Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Plan

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quote of the Day
“If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.”

Battle 2: 355

Day 1 Recap:
Yesterday was a bit of a mess. There, I said it. That being said, I'm over it.

The day started out well. I was flying high from besting myself in Battle 1 and I was ready to take on the next challenge. What I didn't much bargain for was the intense sun midday.

For breakfast I had one of my regular meals - a whole wheat bagel with whipped cream cheese. I'm slowly backing off the amount of cream cheese I use on my bagels and the amount of creamer I put in my coffee. So far, so good. For some strange reason, yesterday my bagel tasted like ambrosia. I would take a bite and cherish its yummy goodness. And I had no clue why it tasted so good, because I have this meal all the time, but I was happy for the change!

Before we left for the field for Ethan's football game, I made everyone a sandwich with turkey breast, ham, and colby jack cheese, and a touch of light mayo and some lettuce. We stuck them in the cooler with our water and off we went. And then the sign -- NO COOLERS ALLOWED. *GRRR!* We kept the cooler in the car and prayed we'd be able to at least sneak our water bottles in (it worked!!). I hadn't done more than sat down for 2 seconds when I thought, "I should use this time to walk." See, when you're a parent of a player, you have to be there like 2 hours before the game even starts. BORING! So I asked Logan if he wanted to join me and he agreed. That's when Shane reminded me we didn't have any sunscreen. So instead of walking the field, as I had intended, we took off on foot to the store down the street for sunscreen. On the way back we passed Food Fair and I popped in to buy us more yummy whole wheat bread (we were down to the last 2 pieces after making sandwiches) and a peach for me (and another for Logan). We picked up some Jelly Belly jellybeans too, a treat for all of us (I counted every one I ate. I had 11. They're 4 calories each. I logged 50 just to make sure I didn't skip one or something! *lol*)

We then proceeded to sit in the sticky hot sun and watch my son's team get crushed by a great, tiny Belpre team. 34-6, I think the score was. Thankfully, Ethan had something to be proud of...he was on the offensive line when they scored their only points of the game! Still, he was bummed by the loss. By the time the game ended (I was literally counting down the last 40 seconds or so because we were dying in the heat!) we were ready for two things -- A/C and H2O! I've never seen Hubs that affected by the sun, but I knew that if the game had been just 30 minutes longer I would have been in serious danger of another bout of heat stroke! (I cannot wait for fall. When football season starts, I want fall weather!!)

Where we ended up -- Pizza Hut.
No big deal, I thought. I'd already stuffed myself with my sandwich at half-time. I wasn't that hungry...just thirsty.
I downed one glass of water and then half of my son's.
And then the pizza came. 1, 2, 3 pieces! I skipped the crust on the last 2 pieces but I ate all three like I hadn't eaten for days. Honestly, I probably could've eaten another. I was ravenous! I don't know if it was the sun or what, but I was super hungry all of a sudden.
I felt guilty.
Then I made myself stop.
One high calorie day every once in a while won't kill me, right?

Once we got home, I changed my clothes and then went out to wash the car. It was an excuse to use the water hose and get a little wet. I wanted to go swimming, but didn't want to drive all the way to the lake. So, instead, we played in the water and washed my car at the same time, Ethan and I. Fun! A bit of exercise. All in all = good.

I wasn't hungry again until way later. I had logged everything from the day and I was right above 1800 calories. I could choose to ignore my hunger, or I could eat and allow myself a high calorie day. I got frustrated. I ate about 3 bowls of Lucky Charms. I felt super guilty. I logged it. I realized I was still under Spark's recommended maximum calorie range (actually all of the ranges). I told myself that was alright, and I just enjoyed the rest of my night. (And another episode of True Blood that ended in yet another cliffhanger, followed by another "WTF?" response by my husband! *lol* I'm not sure he quite understands how this whole TV show thing works yet! *lol*)

No bootcamp video. (Kinda wish I had.) No Shred. (Glad I didn't.) No big deal. I did a lot of walking and washed the car too!

Day 2 Plan:
Fight the urge to scream my head off.

First of all, I'm back to work after a few days off sick last week. I haven't been at work since last Tuesday. BLAH!

Second? I still have cooking to do tonight when I get home. I never got that Beef and Root Vegetable dish in the crockpot last night. It's really no big deal. I have to mix up one thing, dump in all the veggies I cut Saturday, top it with the meat (after I coat it in wheat flour), top that with the sauce mixture, and turn the whole thing on. Will take me like 20 minutes, tops.

Third? Another one of those mornings. Spilled coffee down my shirt. Nearly crashed the car because of the coffee incident...twice. (I just don't learn, do I?) Annoyed by the little things this morning. I'm going to take a few moments to center myself here in a minute and get my head on straight. Then I'm going to find a few people on Spark who inspire me and stoke those fires again, because...

...I will go to the gym tonight.
...I will do my 2 miles (as long as my feet can take it).
...I will find something else to do if my feet can't take it.
...I will strength train my heart out!
...I will challenge myself to a duel!
...I will complete all my work.
...I will catch up on all my Spark Friends and Spark responsibilities.
...I will go home after the gym and cook lunch for tomorrow.
...I will put on some pasta too for the chicken parmesan!
...I will get to bed early.
...I will forgive myself for my high calorie day yesterday.
...I will push to make today as great as it can be!
...I will stop stressing over this 10k on Saturday!!! (EEP!)

Side note (maybe TMI for those who get grossed out easily) - Yesterday the dead skin over my new skin on my blisters started to come off...so I cut it off. EWWW!! Might have been a bit of a mistake on the right foot, though it was the perfect choice for the left. This blister I got in my first 5k has taken forever to heal. The dead skin smelled bad - like infection bad! EWW! The new skin underneath, though is beautiful! Still, my foot is bandaged. The new skin is soft and hurts a smidge to walk on straight. I'm hoping it'll build up some strength before Saturday (because even if I need crutches to finish, I will finish!!).

No picture today. Sorries!
Oh, and weigh-in this morning: 358.4
Guess that high calorie day didn't kill me, did it? ;)
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