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PROGRESS BLOG for last month since I quit sugar and white flour.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starting weight on 7/24/10 was 199 Wgt. 1 mo. Later on 8/20/10 was 185.
I lost 14 lbs!!! I was a size 16 and today I am a 14 but the 14's are pretty loose. 12's HERE I COME! emoticon

I gave up Sugar and white flour so of course ALL processed foods. THANK YOU to my friend TWO-TOO-MUCH that shared her eating plan with me. I was so ready to be done with these cravings I constantly dealt with. I am happy to say I no longer have ANY CRAVINGS except for veggies and fruits and lean proteins. I was eating within my calorie range that spark gave me prior to starting this plan but I was eating low calorie junk food like fudge bars, baked chips, light breads, etc. and I found that some foods just made me want to eat 6 servings and not one LOL like some days I would have 5 (five) 40 calorie fudge bars!~ Seriously or 4 Fiber one chocolate bars and not 1! I called them trigger foods but in reality I have learned it was the sugar and flour in this stuff that made me want to graze like a cow.
After 3 days of eating on my new plan.... all desire to snack is gone... and I love fresh foods, nothing out of a package! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

One of the biggest things I have noticed is the puffiness went away in my face literally the first week! I have tons of energy and feel wonderful!
Funny thing is the amount of sodium I consumed has now dropped to a low amount because I don't eat processed foods except for the occasional cottage cheese. It doesn't matter though, I need that sodium in my day... I have dropped to 1200 grams a day in sodium (including the cottage cheese amount)

My measurements:

7/24 8/20
Hips 45.5 45 (.5)
Waist 36 35 (1)
Belly Button 41.5 39 (2.5)
L. Th 26.75 25.5 (1.25)
R Th 26.75 25.5 (1.25)
L. Arm 13.5 13.25 (.25)
R. Arm 13.25 13 (.25)
Neck 15.5 14.75 (.75)
Above L knee19.5 19 (.5)
Above R. knee 19.75 19 (.75)

al of 9 inches in 1 month

Since December 09 when I first took measurements
I have lost the following:

Hips (3)
Waist (6)
Belly Button (5)
L. Th. (2.5)
R. Th. (2.5)
L. Arm (1.5)
Rt. Arm (1.25)
Neck (2.25)
L. Knee (1.5)
R. Knee (2)

otal of 27.5

I have lost a total of 36 lbs.

This picture comparison below is from Christmas 09 to August 14, 2010.
Maybe you can see the difference.

I have dropped from a size 20 W to a 14.

The next one is a face comparison from Dec. 09 to now.

Thank you to all my friends for their continued support!
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