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The lost art of canning

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My parents have always had a huge garden. My dad is a firm believer of 1 plant is good .... 20 is better!! Since I got married, my husband has been taking gardening lessons from my dad. We have a big yard but we also have a 1 car garage and a 24 foot pool along with a patio. So not much room for a garden.

Last year our garden was tiny. My husband decided this year it just had to be bigger. He planted 8 tomato plants, 6 green peppers and 6 cucumbers plants. Well, with all the hot weather we have had this year, our garden looks like it is on steroids. Seriously.

Jules went out and picked 3 5 gallon buckets full of tomatoes on Saturday morning. I called my mom and my dad had picked 4 buckets full Friday night.

We always make salsa every year. The timetable was just moved up a bit this year. We went to my parents armed with spices, tomatoes and Derby (my dog) to spend the day canning and we had a blast.

Why don't people do this anymore? The sense of accomplishment when you see the finished product is overwhelming! We canned 38 1/2 pints of salsa, 16 pints of rotel and 16 quarts of tomato juice. Yeah, we were tired and messy but those jars looked SO YUMMY!

My grandpa always said, "Those sure will taste good when the snows a flyin!" Grandpa would be so proud of his daughter and what she has taught me. I hope this is something I am able to pass on to my Baby.

Good times and good memories!!

Does anyone else can? My mom usually cans green beans, pickles, and all varieties of tomatoes. Some people at church were talking about meat -- not sure of doing that. Would love to hear your experiences!!
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    Gosh, I haven't canned in years. We did it every summer when my grandparents were alive and still had their farm. Green beans, tomatoes, homemade pickles, corn, homemade applesauce etc... I plan on having a garden next year, with the move this year I just couldn't. I cannot wait to get my kitchen fired up. I may have questions then, I'll be sure to keep in mind that you are a good one to ask. Glad you enjoyed it!
    3739 days ago
    My mom used to can and freeze everything. I helped of course, but I have never done it by myself. I asked my mom to really show me how and she told me that I should just buy it in the store!
    3741 days ago
    OMG Canning is all a do here!! I started canning with rhubarb, early spinach, and beet greens in MAY. Pea pods June 1st and green beans in July. I like making things like pickles, salsas, chili and sauces plus marmalades also. I haven't quit yet and my pantry is almost completely full. I still have brussel sprouts, cabbage, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, hot peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, fall spinach, fall beets, winter squashes, corn and more cukes! Some will go into the freezer and some into cold storage but I can just as much as I possibly can-can! I'm probably only 1/2 done with the gardens. Definately well over 100 jars of various sizes done. Mostly quarts. Never any smaller than pints.
    3742 days ago
    I made grape jelly and froze all kinds of fruits and veggies with my ex mother-in-law in the first few years of that marriage. I also did a lot of picking. She always had a huge freezer full of food that she ended up giving away. Fortunately, I was the recipient many times and made good use of it. I miss the frozen veggies in the middle of winter.
    3743 days ago
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    Wow, sounds great! What is rotel?
    3743 days ago
    Yes, I can every year. We have a good size garden. This year I canned 76 quarts of green beans, 28 pints of pickles, 21 quarts of squash and so far 25 quarts of hot peppers and franks.I still have hot peppers in the garden to can. I have not canned tomatoes because mine didn't do well. I realy enjoy the finished product also. It looks so good in the jars.

    I have two daughters and they are not instered at all in canning.
    emoticon emoticon
    3743 days ago
    Daisy -- you made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Actually it was more of a bark .... CANING?


    > emoticon

    3744 days ago
    I've never canned and I don't have a garden at all but my mom has a garden in the back that she grows tomatoes and peppers in. I used to love coming home in the summer and fall to see what pretty colors she would have on her dining room table. There are just things you know you're going to miss once your parents are gone and that's one thing I'll miss, just because I went ove Sunday and saw the red and yellows of those tomatoes.

    Also, when I first saw the title to your blog, I read, "The Lost Art of Caning." I was like, "YO, Nic has lost her DANG mind!" LMAO!
    3744 days ago
    I've been really interested in the idea of canning this year! My mom used to make grape jam when I was a kid because a neighbor always donated their surplus grapes. Yum. I almost bought a starter kit and everything, but without a fruitful garden, it just doesn't seem worth it. emoticon

    We rent and planted some tomatoes and peppers and herbs in pots, on our enclosed back porch, as we did last year. But this year's plants did not do well at all. Next year I might ask permission to plant outside - the yard's a bit of a mess and perhaps the cleanup work will be a good bargain to my landlady's family. emoticon

    Anyway, sounds like a wonderful time! And I can't think of many better traditions to pass down to your little one.
    3744 days ago
    I have always wanted to make like homemade jam but thats as far as my canning ideas went lol.

    Mmmm homemade salsa! I'M IN! Its awesome doing something like that with the family!

    OH wait! I make this thing called sofrito. Its basically a seasoning you use in foods, gives it a really nice taste! Especially good in yellow rice with chick peas (arozz con gondules). Its basically a bunch of veggies. Chop them up and stick them in a blender. The smell is amazing! But we dont use fresh veggies right out the backyard. Thats pretty awesome! I dont have a green thumb so I havent attempted to grow my own veggies.

    Glad you had a good time with your family!
    3744 days ago
    Never have, but I am in awe of it! I wish I had a garden! I sO love fresh fruits and veggies! I had a really nice lemon and orange tree in the yard, but the hard freeze here killed the orange, and the lemon, I am not so sure about either.
    It sounds like it was an awesomely blessed day shared with the family! Messy is good sometimes too! emoticon emoticon

    3744 days ago
    If I can't freeze it, we eat it immediately. I do not can stuff. I have frozen over 20 quarts of apples and pears in the past week. I also froze 20 quarts of Blueberries several weeks ago. I grow tomatoes, but we eat them and give some away. I agree with ya though, it is very rewarding to have a garden and produce your some of your own food. Last year I froze lime juice from my Key Lime tree, but this year our very cold weather last winter is going to make limes scarce. All I can say is, you are blessed to have a good garden! emoticon
    3744 days ago
    We just canned three bushels of cucumbers into pickles last weekend! Mostly going to give those away for Christmas. First time _I_ have ever planned early for it... GF did freezer jam a few months ago from wild black raspberries we picked, too - and a few months ago my GF did strawberry jam for her parents. So while I wouldn't say we do it a lot (and I haven't really been all that involved before), we definitely do some here!
    3744 days ago
    LOVE IT,,, way to go NIC... i just chopped up 4 freezer bags of orange peppers and tomatoes for the winter.. want the whole freezer filled...yummo
    3744 days ago
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