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I. Am. Addicted. To. Food.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I want to lose weight and be healthy so bad....yet I still eat crap! The weekends are what really me, but even sometimes during the week! I am even in a Weight Loss Challenge on Wednesday nights so you think that would motivate me even more...Nope! I still go out to eat on the weekends and have not exercised on Saturday or Sunday this weekend. Now I feel super guilty.

I did get up this morning and figure out how much I needed to work out to try and burn off what I ate and I got dressed and was ready to go. Then this staffing agency calls, asks if they can call me back in 2 minutes, and half an hour later they still haven't called me back. There goes half an hour of my workout! So I called her back, left a voicemail and said I'd be busy until 12. I walk down to the fitness center in our apartment complex (which is pretty small) and EVERY cardio machine is taken up. WHAT?? There is never anyone down there when I go at that time, much less that many people! Did God just not want me to exercise today or is he trying to teach me that I need to make better decisions on the weekends because I won't always be able to make up for it during the week??

So I came back and did a little bit of Wii Cardio Boxing. Hopefully I'll go back later tonight to get in a good workout. BUT that wasn't until after I had a little break down. I came back from the fitness center and started to cry! Who does that just because they can't get on a machine? I can't believe I was crying, but I was so frustrated, guilty, and upset with myself!

I am so worried about the weigh-in again...and I am leaving to go home for the next week and you know what that means...my mom's cooking and eating out with lots of friends and family! Uggghhh....

Why can't I just resist bad food for a couple months until I get to my goal?!?! Then I can go to my maintenance plan, which seems to be working (Be good during week, exercise a lot, and eat out occasionally on weekends). I mean...this food is killing me, it's not good for me, so why can't I not eat it!

I, Robin, am addicted to Food!

Well, it feels good to vent! Maybe I need to become more active on Sparkpeople and talk with more people and find out that people are going through the same struggles! Maybe I should blog more, make my food log available for everyone to see...I don't know! All I know is I need to do something about my will power....and believe me, I have been praying about it!

Hope you all are having a better Monday than I am!


Addicted To Food Robin
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    The weekends are always the hardest for me and that makes monday even more lousy! You can do it though...
    3909 days ago
  • KND720
    I am right there with you!! It is nice to know that other people go through the same thing.....I was beginning the think that I was crazy!! Hang in there!! Thank you for sharing this!
    3910 days ago
    I am in the same boat! Weekends are my pitfall! I am going to start a weekend challenge or team or something. I think some incentive to keep me on track those 2 measly days will make all the difference!
    3910 days ago
  • 20ROBIN10
    Thank you all for the words of encouragement and advice! They all really helped a lot and really inspired me! I did end up getting to the fitness center after ANOTHER failed attempt...but I did it! I feel much better getting a good workout in. Thank you all again!
    3910 days ago
    I love food. I will be the first to admit it. And often times, I go overboard. But then I realize that if I box up half of my dinner at my favorite restaurant, I get to enjoy it again tomorrow! And if I am at home eating comfort food only my dad knows how to make, I trade in my large plate for a dessert plate instead.

    You can eat WHATEVER you want, you just have to moderate HOW MUCH you eat. I know it is tough, and it takes a very long time to actually be conscious of it to discipline yourself to do it every time, but you can do this. I think most SparkPeople can relate, and we are right here with you... fighting our daily battles. Some days you win, other days you could have done better, and other days you fail. But you pick yourself up, and realize that at least you are doing it !!!
    3911 days ago
    Try just "sampling" a bite of each of the things your mom makes. When you go out to eat, either package up half of your meal from the get go (if its on my plate i will eat it NO MATTER WHAT, so do this first if you're anything like me) and/or opt for the healthy options, grilled salmon is always delicious. Fill up on water while you wait it works wonders. Most fast food places have calories listed for EVERYTHING, most HAVE to, so look around your table or in the menu or ask the waitress/waiter. That way you will KNOW what you are really getting into and can't write it off as being less than what it is.
    I just started walking/jogging 7 miles everyday, it takes up time and makes me not want to ruin it all by eating junk. It really helps keep the weight off too.
    Don't beat yourself up over gains. Weekends and nights are hardest for me too. It happens, just get right back on track as soon as you can.
    3911 days ago
    I fully understand and I wish I had a suggestion that would definitely work to pass along! Recently I've been trying to minimize my stresses (I eat in reaction to stress, anxiety, or mindlessly and I think my mindless mood is created when I try and avoid my stress...) by just focusing on my priorities and what is really important to me... let go of what others expect of me and just do what I need to and want to for myself. I'm hoping it will work!
    Good luck being back home with friends and family, you can make good choices!
    3911 days ago
    Beating myself up was the subject of my Monday blog as well. :(.

    I completely understand your frustrations being a food addict myself AND and emotional eater. Your day didn't go as planned and you were already feeling guilty. Perfectly understandable. Hey, and check the calendar maybe there are hormonal reasons for the mini break down as well.

    Today is a new day, you did the cardio boxing on the wii rather than wallow completely. Start each day fresh looking for the positives instead of focusing on the negatives from the day before.

    I am right here with you and can completely relate. emoticon
    3911 days ago

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