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Stress/Emotional Eating.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thats what i've been doing today. And, I was trying SO hard to be good then just couldnt do it anymore. Determined to get back on track tomorrow, starting with a morning run.
My doctors appointment the other day is the reason for this emotional/stress eating. First, i met my new doc and I have to say - I LOVE her! She is so friendly and has wonderful bedside manner. I immediately felt comfortable with her. Well, we discussed many of the hormonal type issues I've been having and I told her that planned parenthood had said that I had PCOS. (remember that blog?). Anyway, we talked more then she said that it definitely could be PCOS as those symptoms are obvious signs of it but it could be something else too depending on what the lab results say etc. Anyway, she ordered 5 different tests and did the lovely female exam. Got my blood taken blah blah blah. Well, I got the results back today. Everything came back NORMAL. ugh. So frustrating. So she calls me and says well thats good news and bad. Good because its of course nice to be normal but bad because now we dont know what the issue is. She said there is a chance it could still be PCOS, but she now wants me to go get a sonogram done of my ovaries. In the meantime, she prescribed a birth control pill that has a higher dose of hormones.
With all of this info, I am frustrated, sad, and scared. Frustrated because I just want to know what is wrong with me. Even if it is something really bad, i'd rather just know. I hate NOT knowing and trying to guess. Also, most of my symptoms are embarrassing and I really want it taken care of! I'm sad because obviously its something to do with my female parts and she already talked to be about infertility. Also she said if it is PCOS, she thinks i have a case that cant be treated with JUST birth control but i will also need something like metformin for insulin which can hurt your fertility even MORE. So, someday when I finally get married to that doctor out there somewhere, and live in my mcmansion, there is a HUGE chance that I wont be able to have little mcmuffins running around. And finally, I'm scared because of the unknown. And of the fact that she wants the sonogram of my ovaries. Normal every day healthy people dont get this done. Ugh.
So all of that has led me to eating all sorts of junk today that wont get me to palm springs and the last thing I am wanting to do today is work out. Thats for me to worry about tomorrow i guess.
Oh and, went to the optometrist today - i need glasses. Not all the time just..while driving, watching tv, when i'm at the movies, on the computer, and at night - phew. At least i picked out cute ones. And will be getting prescription sunglasses too next paycheck. Got cute ones picked out for that as well - Dolce and Gabana Aviator type sunglasses. People were going crazy in the store telling me how amazing they looked on me when the girl had me try them on. Too funny.
Alright sparkers, I hope you all had a nice day. I will hopefully have a better report tomorrow.
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    Aww... Mac!


    and more

    3564 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1633912
    emoticon . I truly hope that you find the answers you need to with this new dr. Thinking of you!!!
    3566 days ago
    Somehow I missed this blog. Ok, stress eating happens and it sounds like you had plenty to be stressed about. But, I am glad that you are back on track today because we are going to have a great time in Palm Springs. As for the medical stuff ... I have a GREAT GYN doctor I could refer you to, covered under most HMO plans. I had YEARS of embarrassing girl stuff for many years ... I was really sick and had multiple surgeries, only to have the problems continue. Finally, I was referred to an AMAZING doctor who did surgery and was able to solve my problems and that was 7 or 8 years ago and no problems since. So, whatever those test show ... there is treatment. Don't think the worst. Visualize yourself in the mcmansion with your mcmuffins and me as your mcnanny laying by your mcpool. :-)
    3567 days ago
  • TRILLA09
    I hear you, sometimes it is just plain HARD not to put those empty carbs into your mouth so you don't have to think about anything else. Unfortunately, they catch up with you and now you are over your calorie limit and still feeling low. Sometimes I find a cup of herbal tea with stevia helps fill the empty, or at least gives me something without calories to hang on to.
    Is this a case where you get to make lemonade? Take a walk, or a bubble bath, or try meditation to help lower the stress level. (This is really a case of do as I say, not as i do, as i have a great deal of trouble following my own advice!)
    3567 days ago
    Everyone has their good days and bad days, and when there are personal health issues going on it is hard to focus on anything else! You can get through this and make today a better day more positive day you'll feel the difference =]
    3567 days ago
    I only hope the best for you. and I know this is not easy for you. This may not be what you want to hear but I told my husband the same thing today that I'm about to tell you. , We have been taking my husband for appointment after appointment for his stomach and no one knows what wrong. I'm calling it


    Stress is what I think it is. Maybe try not to worry so much and let things just happen and I bet you will start feeling better. Or I may be 100% wrong. But Stress works in weird ways.

    Feel better and take it easy xoxoxoxo

    3568 days ago
    Waiting for tests and results is always a real pain. I hope all goes well for you. Just try not to overeat in response to your stress because that only makes things worse. I had fertility problems when I was young, but I eventually had two kids without a lot of intervention. Those two kids are 30 and 34 now!

    Hang in there and take care of yourself. Things will get better.
    3568 days ago
    Sorry you had a bad day! Tomorrow will be better!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3568 days ago
    Sorry that things aren't going so well for you right now, but keep your chin up, things will come around. Remember what we've always been told "patience is a virtue!!!!
    3568 days ago
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