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Monday, August 16, 2010

Thats right, I'm back to the running. I'm tellin ya there is no inspiration like new shoes and Nike +! Anyway, I have made the decision to run a full marathon Feb 6th. It is the Surf City marathon in Huntington Beach. I was going to follow the Marathon training program on the Nike plus website but, I was looking at my runs for this week and it already wants me to do an 8 mile run on thursday. Thats not a reality for me. So, i turned to an old trusty book for a realistic 20 week training program. This book is a MUST read. "The NON runner's marathon guide for women" By Dawn Dais and it is a CRACK up! She puts in journal entries from her training experiences and some literally make you laugh out loud! But its also full of advice and its just a great read. It also has a half marathon training guide along with a full training guide at the front of the book. So, thats what I will follow. I of COURSE am still going to plug all my runs into the website. i've joined some competitions on the Nike plus site, where I am competing with others to see who can run the most miles and being the competitive type, I've gotta keep lacing up my shoes!
I ran my 4 miles on saturday, 2 miles yesterday and today was a rest day. My thighs are SO sore! Since its my late work day, I will make sure to hit the pavement/gym by 6 am because I'm sure I wont be home from work until about 8 pm.
Also, I recently signed up for the 10k run In Oct (hope4hanna) with thirxacharm, and tonight i registered for the turkey trot (so i can have my pie on thanksgiving without the guilt!!) and for my birthday (nov 6th) i'm asking my parents to register me for the Surf City marathon although, they will have to do it before then because I think the run sells out waaaay early! Once i'm registered I cant back out lol..so I'm back to running runnning running! At least when I get to palm springs ill have AMAZING aniston type legs emoticon
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