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i need ur advice before 6:00pm!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

help friends!!!
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    wow everyone thanks for the quick responses and great advice!! :)
    3381 days ago
  • LISAMR1976
    I agree with most people - I start w/ the Minestrone Soup - it's a good option for the calories and feels 'hearty' and is full of flavor. I usually allow for one breadstick since I know it will linger on my mind - good way to balance wants w/ what's healthy - I try to make it last through the meal, only taking a bite every now and then. Look for their low fat options, stay away from cream and butter sauces. Most of all - enjoy the company, focus on the social rather than food aspect and have fun!
    3381 days ago
  • JOFOR15
    Yep, the website will be your best bet to be prepared for what you will eat & then, like others said, get the doggie bag & put the rest in it.

    Good luck & enjoy your evening!
    3381 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    I love pasta too. They now have a whole wheat linguine option, so I get the Linguine Marinara, and ask for whole wheat linguine. Then I eat half and save the rest. I have the salad and one breadstick. If you search on someof this stuff in your nutrition tracker, click the radio button that says something about check other member pages. Then just type in Olive Garden and you'll see that people here have already even added the foods so you can play around with adding thigns and looking at the counts.
    3381 days ago
    Salad and the minestrone soup. They aint lying. It will ure what ails you.

    If you want to venture into the main dishes, ask what you can get a half order of.

    Most Olive gardens will let you order a half order of something. Then ask them for no butter/oil etc...

    Then do as suggested. Ask for a to go box and put half of your half order away the minute you get it.

    So you have salad, a bowl of soup (for 100 cal) or two (for 200 Cal) and what is in fact 1/4 of an order of the main course. You feel full (you ate three courses stretched over 45 minutes) and you feel sated because you were busy, you were part of the conversation and part of the group. Have an extra glass of water and you should feel absolutely bloated before they ask about desert!

    And if you REALLY want to work a number...do this...Tell someone you want share desert, but that you will buy...and order dessert!!!! Tell the waiter that you will need three or four extra forks. Hand out the extra forks, take your first bite, LOVE IT, and then share the rest with the rest of the people there. They eat your dessert, sure, but you get that one decadent, luscious bite that is SO yummy. When you have savored your bite, you put your fork in the water glass and hand it to the waiter. Dirty deed done.

    All told, you can get out at the cheep.
    3381 days ago
    There Ravioli de Portobello is delish and if you only consume half it is 335 calories but 9 SATURATED FAT grams (Almost DOUBLE your weekly value). I say go with what AZDREAMS said - Minestrone (or Pasta e Fagioli for 30 more calories/serving) and a garden salad (low fat dressing on side). If one of your friends gets pasta, ask for a bite or two so you dont feel deprived. Good luck and dont sweat it...enjoy yourself!

    3381 days ago
    a good rule of thumb for whenever you go out to eat.. anywhere. Ask for a box with your meal, and before you even start eating, immediatly stick HALF of it in the to-go box. When i do this, i set my boxed meal somewhere, and dont even remember i had it! Half of a meal is usually satisfying enough, i feel full because i "cleaned my plate" :)
    3381 days ago
    I agree with others...look up the nutritional value of everything you are thinking about getting, plan it out, and enter it in your tracker before you go. This will encourage you to stick to your plan, and you'll know for sure you're within your calorie range for the day. Good luck...you can do it!
    3381 days ago
    I just looked up the nutritional info -- yikes! Watch out for some of their meals. However, with that being said, I think you could order what you want and only eat part of it.

    If you wanted an easy safe meal, I would do minestrone soup & salad (with one breadstick)


    I would opt for a salmon dish (ask them if you can get it specially prepared without butter or oil). I don't know what comes with it, but if you only ate 1/2 your meal you will be fine. Box the other 1/2 for lunch tomorrow.

    ** Don't forget that most restaurants will be able to accommodate you asking the chef to prepare your meal without butter or oil. Don't be afraid to ask -- they get requests all the time and are used to it. If you are getting pasta, I would also see if they have whole wheat pasta (my guess is that they probably do).
    3381 days ago
    i would not be so concerned and worried about it. i would relax, go with my friends/family, and enjoy myself. you can't enjoy yourself if you are so worried about calories and fat and carbs. apply all the info you have learned from SP and eat in moderation. i read somewhere that you could ask for a take out box as soon as you get your plate and then put half of what's on your plate into that box. if you must have a bread stick, eat one. i also read that if you eat before you go out, then that will reduce how much you eat. so, maybe eat something before you go so you won't be hungry and overeat. or you could order something you really want and split it with your friend/family. i really do hope you enjoy yourself tonight and not be so concerned about calories.
    3381 days ago
    Go to the Olive Garden website. They should have a menu and nutrition information on there. Good luck!
    3381 days ago
    found this on the web.

    The best nutritional pick for a healthy low calorie meal is a bowl of minestrone soup and a garden fresh salad without the signature Olive Garden dressing (one serving is 26 grams of fat), or croutons. Order the meal with a side of an Olive Garden low fat dressing, and skip the breadsticks. At a skinny 100 calorie per bowl, indulge in a second bowl of minestrone soup if necessary.

    Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/health/die
    3381 days ago
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