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51 Things Spark Taught Me - A Pound for Pound Wrap-Up

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So this little tidbit got tacked onto my race recap, only because they both happened in the same weekend....

Sunday was Weigh-In Day

Highest Weight: 466.6
SP Starting Weight: 416.2
Last Week: 369.2
Goal This Week: 366.0
Actual: 365.2
Weight Loss This Week: 4 pounds!
Total Weight Loss with SP: 51 pounds!!
Total Overall Weight Loss: 101.4 pounds!!!

So, finally, I'm going to give you:

51 Things Spark Taught Me

1. Honesty is refreshing.

2. People on the same path need your support as much as you need theirs.

3. Every day is a chance to make a better life for yourself!

4. Finding opportunities to eat right and exercise are never as hard as we make them out to be in the beginning.

5. Excuses are evil... and can be overcome or ignored.

6. It's important to recognize reasons from excuses. Injuries can hinder the long-term, and reasons talk you out of pushing them. Excuses? See #5.

7. "If I can do it, you can!" may be corny, but it's true!

8. The human body is astounding in its ability to heal and survive!

9. Even a 400-pound woman (who is now 365 pounds, thank you) can become an athlete.

10. Everyone's level of exercise is, and always will be different. I may never compete in a triathlon, and I might, I'll never know until I try...and I'm okay if I don't.

11. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

12. Plans are great, but flexibility endures!

13. When in doubt, take a walk. Just go! Move! Even for 10 minutes!

14. You can do anything for 5 minutes...and eventually for 5 minutes more.

15. Increasing your exercise and "switching it up" are so important to keep things interesting. I'm hardly ever bored, and when I am, I switch it up again.

16. You can be your own personal trainer. The internet and Spark are amazing tools!

17. Always talk to your doctor, because you never know what kind of support, encouragement, and advice you're going to get from him/her.

18. You can eat anything you want, just not every day and not as much as you want.

19. That swelling in your ankles comes from salt. Salt may taste good, but other things taste better!

20. Switch out your Morton's salt for cracked sea salt, better taste and you use less!! YUM!

21. Learn to cook vegetables. Whatever your veggie, keep them on hand at all times. (I'm jonesing today cuz Hubs packed lunch and forgot a veggie! EEP!)

22. Balance means something! Balance your meals, your workouts, and your life for a better chance at success!

23. Having trouble staying on task? Set a month-long challenge, and keep starting it until you finish it. Exercise used to be a chore, until I did my 30 in 30...now it's become a habit! (Thanks SPUNKYDUCKY!)

24. Give what you take. Then again, give more.

25. Feel ignored and overlooked? What have you been looking at lately? Visit other pages and find some new friends...maybe someone out there needs more support than you do today.

26. Sometimes you have to say "can't"...but add a yet for now. (I can't run...yet. Maybe when my knees are stronger.) (Accepting this was super hard for me. I hate waiting for anything I want! *lol*)

27. Run, walk, or swim your own race.

28. If you're brave enough to try, start learning what the healthiest fattening options are at the local food joints. That way when things come up and someone wants a meal on the town to celebrate (or the kids just want to grab McDonald's) you can make the right choice in the moment and not feel overly guilty about it.

29. Moderation doesn't work for everyone, and not with everything. There are some things just better suited for special occasions, meaning a special trip to the store, than a regular seat in your freezer/pantry/fridge.

30. Fruit is a great dessert option!

31. Smoothies = yum! Top with some light cool whip and, well, see #30!

32. Sure, the journey is long, but if every week is something fun it doesn't seem like such a chore!

33. Setting goals is important...and HARD!

34. Fear of success is just silly. So is fear of failure. Healthy fear for safety is one thing, but fear of how others will view you is not your concern.

35. What's the saying, "I've never regretted a workout I did, only the ones I didn't do?" Not true. I've regretted a few in that I shouldn't have moved so fast, but I learned from every single one. I learn nothing from nothing.

36. It really is as simple as eat less, exercise more.

37. Drinking your water is KEY! A good week can be given or taken from my water intake.

38. You don't have to be skinny to go to the gym.

39. You will be questioned and stared at, but all by people who either don't understand or don't matter. Either explain and lead them to the light, or let them on their ignorant way.

40. A large shrinking body can look funny sometimes, but every rut is an area that was once a place where fat was and now no longer is. Rejoice in your divots!

41. You can't believe everything you read. Do research, make a reasonable judgement, and if it works for you keep doing it. If not, stop. If you still don't know, ask around.

42. Trying new foods = fun!

43. You don't have to follow "I've lost 50 pounds" with "I still have SO MUCH MORE to go."

44. You'll catch yourself doing #43 anyways.

45. Don't give up on those people who say, "I wish I could be thin" while eating a chocolate bar, unless they show you they are just not ready. Lead by example!

46. If you have a real craving, indulge. Try to do it on a day when you feel powerful. When I can logically think out how much I want of something vs. how many calories I have to spare, that's when I indulge...because I'M in control, not the craving!

47. Sparkies are great, especially in person!

48. Your blogs are for you and no one else. If they help others, great! Otherwise they are a tool to help you on your journey to discover who you are and what makes you tick.

49. Sweat will not kill you. (Though, yes, it will make your hair look like crap. But a skinny body with some jacked up frizzy hair will feel amazing, who cares about fly-aways when you feel strong and powerful? You will probably feel like you could kick anyone's butt who looked at you the wrong way anyhow!)

50. Admire yourself for a change!

51. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can take the place of the right frame of mind. Mental power is stronger than you could ever imagine!

*I'll add pictures later.*
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