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Thursday, August 05, 2010

So yesterday was brilliant. Seriously. I had a good day at work, followed by a great time at the gym and then blissfully quiet evening with the Hubs.

I ended up doing 3.06 miles in 60 minutes on the treadmill (after a warm-up on the indoor track) and then did 5 or 6 minutes of cool down on the indoor track. About mile 2.5 I hit that wall and thought I'd die, and then I pushed through and felt like I was flying! I *love* that feeling! Following that performance, I'm not too too worried about Saturday (except for the weather because it's been storming like crazy here in WV!).

Weird Gym Story:

So last night I'm reading my book on the treadmill, doing a solid 3.1 pace and I feel good. And then this guy comes up and gets on the machine next to me. He sticks in his headphones and gets a steady walk going before upping to a run and doing a few intervals. I think nothing of it. And then the guy starts talking, and singing, and muttering under his breath. I mean, I couldn't understand everything he was saying, it was just super annoying. Half the time he's mumbling the words to a song (I assume) and the other times he's telling himself "Come on!" and "Let's go!" I honestly think that unless you're relatively alone in your part of the gym you should keep these pep talks to yourself. Sure, I've slipped every now and again, but not for like 20 minutes straight! I nearly lost it when I thought I overheard him say, "Ow! My ball sack!" No lie.

Needless to say, I nearly hugged the next guy who didn't talk to himself at all and seemed relatively normal. Of course, I didn't want to seem abnormal so I kept that thought to myself.

After the gym I showered and put on the tight shorts (which won't be tight in a couple more weeks, mark my words!) and headed to dinner with the Hubs. Mexican. Chicken fajitas. Relatively healthy considering. I curbed my munch on the chips and salsa and drank a ton of water. Then Hubs decided we should go somewhere after dinner. Now in the near hickville town near our home, there is rarely anything open late other than the bar, and even they close early sometimes (and the other one, I learned, had no electricity because of the storms), so where we ended up was Wal-Mart. We walked around leisurely for an hour. We circled the entire store and looked at everything from batteries to tires to workout clothes (sports bras and socks and shirts in my basket, oh my!). I finally turned to him and said, "Hun? I'm exhausted. I think I need to go home now." And home we did. And in bed I did soon collapse.

Apparently I didn't sleep enough because I feel like poo on a stick right now. It took everything in me to get myself out of the bed this morning. I thought I was going to kill someone if they looked at me wrong, and then I just got giddy, and I've been there pretty much all day. And it's an ugly day. And I'm sore and tired. And I have to work 11 hours here and then another 3-4 at the paper. And all I want to do is crawl into a ball and snore and dream. And instead I ate 4 servings of honey roasted peanuts for a snack, which I bought on a tired shopping trip to CVS, which I went to in order to get cash out to give a co-worker for the ham and cheese sub she brought me back. Moral of the story? Esther needs more sleep. And Esther is using today as her rest day because if I tried to do a push-up I'd probably fall on the ground and wouldn't be able to get up.

emoticon ---I'm jealous of this emoticon right now.
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  • no profile photo CD7990161
    Haha I probably would have thought it was funny at first, then gotten annoyed after ten minutes of it. Ow my ball sack? LOL. But then again, Come on and Lets go sound like lyrics to a Lil Jon song...

    You're a great inspiration, congrats on your progress so far!
    3920 days ago
    "Ow my ball sack!" teehee....
    3923 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    I love that you are jealous of the emoticon! Don't worry, it didn't walk on the treadmill first! You keep doing what you are doing, but be sure to get enough sleep to stay healthy and ready to rock it!
    3926 days ago
  • no profile photo CD375712
    Here's to wishing you a good night's sleep, but I also have to thank you for the laugh! OMG what was wrong with that weirdo's ball sack??? Wonder if that was my ex-husband...? Nah, he'd never have been on a treadmill!
    3926 days ago
    People at work comment that I can read anywhere. I often walk around the office reading and I haven't run into a wall...yet.
    3926 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    That's so weird, there's an older guy who walks and runs around the park where I live, and he's constantly talking and muttering to himself! I thought he was just a crazy, but maybe this is a thing some guys do? Or maybe there are just a lot of crazies around, LOL!
    3926 days ago
    Wish there was a smilie with a hammock to relax in! I'd give it to you!
    3926 days ago
    Great night at the gym! I have to have my iPod in so I don't get distracted by the other gym goers. I also can't read when I'm working out. I can't stay focused enough on the book, so I'm jealous that you have that to help the time go by faster. Heck, I can't even focus on whatever TV show I have playing on the little TV attached to my machine.

    So, you found sports bras at WM? Please share that info!

    3926 days ago
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