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In Plan Mode, Once Again - W15.D4

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Have you noticed that even though I *try* to keep track of the week and day in my blog titles, sometimes they just get out of order? *lol* I swear I'm either trying to lose days or gain them. *shrug*

I've spent half the morning in plan mode doing this...

...and the other half getting pounded with work for this weekend. *growl*

Let's ignore the second part of that and go back to that purty picture up there. Ain't it nice? On that calendar (and the mini calendar that can fit in my wallet) are all the workouts I have planned between now and the end of the month (and a little extra). I *love* making calendars for myself and this one's been on my wall at work for the past year or so...

It used to have color coded the stuff I had from my 2 jobs, my school stuff, my extra-ciric. activities, the boys' school stuff, and any family stuff we had planned. (See..there was a definite need to organize!) Now it only holds my work stuff, my workout stuff, and anything we're doing as a family. It looks much prettier!

But I decided that this wasn't enough because I got all sciency this morning (which I never do) and that led to me figuring out certain days to do certain exercises. Truth is, when I started I was only really walking and doing Yoga. Since then I have gradually added new things in because I never, ever want to be bored with my workout routine. So I added things like Zumba, the elliptical, rowing, the stationary rowing machine, hiking, and now boxing. And next week I'm going to hop on those bikes I've been eyeing at the gym too! *lol*

So because my head goes into a gym full of options and can't figure out what to do each day, I decided to organize myself. This week looks like this:

Monday - 2 mile training (45minutes), boxing (15m), full ST
Tuesday - 10 minute walk, 11 minute walk, Zumba (50m), boxing (10m)
Wednesday - 3 mile training (60m), full ST
Thursday - 35m walk at lunch
Friday - elliptical (30m), punching bag/boxing (15m)
Saturday - RACE DAY! Debbie Green Memorial 5k Walk

I then figured out how many calories a day I would burn and how many each week (which I want to be over 3500/wk). If I do the right things I can easily meet this goal.

Now what, praytell, was the reason for all this? Well, I started to notice yesterday and the day before that I'm getting hungry more often and for more food and certain types of food (usually carbs and protein). I thought maybe it was just a "hungry" day (we all have those right?) until I got like 2-3 in a row and I KNEW it was actual hunger pains. I realized that I may be burning too much and not putting enough in to fuel me. So I got all sciency and organize-y. What I realized? Yeah, my body needs more fuel. Period.

So now I have scheduled my training miles, my Zumba classes, my work lunch walks, my bouts with the punching bag, my battles with the rowing machine, and my rides with the bike...I even scheduled in heavy cleaning as exercise EVERY WEEK to make sure I do it! *lol* And then I bought some stickers, cuz Cheryl and some of my other SparkFriends like stickers to give them a visual boost for a job well done.

A few things following this creative endeavor:

1 - For those of you runners/walkers/racers - what do you normally do the day before race day? Do you do a normal routine? Do you back off? Do you take a full on rest day? What about the day AFTER the race?

2 - What are THE BEST foods pre and post workout. I know about carb loading and protein recovery, but I need some foods I can put on a list and then just grab without thinking.

3 - How soon before a workout do you typically eat? I had one day last week when I knew I ate my snack WAY too soon (like 2:30pm) and I didn't get to Zumba until 7pm and my stomach was P.O.ed at me!!

4 - What do you eat before your race, and how long before? After?

5 - Okay, this 10k looming is freaking me out! I went from 2 - 2 - 3 mile training weeks and then this week its supposed to be 2 - 3 - 4...but I won't get to do the 4 because that's my 5k race day. Next week, then, is 2 - 3 - 5. Am I going to die skipping that 4 mile training?? Should I just walk myself back to the starting line or work something like that out after my race (I really don't want to do that...I just want to enjoy the day!)

...........and now for something completely different:

A picture of me and Hubs last year at my step-brother's graduation. Wow, how things have changed!
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    I am not organized. I do things on the spur of the moment most of the time. I need to get a plan, plan it and then DO it!
    3926 days ago
    I only have one competitive race in my past (and a handful of non competitive ones) but here are my ansers.

    1 - Day before I totally rested. My last run was on Thursday morning and my race was Saturday morning. I did do active recovery though (slow walking, other low-impact stuff). After the race, do what you feel up to. Do get some serious stretching in at some point close to finishing and again before you go to bed that night. After my race, I went out and ran the next day, because I felt fine (stretching helped!)

    2 - Yogurt. Bananas. Melon (especially since it is so hot). Peanut butter. Granola.

    3 - I do 45 minutes to an hour beforehand. For races though, its a little longer than that because of getting to the gate and settled.

    4 - I ate Greek yogurt with granola and blueberries, milk and some melon. It was about 2 hours before the gun sounded. And then afterward, I SCARFED some bacon and eggs. SO HUNGRY.

    5 - Just enjoy the day. You can get back to training the day after your race.
    3927 days ago
    i love all that organization! I need to get myself a system like that!
    3927 days ago
    It sounds like you've got a good routine down, just remember you've gotta be okay with switching things up because things happen. Some days you truly will need to take a break, and not because you're lazy and making excuses or something! I think it's great how organized you are. Stay motivated!!
    3927 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    First of all, realize that 5k is only 3.1 miles, so I think you're going to have an easy time. I do a lot of 5k walks...I walk roughly a 5k in my normal workout, so I don't skip the day before, but I'm usually sore from trying to do it *fast* so I tend to take the day after off. Be very careful what you eat before! I really regretted eating even a light breakfast before my last 5k walk - I usually just grab a granola bar like an hour before. (Note that I'm used to exercising on an empty stomach, since I work out as soon as I get up.) As for post-exercise, I usually drink a couple glasses of water before I eat anything.

    Good luck!!!

    3927 days ago
    Okay from my novice experience
    1) I have an active rest day before a race. I have a 10k on Saturday which means I'll probably do a 2-3 mile run/walk on Friday. Keep the muscles moving, but nothing to stress them out. The day after the race if I feel fine I'll probably do the same 2-3 miles, if I'm sore I walk and stretch.
    2) I love spaghetti the night before races, but I just love spaghetti. Bananas and protein bars are good post race snacks, and I typically reward myself with a good lunch/dinner post race.
    3/4) I try not to eat 1 hour before exercise, but on race day I'll grab a banana as I'm headed out the door and since the race starts at 7:15am I know I'll cut it close, so I'll eat light.
    5) Your training will be fine, if on the 5 miler you walk more than you thought, it happens, continue on and you will be fine. I know you'll do great.

    Good luck on your 5k this weekend!
    3927 days ago
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