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Double Challenge - W14.D3

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

AB is midway (I think) through our TIKI challenge (July-August).

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I know I rocked the TIKI Challenge in July because I lost 10 pounds and even when I felt like giving up, I got back up on that horse.

I pushed myself in my cardio sessions by reminding myself that the time I put into it is equal to what I get out of it.

I grew in my strength sessions by hitting the gym equipment and really working those muscles! (And they're starting to show!!)

I stretched myself in my flexibility sessions by reminding myself that stretching is a vital part of the process, not merely an afterthought.

I pampered myself on my rest days by enjoying much needed time with my family.

This week's cardio workouts are going to be inspired by MY SATURDAY 5K!

This week's strength workouts are going to be inspired by SEXAY PINK BOXING HANDWRAP GLOVES! HOT!

This week's flexibility workouts are going to be inspired by THE AB AMAZON LADIES, WHO REMIND ME TO REEEACH!


I'm overhauling the parts of my diet that need it this week. -- I'll work on making sure to rebalance my meals and get the most out of my workouts by fueling and refueling with the right foods!

For 5 days I am going to do my very best to see what it would be like to feel my body running on good fuel only. If I was a brand new car, I wouldn't fill myself up with crap. So I am going to spend 5 days making sure that I only put good stuff in me. I can do 5 days. I want to see what it feels like to run on the fuel I am supposed to be getting.

- Balanced meals with carb, protein, healthy fats and fruits and veggies, and good for me snack choices!

Tracking Food is going to be part of the TIKI Challenge for this week, and I know that Yoovie is going to be stopping by my page and checking my food diary.

- So remember that cheating at all is just cheating yourself out of the best you can get from this week!!


The one thing that I am NOT going to do between now and midnight on Saturday is: TELL MYSELF "CAN'T" or CONVINCE MYSELF IT'S NOT WORTH IT -- IT IS SOOO WORTH IT!

My anthem on my mp3 player this week is going to be: She Wolf by Shakira! I'm totally letting myself out of my disguise.

Motivate me by: letting me know you're there and that you support me. The gym gets a little lonely sometimes...
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In addition, I've become co-captain of the Awesome Adventurers team of the Biggest Loser End of Summer (BL-EOS) Challenge over at Team 300 lbs. Plus. I'm so excited to be taking on a leadership role. I know it will help me stay accountable as I look out for the rest of my team and make sure we're all on track as much as possible and making our own paths. I absolutely *love* that we're Adventurers, because I feel like this every week! I always want to try something new and different and make my own adventures, no matter how small they might be.

So for this week, the plan is simple: MAKE AN ADVENTURE OUT OF IT!

emoticon I started boxing last night. I just put on my new pretty pink handwrap gloves and started hiting the crap out of the bag. I felt strong and powerful! It didn't feel like much of a workout until I realized I had sweat pouring off me. I even got so into it a few times I high kicked the bag! *lol* I'm sitting there beating the crap out of this huge bag, going from one hanging bag to another, trying to duck and weave a bit like I've seen on the movies (*lol* I learn everything from TV and movies...oh, and the internet, because, yes, I did google "how to box" *lmao*). I'm sitting there looking at the crap quality of the boxing gloves they have and some kid walks in, says hello and puts on some gloves. I asked him if he does this all the time and he said, "Once or twice a week probably." And then he proceeds to just punch the crap out of the bag. I told him I was new and he didn't seem to think there was much more to do other than punch the bag and get out your anger. *lol* *shrug* It was FUN!!

emoticon My family and I have picked out 4 Geocaches to go find this month. One I wanted to do this past weekend but the boys were gone up to Grandma's. With the 5K this weekend, I'm not sure we'll get it in this weekend (hey! Maybe Friday!) but we will be hitting the park soon to try this new adventure. If you haven't heard of Geocaching, Google it and check it out. I signed up over at www.geocaching.com and can search for locations of caches near our house.

emoticon We're headed back to the lake! I looked it up and the lake is out of danger bacteria range, so we're ready to hit it up again for a few good swims before summer ends. The boys start school on the 20th, so we have a couple good weeks left to get some quality time in!

emoticon And the greatest adventure I have planned for August? Well, that's easy! My 5k this weekend! It's a strange start time (7pm), but I'm excited that I'll be doing what I thought I might not be able to ever do before. And I'll have a bib and a chip time and all that crazy stuff to post on my blog! And pictures! I already told hubs he has to take tons of pictures for you guys!

(Oooh...final note. I found jean shorts yesterday! As many of you may have heard, my really baggy jean shorts have been driving me simply BATTY! I've been hunting for jean shorts at the stores but everyone is switching over to their fall lines and getting rid of their shorts. *growl* Anyhow, head over to Lane Bryant yesterday and they have a few sets of jean shorts left and ONE size 28! It's tight, but I'll take care of that in no time! I'm excited! Oh, and for those of your searching, they have all of their shorts and capris 50% off right now because they, too, are getting ready to put out their fall and winter lines. So if you haven't been, head over and pick up some stuff!)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great goals for the week and month. I'm really glad you are the co-captain of the Awesome Adventurers. Kick a$$ on Sat.
    3927 days ago
  • 2010_IS_MY_YEAR
    good luck this weekend on your 5k. i'm sure you are going to kick butt! you've got an amazing attitude and outlook on all things. you are certainly active in many many ways and that is fabulous.

    i'm all geared up for our challenge. never joined a challenge before so reminding myself to remember to log in, post and weigh in is going to be tricky (i work long hours, communte a minimum of 3 hours a day both ways, and head staight to the gym after), not much time to think in between there.. lol

    but, i am ready, willing and able to be a contributor in our team.

    3928 days ago
    Plenty of shorts down here in Houston! I went looking for a single pair of black pants for work because my old ones are falling off and I couldn't find them at all at Avenue. All they had were shorts/capris! I went to LB, but they only had the new "Right Fit" ones and I wasn't paying $50 for a pair of pants I will need to replace again in a few months. UGH, bring out the fall clothes already and help me out!

    Great plans for the week. August is going to rock!
    3928 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Wow that was a lot to take in! Sounds like you are doing to have a GREAT month!!! Thanks for the geocashe website. And I loooove "She Wolf" by Shakira but I like the spanish version, not the english one. The video to the song is cute too!
    3928 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    I like your plan! You're doing an amazing job!!
    3928 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Best of luck on your 5K!

    And boxing! Awesome!!!
    3928 days ago
    Hey, I'm here! Think of me when you get lonely at the gym ;-)

    I'd like to try geocaching sometime, looking into over here but for now we do orietneering about twice a month which is a load of fun.

    Keep up the good work...and by the way, you lost 10 pounds in July???? That's freaking awesome! My hero!

    Rock August, go get it!
    3928 days ago
    You are doing so well, Calorie Killa! And you are going to have a fantastic time with that 5K this weekend and all the plans with the family...you are busy but that's the fun of life!
    3928 days ago
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