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Hodgepodge Thursday with an F - W14.D5

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A-E are done. G I did last week. Guess I kinda missed something there. So, without further ado, here is your Hodgepodge Thursday, F style.

emoticon Flaxseed
Okay, peeps. I'm just starting to research thanks to blogs from ERIN1128. Anyone want to add to the research? I'm just sayin'...the stuff looks gross! But I'll try anything once.

emoticon Fear
I realized today that while I've posted several race forms on my vision wall here at work, I never filled any of them out. I looked at them today and realized that their August deadline for early registration is about to pass me by and I had better get on it. So why did I procrastinate? Well, part of it was that I wasn't SURE a month ago that I could DO a 5k or even a 10k! I was so sure that an injury was going to hit me and I would be out the money. But the real reason? Yep, you guessed it. I was afraid. Scared. Like pee-your-pants scared. What if I couldn't do it? What if I got all excited and told everyone and then I had to crap out? What if everyone thought I was stupid because I'm WALKING a RACE instead of RUNNING it. But all of that is crap. Excuses. The dreaded E-word.

So as of tomorrow (I'd do it right now but the sites are blocked at work *rolls eyes*) I will be signing up for three races.

Aug. 7th is the Debbie Green Memorial 5K Walk in Wheeling, WV
Sept. 4th is the Charleston Distance Run (10K Walk) in Charleston, WV
Oct. 2nd is The Barkcamp Race 5 mile trail challenge in Belmont, OH

And about my fears? I'm handling those.

The rediculous "they're all gonna laugh at you" -- Why the he!! would other runners and walkers be concerned with what I'M doing when they're trying to run a race, for crying out loud!? As for my friends and family, they'll support me...and if they don't, ah-well! And even if I have to go uber slow, even if they shut down everything and pack it up to go home, I will finish. If that 80 year old man can do 3 miles, I can definately do ALL of these. I'm training and getting fitter and better able to handle this every single day! And if I do get an injury? I'll asses the damage, check with the doc, and then do what needs to be done or push through. Get over your fears, Esther! They're just silly!

emoticon Food

My nutrition goals have slipped a little bit since I've been working so hard on the mental and the fitness. I'm still watching my calorie and other ranges, but I'm not keeping my meals as balanced. I've slipped back into fast food choices (even though I chose healthy) and prepackaged foods. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance 10-hour days and 1-2 hours at the gym with cooking. It's a work in progress here in my head. I leave the house at 7am and don't return until 8:30-9:00pm most days. Now that we're adding in Ethan's football practice (we'll talk about this later) I'll have one more thing on this already full plate. For right now? I'm just NOT dealing with it. If I can get by still losing weight and inches by making those healthy fast food choices and quick sandwiches or whatever, grabbing time to cook whenever possible, then I'm not going to worry about it right now. I have enough on my plate. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...yet. (I heard a song the other day that said, "You're so afraid of breaking it you won't let it bend" or something like that...that's how I'm feeling about it.)

emoticon Football

My 8 year old has been so excited to start football since he signed up in like early June or something, maybe before. He's been counting down the days to the 26th (Monday) for so long now and when the day finally came, we went with the information we were given in June - 6pm, HS football field. We showed up, him in full gear, and NOBODY was there. Not a soul! The field was locked. We stayed until 6:30 to make sure they didn't have to move back the time or something and still nothing. My son cried.

Tuesday evening my son FINALLY gets ahold of his friend and teammate who tells him that he has already missed 2 practices - Monday and Tuesday nights. Apparently they moved the time to 5:30pm and moved to another random field of grass in town somewhere and NOBODY CALLED US! (Can you tell I'm angry about this?) I sat in that car with a dejected little boy for 30 minutes, doing everything I could think of...calling his friend, searching the White Pages online on my iPhone for a coach's number. All we had was "Coach Jackson" and some indication that there were a lot of Steves acting as coaches on the teams. I called random numbers and still found nothing. And I was the one who had to break his heart and tell him that we couldn't sit in the car all night waiting on something that wasn't going to happen.

So tonight is practice 3, practice 1 for Ethan, and I'm so mad I want to punch every single coach in the face and kick them between their legs. Shane is already on warning to hold me back from going to jail because NOBODY makes my baby cry and then makes ME out to be the bad guy! By the time I leave I had BETTER have number to every coach as well as numbers for several other kids. I had better have a schedule too, as well as some verification that my child will not be penalized in ANY way for missing 2 practices when THEY are the ones who dropped the stupid ball here!

Okay, rant over.

emoticon Fumer

Finally, I decided last night that smoking is impeding my progress fitness-wise. (I know, duh!) So with Hubs' help, I am going to try to give up the ghost this weekend. I am NOT looking forward to this weekend, so I'm trying to come up with fun, active things that will get me out. Swimming, hiking, weeding the garden, washing the car, whatever. Something to keep me busy and remind me how hard it is to breathe with crap in your lungs. So, uhm..heads up for all of you - expect the cranky to start soon! *lol* And wish me luck! And hold me to this! I don't know if I CAN do that 10K in a reasonable time if my lungs are screaming for oxygen.

For all my TIKI girls - KILL IT! For all my SP Friends - FACE YOUR FEARS! For anyone and everyone - TODAY IS A NEW DAY! MAKE IT GREAT!

Peace out, Holmes.
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    you are simply incredible and i love you!
    3932 days ago
  • ANGEL7912
    Aww, the football story is horrible emoticon I can't believe nobody called to inform you. I would def want to kick them between their legs too,LOL. Sounds like you are doing everything you need to keep going and get ready for those runs. And if you have to walk some then so be it. At least you are DOING it and not everyone has the courage to even try. So I say "you go girl". Keep up it!!!! I have faith that you can do all of them.
    3932 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Dang, girl, I was just looking at your May v. June pics on your home page...amazing! :-)
    3933 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    Rock it, Esther!!
    3933 days ago
    Absolutely L.O.V.E. this blog!

    Keeping it real, love it.
    3933 days ago
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