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Trigger Foods

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I guess I've always known that there are some foods that make me want MORE instead of leaving me feeling satisfied. Potato chips are like that. You know, "you can't eat just one!" Cheetos, too. My mom and I were in college together and she could go through half a bag studying the night before the test.

But, tonight I realized there must be other foods besides chips that leave me wanting more instead of satisfying me.

I had bought a box of 100 calorie treats - a mix of Reeses wafers and Hershey's chocolate covered pretzels. I haven't really been eating many sweets the past 7 weeks, but the past few nights I've been having a Reeses wafer. Chocolate is something I often crave and this 100 calorie 'dessert' has been satisfying me.

Tonight I thought I'd try the pretzel. It really didn't sound that tempting, but I thought I'd give it a try. One little nibble and my body started shouting "more!" I thought I should eat something healthier, but my body shouted "more!" So, I thought I'd go ahead and eat it and have a half glass of milk. Well, after I was done, my body was still shouting "more!" It was really an odd feeling. I knew I "had to" give my body more chocolate!

I actually had over 200 calories that I could eat for the day, so I ended up grabbing a 100 calorie Reeses wafer. Even with the first bite, I felt myself calm down and knew that I'd be OK. This was satisfying me and not making me want more.

So, I will not be touching those pretzels again. And, I'm going to try to pay attention to my body and watch for other 'trigger foods' that leave me wanting more, instead of satisfying me.

What about you... do you have trigger foods? If so, what are they? And, how do you handle them?
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    That was actually a real breakthrough for me. I read "The Thin Commandments" book and he talked about some foods that you can just never have because you can't control how many you will eat. So rather than thinking I had to have will power to control these urges, I realized I just had to remove them from my life. Much, much less stressful.

    Mine are milk chocolate bars and M&Ms. Can't stop eating either.
    3879 days ago
    Okay i know you're going to appreciate this because, as a huge fan of anything chocolate, i have found the ultimate chocolate craving buster...plus it will help you with your tri training. The answer is simple.... GU energy gel in Chocolate Outrage flavor. It has 100 calories, 20 carbs, and 2 fat per little packet, and will help get you through long training sessions when you feel your energy levels depleating. I usually have one in the morning before my runs and sometimes 2 on my long run days. Anyways, one of those babies and you will not want anything chocolate for the rest of the day....heck, the rest of the week! Now if only i could find something similar for my sunflower seed addiction....
    3879 days ago
  • MMS354
    Oh, those trigger foods! My biggest one is cookies or baked goods. I can't have any in the house or they're gone in no time flat. There is no 'just one' for me! It's much easier for me to not eat them at all than try to eat the proper portion. If I absolutely HAVE to have something now, I'll bake it or buy it and have a portion then give it to my string-bean nephew and niece. COVEREDNPRAYING, I've had those same sicko thoughts, girl!

    I started buying Trader Joes dark chocolate (72% cocoa) Pound Plus bars about a year ago. It's the only chocolate I can eat just one or two squares of and not want more - it's totally satisfying but not real sweet. A huge bar like that will last me 3 months, easy, and it's got the good benefits of dark chocolate. I usually have it 2-3 times a week and work it into my calorie count. Any kind of milk chocolate or candy bar leaves me unsatisfied and wanting more.

    Great blog! emoticon
    3879 days ago
    Mashed potatoes, potato salad, potato chips...do you see a pattern emerging? So I just don't eat those things very often now. I have gallstones and can't handle the amount of fat in potato salad. When we make mashed potatoes, we reduce the fat by using fat free milk and less butter than is called for. And I haven't eaten even one potato chip in at least a month! I find that I am not craving potato chips as much so I save my calories for something I REALLY want!

    I also have a little trouble stopping when I bake a chicken. I "created" my own low sodium seasoning blend for poultry and it makes a baked chicken so yummy. I would probably not make the chicken so often, but my family loves it, too! I made it once when my sister's family was visiting, and she told me later that they had decided mine was better than their favorite rotisserie chicken from a store.
    (Please forgive me for that shameful bragging!) emoticon
    3879 days ago

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    I actually spent the day today cleaning out my pantry because I simply cannot have things in my house. I am working on getting sugar completely out because I can use any excuse in the world to bake something. I have some commitments this weekend and then I am NOT buying any more sugar.

    I can't keep ready-made frosting in the house, I just dip into it with a spoon. I opened a tub I bought for my sons' birthdays earlier this week just to eat. Had to destroy it and throw it away. Had to buy another tub to replace it for their cupcakes. Opened it today and ate nearly half of it. Destroyed and dumped again. I am seriously thinking about getting their cupcakes from the bakery because I cannot be trusted with the frosting.

    Graham crackers are the same way, stupid I know but it's the whole Give a mouse a pancake thing. If I have graham crackers in the house I justify buying s'mores ingredients. I also cannot have good peanut butter because I'll eat it on anything (like the aforementioned graham crackers which are also yummy with the aforementioned frosting). I do just fine with the healthier, all natural peanut butter. I don't like it as much so I don't binge on it. But I have this really yummy recipe for EASY pb cookies, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup pb, 1 egg, 1 t. vanilla. See how easy it is to mix that up and heaven help me if I have Hershey's kisses on hand.

    As I was binging today I was seriously thinking it would be better to binge and purge than to just binge. How sick is that?

    So how do I handle the trigger foods? No idea except don't buy them. I am fine if I go somewhere and get one cupcake, who binges publicly anyways? I've asked my husband to do the grocery shopping for a time so I'm not tempted to buy things I shouldn't.
    3879 days ago
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